Attorneys Can Scan Jurors’ Social Media, Says the ABA

  Lawyers have been given the green light to scan the social media sites of jurors. The American Bar Association says its ethical for lawyers to scour online for publicly available musings of citizens called for jury service and even jurors in deliberations. Last year, New York defense attorney Berke hired a jury consultant firm … Continue reading

Dog Bite Attorney Gives Advice

From PD: Note– After the end of article by the dog bite lawyer, we listed a link to aggression in dogs that have passed temperament testing, we had published it already, but decided to add it in here again.  It is doubtful the dog bite attorney has ever seen it, but whatever, you get to see … Continue reading

AR Sea Shepherd People Labeled Pirates by Judge

Note………this was in February 2013…….. Court: Anti-whaling protesters are ‘pirates’ Appeals court: Anti-whaling protesters are ‘pirates,’ must halt their aggressive tactics By Paul Elias, Associated PressFebruary 26, 2013 5:06 PM SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Their supporters call them heroes. The Japanese government calls them terrorists. Late Monday, the United States’ largest federal court labeled them pirates. … Continue reading