Another AR Seizure, North County San Diego San Diego County, CA 08/25/2014 | News release County Animal Services Rescues Neglected Livestock distributed by noodls on 08/25/2014 21:31 More than 40 animals are now under the care of County Animal Services after being rescued from a property in Valley Center Saturday, Aug. 23. Animal Control Officers removed 31 horses, three llamas, four … Continue reading

Exigency or No Exigency? Animal “Abuse”

Re-posted from 2013— Why is it a big deal? Because pretty much California says that if there are exigent circumstances, the police can go in without a warrant. Without exigency, usually one needs a warrant. What gets caught up in the cases are when the FACTS do not show exigency necessarily, such as someone says … Continue reading

Police Kill Fleeing Driver, Immunity 100% for Police

U.S. SUPREME COURT Cops who shot and killed fleeing driver didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment, SCOTUS rules POSTED MAY 27, 2014 06:19 PM CDT BY DEBRA CASSENS WEISS Police officers from West Memphis, Arkansas, didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment when they shot a fleeing driver to end a high-speed chase, the U.S. Supreme Court … Continue reading