Yippee Ki Yay! Lassen Co. Drops Felony Charges “Susanville 70″

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Lassen County dropped all felony animal abuse charges (approx. 60 counts) against horse owner in the so-called “Susanville 70″ horse case, which generated at least 39 pages on Google searches,  as to the seized horses of August 2011,  where bank attorney Timothy M. Ryan of Irvine created a fake “Receiver” to seize … Continue reading

Hoarding Animals is Not From No Kill, But OCD

Note by PD:  We do not necessarily agree with the article midway down below, entitled “Animal Hoarding”.. A hoarder is normally someone that suffers from OCD, and the hoarding just happens to be animals. OCD is a medical issue and would warrant some defense in a criminal charge. While shrinks say OCD is one way … Continue reading

ASPCA Called Animal Rights in Seizure by Circuit Court

http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/ca7/13-3700/13-3700-2014-08-19.pdf UNREASONABLE SEARCH HSUS …and this case went forward after the dog catcher employee, was terminated and put on probation for animal neglect in 2011, with the “ASPCA” invstigating, and HSUS  “helping” by volunteers scouring the property of the defendant. “In contrast, the veterinary and animal rights people who accompanied the two or three deputy … Continue reading

Puppy Sales: Here We Go Again…HSUS/ASPCA+etc

The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a regulation Friday that, starting in 90 days, will require all puppies imported to the United States to be at least 6 months old, healthy, and up-to-date on vaccinations. Census Bureau data show about 8,400 puppies a year were imported between 2009 and 2013. Because there were no regulations, … Continue reading