From SB861 BSL to Increased Bites Nationwide

New Federal Judge Vince Chhabira of  the  City Attorney’s Office  in San Francisco defended SF when the law was passed  allowing local government to pick, choose and mandate which dog breeds needed to be altered. We will recall this came after the mauling or killings in SF by large breed dogs for the most part. … Continue reading

Warrantless Seizure Authorized, Oregon Supreme Court

OREGON NO WARRANT SEIZURE 2014-s061740 Basically, an officer did not have a warrant but saw a horse that he felt was starving and by the physical appearance, had it seized and owners charged with neglect.  Owners appealed and Court confirmed the order below. Whether such specific exception (no warrant) applies specifically to animals, the Court … Continue reading

‘Abuse’ of Animals Used as Pretext to Gain RE not Owned by Banks This appears to be an update of what has happened in the Susanville 70 horse case and The Grace Foundation and the banks. The banks have failed to prove they have a valid interest in the property improvements, so if the Bank of America does not have a valid interest, and Wells Fargo … Continue reading