How ARs Raise $$$$: They Claim Everything is “Animal Abuse”

Note: we added Penal Code law down below on negligence, criminal negligence and legislation pushed by the AR faction to further erode owner rights, such as SB1500 Maybe the average non-Southern CA, non San Francisco, non-animal rights citizen …has no clue what animal rights has done to our country.  Maybe most people don’t realize, the … Continue reading

Rabid ARs Get Pony Rides Nixed- Allegedly Accused Owner of “Abuse” SANTA MONICA, California — A small business owner who operates pony rides and a petting zoo is fighting back against the animal rights activists who convinced the city council to cancel her annual contract next May. Tawni Angel, the owner of Tawni’s Ponies, and her husband filed a lawsuit Monday in Los … Continue reading

ARs Gravy Train Propaganda=PMs+Stopping Sales

————————————————————  ( See Nathan’s excerpt) OK Nathan [Winograd]………we agree with most of what you have said over time. BUT we do not agree necessarily as to the following necessarily: “In fact, I am opposed to the commodification of animals, of having the law regard them as property to produce, buy and sell. Animals are … Continue reading

Fox in Hen House–12 Steps of Animal Rights

Fox in Hen House–12 Steps of Animal Rights

Animal Rights 12-Step Agenda to End Animal Use 2014, first shown in 2011 This (or its equivalent) was up on “animal rights” websites, like PETA’s, way back in the early ’90′s, but you won’t find it on any of them NOW because they have developed propaganda mill BIG LIES to deceive the public about animal rights (which … Continue reading

Pending Federal Charges — AETA– on California AR Activists

“animal rights activists charged under the animal enterprise terrorism act” If you thought AR activists don’t go to jail under AETA charges— in fact, they do.  (Text of AETA 18 U.S. Code Sect.43) While not widely used, the AETA law is unlikely to be removed. Challenges by the AR fanatics, despite their constitutional … Continue reading