Guess Who Owns “Don’t buy,net,org etc ?”

ORIGINALLY POSTED IN 2008….and much of our truth has come to pass…we have no reason to lie about what many rescues really do…..they have made themselves into the new “puppymills” [their words, not ours]  by bamboozling the public as usual……..

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward!—>

——————————————- (in italics is what animal rights groups were stating..)

“Truth About the Pet Trade……Together we can fight against breeding pets for profit!

This community is a supportive network; joining is free, takes under one minute and connects you with others who care about stopping puppy mills.”

—————————————– The words above are from the people who either own or have directed the URL ( “,, and to land on their site……  aka “Best Friends Animal Society.”  When you go to that “”, you see the above nonsense.

Join the Crusade against HSUS+Pass It Forward—>

The  people (Best Friends)  that spend $5,000-10,000 of other people’s $$ on one cat, spend $140,000  importing stray dogs, then getting rid of pitbull dogs they don’t want. And we don’t mean the Vick dogs, which they were paid quite handsomely to TAKE and keep.  Nope, these were other pitbull dogs.

 So we get an idea of HOW:

Best Friends SPENDS other people’s money.

$140,000 to IMPORT stray dogs–

from another COUNTRY mind you——-

when all they had to do was go and

save 100 from other shelters right here in the USA, probably for free.

We sure wouldn’t be donating to groups that throw down $140,000 to fly overseas and pick up foreign stray dogs while we kill them here. And  wouldn’t donate to groups spending over $5,000 on one cat.

And  surely wouldn’t give a dime to a group that had the nerve to tell us not to buy a puppy after they had spent $140,000 importing foreign stray dogs. 

You see how easy it is for these groups to spend money when it wasn’t theirs until the public donated the $$$ ???

Let’s face reality people.  Best Friends does crap like IMPORTING stray dogs to make themselves look like bona fide saviors instead of wacked out animal extremists (ARs)  They are AR no matter what.

If you REALLY wanted to “save” shelter dogs,  you would not be IMPORTING stray dogs from 3rd world countries, would you???  Would not those stray dogs be TAKING from those already in shelters and hence, causing MORE shelter dogs to die?  Yep.  That is pure stupidity and hypocritical. But as you can see, ALL of the AR fanatics are hypocrites.

First —let’s look at the sentence “….fight against breeding pets for PROFIT.”

What does that mean? To breed a dog for profit is illegal?  To breed a dog is illegal? To breed a dog and not make a profit is great?  To breed a dog is Bad?  To breed a dog is unethical?  To breed anything is wrong?  Pets should not be owned?  Pets are NOT Property? Only milled pets are pets that are bred for profit? Or all pets are bred for profit? Or it doesn’t matter what type of pets they are, no one should profit?

Most dog breeders are not causing harm  by creating something that is highly desired and not produced for an illegal purpose.  But Best Friends et al has decided their GOAL is to SHUT down petstores which might sell pets. HSUS has worked with Best Friends, Last Chance for Animals + others to do this.

Best Friends and their cadre of sappy followers are saying people should not produce dogs that people DO want?   We should force people NOT to buy a dog???? NOT to buy a puppy?HUH??!

The fact is that there are a million businesses related to animals. Just look at the group which has this site (–aren’t they taking in donations in regard to animals?  If there were no animals, could they make their group work?  Doubtful. Would they have jobs? Nope.  They are USING animals to take in donations.

Look at any animal related enterprise, for which the AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act) was created, and modified in 2006. It exists in its current form SOLELY because extremists used tertiary targeting (third party targeting) to get their way.

In other words, they used a form of  extortion  by targeting the families of scientists and other business people so they (the extremist target) would stop doing whatever it is they do, such as run a lab that might do animal testing, run a company that has commercial kennels, sell the wrong dogfood,  or oversee a city shelter that kills pets.  [In the UK, they just prosecuted AR extremists for blackmail for engaging in similar activity.]

If the pet store is not illegal, why can’t someone go in and pay for what they want? Who are they  to tell them how to spend their money? If we allow demonstrators to tell the public “Don’t buy” a pet–then don’t blame anyone when you can’t buy–or  sell— YOUR pet any longer–or you eventually find that you CAN’T buy a dog anywhere!

Closing down a pet store if they actually abused animals is one thing. Doing it because you claim to want “shelter” animals to get homes using manipulated statistics is another story, or pretending that each and every animal was abused is simply a fabrication.

Understand:   that if all shelters were shut down tomorrow because there were NO HOMELESS pets—guess what?  Extremists would STILL be clamoring for the complete elimination of dog breeding. Their goal is ELIMINATION  E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N……………. none. zero. zilch. nada.

The noose is tightening…..  if the animal has to be held in a pen or enclosure without what they believe is enough room?  If a tether is used to keep the animal from escaping?  If the temperature isn’t right?  If the physical layout isn’t exactly the way they want it?  If the exercise time isn’t the way they want it?

If the animal has to go outside?    If the food fed isn’t what they want it to eat? This is happening in Florida now. They want certain temperatures, certain exact times of exercise to be done, certain foods meeting their liking, certain limit of pups born, (as if you could control how many are in a litter) and after that, zip. HSUS and friends want to control all those factors.  They want to make all the rules for how dogs are kenneled, etc, despite not being dog breeders or owning a kennel which sells dogs.


If HSUS et al had just used this sign as shown above, that would be one thing. But instead, their misguided, misleading and even misrepresentations show us their true colors…..they want NO pet breeding, and they even have the nerve to tell people NOT to “buy” a puppy and that they should get one from a shelter.  There are very few puppies in shelters. We are seeing more puppies in “rescues” because the shelters are GIVING the rescues the puppies, and only offering to the public what is left?

Unless HSUS does one of their infamous kennel raids and seizes all the dogs and puppies.  Then thousands of people line up for the very same dogs THEY tell US not to obtain! [These days in 2018..WAYNE is now gone….so have things changed much at HSUS???]

It is none of their business who buys a puppy, but wait until we reveal another upcoming  post re SEIZURE of dogs————-where HSUS  *claims* they didn’t set up the operation, they claim they were invited by local authorities.

Yeah right–the dogs were in such “horrific” condition that they adopted out many several days later, with a HOTLINE to call in and register to adopt.  I smell a real big RAT. And Best Friends along with many many others were ALL there to take the seized forfeiture proceeds—but NOT because owners were guilty of any gross animal violations.

.. See  for perfect example of how HSUS still will support those who have been found guilty of eco terrorism. HSUS has John Goodwin, convicted FELON among others at HSUS, and now HSUS even has a fundraiser for convicted terrorist.

And let’s not forget, the guy that joined the cult church that Best Friend’s founders were involved in, wrote a book on it called Satan’s Power, because they worshipped Satan as well.  That’s who is running Best Friends animal Society.

Why does anyone *believe* the sugar coated, sappy BS of HSUS, Best Friends, Last chance for Animals, when the handwriting is so clear?      PUBLIC = BAMBOOZLED.  Public watching too much TV and videos, including OPRAH. OPRAH is rich, not smart.

OPRAH was just chosen Person of the YEAR by…..PETA.

HSUS announced earlier this year that OPRAH was helping them spread the word about milled dogs.

What does THAT tell ya??  HSUS is the Political Peta.

The reason HSUS is the political arm and Peta is the wing nut arm?

Because Peta can’t pass legislation due to their wacked out stunts. Peta is just marketing/advocating. So now HSUS is doing the legislation, being ever sure to keep that “mainstream” outward shell of  “not appearing” radical.

3 thoughts on “Guess Who Owns “Don’t buy,net,org etc ?”

  1. Animal Welfare or Animal Rights?
    Here are some of the differences:

    As animal welfare advocates. . .

    • We seek to improve the treatment and well-being of animals.

    • We support the humane treatment of animals that ensures comfort and freedom from unnecessary pain and suffering.

    • We believe we have the right to “own” animals — they are our property.

    • We believe animal owners should provide loving care for the lifetime of their animals.

    As animal rights activists. . .

    • They seek to end the use and ownership of animals, including the keeping of pets.

    • They believe that any use of an animal is exploitation so, not only must we stop using animals for food and clothing, but pet ownership must be outlawed as well.

    • They want to obtain legal rights for animals as they believe that animals and humans are equal.

    • They use false and unsubstantiated allegations of animal abuse to raise funds, attract media attention and bring supporters into the movement. (The Inhumane Crusade, Daniel T. Oliver)

  2. What kills me is that these crooks ‘seize’ puppies and dogs from people and then SELL them in their ‘shelters’, which are really just pet shops with an abattoir attached.

    I think they smell the money and want to corner the market. In order to do that they are willing to lie, cheat and steal. So, they’ll rake it in until they have complete control, then shut the whole thing down. Bingo. No more dogs.

    This crap is really accelerating now to the point where things are spinning out of control, so if people don’t wake up TODAY, it will be checkmate before we know it.


  3. You are soooo right! We are trying to get the stories together about the owners that were snagged for things one wouldn’t think would bring criminal repercussions. But HSUS is pushing in Chicago, TN, TX and more. Most laws along the same lines, restrict, restrain, and make everything a crime, including wrong amt. of exercise, wrong type of shelter, making your residence the dog’s “shelter” so they can inspect it, and so forth. When does this stop? According to consumer freedom, Obama just appointed an AR, a professor from Harvard. Remains to be seen if he is truly AR and if so, what effect he would have. It’s not lookin’ so good……..

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