Legal Plans for Pet Owners w/24/hr Coverage

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There are a lot of legal plans that allow clients to pay a  membership fee, in order to receive  specific services at no additional charge,  and discounted legal rates.  Most of the plans are fairly straighforward and are worth the small price, amounting to a type of legal HMO, which allows group legal plans to be affordable. Currently it runs about $17-$25/month, no contract term required, with specific services included, and guaranteed discount on legal rates for entire cases. 

Let’s say for example, AC has been “told” by a neighbor that YOUR dog did something, but the neighbor hates you, and you don’t like neighbor either. Or, let’s say you own 20acres of land, some of which is fenced, and you have a no trespassing sign outside, or one that says “Private Property, Violators will be shot if dogs don’t get you first?”

[Above is pic of sign that most pet owners should own, along w/several cameras]

con’t……..Then let’s say that you had 4 pups outside your yard, and they were 3.5months old (not 4 months) and in general, they are sort of large pups. Further, let’s say they were hollering, as many pups do.   Then lo and behold, you find a citation or some type of document attached to your front gate,  or your front door, which says AC is citing you for having too many dogs and you are only allowed to have 2 dogs or 3 dogs or 4 dogs.

Further, they claim you are in violation of the kennel license ordinance (failure to have a kennel license.) When you call AC they refuse to tell you anything. What are your rights and what should you do?

Could you afford to hire an attorney? Are you entitled to any hearing? Should you give up your personal information?    Did they actually ID the dogs they claim they saw, can they identify them, and what exactly did they see?  Did they take pictures?   Is your unlisted number something they can get because you run a dog rescue and publish ads online or in newspapers to help people?

If your rescue dog or your own dog bites the potential client are you in deep sh**?  Did you take a dog from the pound and try to find it a home but then find out it’s a biter dog and he failed temperament testing?  What if he bites the neighbor kid even though you thought he was safe, since he was “altered?”  Do you have any recourse against anyone?  Can you sue animal control or are they immune? Does sovereign immunity apply?   There could literally be millions of legal scenarios that crop up all the time if you deal with animals.

And what is the best defense?

To be prepared in advance, not after the fact. Most of the prepaid plans only cover forward acts, and anything that happens WHEN and after you obtain the policy. NOT usually covering incidents that happened prior to obtaining the coverage.  Have to admit,  we think a lot of people are afraid of  legal plans,  because they don’t want to “have” to use it, and just hope it doesn’t happen to them.  It only takes ONE incident to make people realize just how expensive it is to hire any attorney. In CA the going rate has risen well above $200/hr and there are some who specialize who charge easily, $350+/hr. 

That means that an email or call for 5 minutes will cost $4-$5.83–per minute……   $20.80 to $29.15 for the 5 minutes. Obviously it’s worth paying $17 or $25 per month to get a discounted rate plus other included services at no cost.

So paying $17 bucks/a month to potentially save yourself thousands is certainly a no-brainer.  Which is why we actually own the plan .

We use Legal Shield (formerly called Prepaid Legal) and they do have the 24/hr coverage. We actually have sold the plans since 1997.  Like we stated, it covers you and the family but only after you own it, so if you own the plan then most acts that happen after you own the plan are covered, but preexisting is usually not covered. You can go online and view other plans, there are quite a few out there.


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