Craigslist Pet Section–HOW Animal Extremists’ Hidden Agenda Works

The following opinion may be copied for showing others the truth, just please use the URL when you send it out……..TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

so many people do NOT understand how Craigslist Pet section is run by ARs, it is the same in almost every state that has an active Pet section… and most of them subscribe to MSN, the PeTa  “No Birth Nation”, and the ‘crime’ of buying, selling, or breeding well tempered canines. It is understood that many rescues do what they can under the circumstances, but this is about those who actually curtail the ability of others to place/or find a dog.  This is so pathetic, please do help and post it to as many as possible………Thank you.

Let’s be straight about how CL pet section got the way it is?  ARs and rescue groups and others in the San Francisco Bay Area (yet again)—contacted CL and stated that due to too many people putting dogs up for “sale” on CL–and due to the “overpopulation” (of which there is none in SF city)–they want CL to PROHIBIT anyone from “selling” a pet on CL. And not only that—there is actually a CL ‘rule’ that a dog must be only offered with a ‘low re-homing fee.’  The CL page states no breeding, re-homing w/low fee only. OK so now you know the alleged ‘rule’ for listings that pertain to offering a pet. [The rules are not enforced against most pets except canines; snakes,birds,mice,etc basically are largely ignored.]

If one looks at the CL pet section or has ever tried to use the section to list any dogs or pups, one thing, at least in most parts of California, happens……………the ARs have grouped together so as to TAKE OFF ANY postings they do not like.  Whether it’s about a legislative act, such as AB1634 (mandated altering), a puppy for adoption, a re-homed dog, whatever. [Removing a post requires more than one computer to flag a post; it likely requires a minimum of 3 or possibly more, separate computer addresses, since CL system has its own way of counting flags]

Or, even if one says they are “looking” for a Bichon, or a small breed dog.  Or if someone posts that they want a Yorkie or Maltese or Pom, for example,  those posts are often TAKEN OFF (called flagged on CL)………….The reason the ARs are taking all these postings OFF via flagging?


It’s pretty simple. They have joined together to implement the “ABC” rule–(animal birth control, a la PeTa) also known as the “NO BIRTH NATION”, also courtesy of PeTa………….  Part of THAT “rule” is that one signs a PLEDGE that NO ANIMAL IS TO BE OBTAINED FROM:   (a) breeder  (b) pet store  (c) puppy mill

Notice how they use simplistic, grade school type thinking (ABC)….easiest to sell to those who can’t think on their own?


Of couse, PeTa added that “buying” such an animal basically causes the DEMISE of a shelter animal. The most commonly cited mantra is-don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die…. Now you and I know that this is simply twisted thinking, because anyone who WANTS a YORKIE–BICHON–MALTESE–5LB DOG–MIXED BREED 5LB DOG–DESIGNER 5LB DOG, or a good dog which hapens to be a purebred dog— is very unlikely to find such a dog in a shelter AND even if one found it there, it is probably sick, old, behavior issues, a biter, been exposed to a host of possible diseases, or something close.  The reason is simply because those dogs don’t get turned into animal shelters very often,  because of the high demand.  Oh sure, occasionally one can find a small frou frou dog there, and there are sometimes beagles, labs, and shepherds, but NOT 30% of the dogs in shelters are purebred dogs; those are AR numbers. We have gone to shelters for over a decade and never seen anywhere close to even 25% purebred dogs.

AND even if the dog, such as a toy breed— is not damaged goods–there surely are not enough of them to supply the demand…………………………Also, most ARs claim that dogs in shelters are BYB (backyard breeder) products—yet there is no proof. Most shelter dogs had HOMES–but then for whatever reason, they were relinquished. I believe that the most specific study on this issue found that the dogs most likely to be relinquished are those that were ACQUIRED AT LITTLE OR NO COST, meaning $0.00-$100. Sort of like, easy come, easy go?

….SO………in essence what we have is this: There is consumer demand for small fluffy white dogs and dogs 10lb and under.  There is little and no demand for old, sick, aggressive, anti-social, too barky, not trained, not housebroken, not socialized, not good with kids, not good with cats, not good with other animals, not good in public, not good in dog parks, not good with people, not good with small children, not good with women, not good with men, AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST—the dog breeds that are maligned by the media, and dog bite blogs/websites, such as rottie, APBT,akita,etc. It should also be stated that many rescues try and place dogs with some of the above behaviors– [not breeds]– sometimes at their own peril.

Against this backdrop, we can easily see that the shelter dogs are often comprised of those dogs which may have the characteristics above. Not all of them of course!  Some dogs are fine and do not have problems.  But many of them do. Most shelters eliminate 50% of the dogs from the get-go for temperament issues. (I am not talking about no kill shelters, but what they do is not addressed here.) Whether shelters do this properly or not, is an issue.   However, the remaining dogs often are not highly sought after, and specific breed rescues will often take their pick (if there are any available)……….so what do we end up with?

In a community which is not rescue-oriented, the shelters will have a better choice of dogs.  In a rescue-oriented community, many adoptable dogs are taken out if not adopted w/in a certain time. We know because we have taken them from both Los Angeles and central CA shelters, 15 at a time. Often they are sick with kennel cough, common parasites, or other afflictions.  They are often IMPORTED INTO AREAS LIKE  SAN FRANCISCO, since SF lacks adoptable dogs thanks to the pervasive “MUST ALTER EVERY LIVING THING ALIVE MENTALITY.”

So guess what that leaves? The male, juvenile mixed breed dogs, or old dogs, handicapped dogs,  scared dogs, skittish dogs, unsocial dogs, and maligned breeds etc.  That is the way of the shelter. [It would be no different than foster kids, because we all realize the kids left behind are not sought after by people who wish to adopt, except in very few instances.)  It should also be noted that NOT every city has a huge animal shelter population where animals cannot find homes–most of the highest kill rate shelters already have lawsuits filed against them for inadequate care/failure to follow CA state law.

When we realize what we are working with in regard to shelters, then, how in the world can someone make the pitch that “buying” a dog causes a shelter animal to die? The consumer would not have bought the average shelter dog even if you paid him/her.  The consumer does not want the average shelter dog in many cases. I am not saying shelter dogs are all crap, because I only have rescue dogs myself.  But I know how many people are who want dogs, because we also do dog rescue. Most people are actually afraid to get a dog of any size (like 45lb and up) for their kids—thanks to the media, and bad rubbish published about larger dogs. They are afraid of APBTs and rotties. They are afraid of whatever dogs are highly publicized in newspapers. We can thank the media with all of their sensationalism for that. 


 And PeTa is just loving that–because it means the dogs will NOT find homes.  PeTa is well aware that NOT finding a home for a shelter dog means the dog gets euthanized.   Contrary to the alleged mission of PeTa, their goal is NOT TO SAVE ANIMALS……………THEIR GOAL IS TO HAVE HUMANS NOT OWN ANIMALS—because they believe PEOPLE ruin animals, whether by bad treatment or otherwise.    Since PeTa does not believe in “no kill”—and believes that every homeless dog should be killed by the needle-rather than “owned” by someone–and since PeTa actually KILLS the dogs they take in—we can see that PeTa’s very clear agenda is to pull the wool over unsuspecting eyes. Believe me–even if NO dogs were the shelters (like in San Francisco ?)—the ARs would STILL be doing what they DO.  They would just move onto their next step of NO breeding, period.  

PeTa tells these young people that they want to SAVE animals, but tell me quick—what in the above paragraphs by PeTa saves any animals?  Altering doesn’t save an animal. Giving the dog the needle doesn’t save the dog. Maligning the breeds of dogs don’t save them. Telling people not to “buy” a dog doesn’t save any dogs……. anyone can relinquish a dog if they want to do so… If one thinks about what I just said, it starts to become rather clear…………

By eliminating those who wish to advertise for (such as ‘I want a Yorkie’) or advertise to find a home for (such as ‘I have a Yorkie to place’)  we can easily see that ELIMINATING ALL THOSE ADS WOULD CUT DOWN ON PEOPLE FINDING, PLACING, OR OBTAINING THE DOG THEY MAY WANT ON CRAIGSLIST.  And the AR people know it—that’s why they flag mostly everything, especially puppies, small breeds, young dogs which are only a few pounds, or adult small purebreds–or requests for such dogs (just in cases there might be a BYB lurking out there.) … 

They will also flag postings where they don’t like the “fee” being charged, or if they “think” one is a “breeder” because you have more than 1 dog listed, even if they are actually rescued dogs, which was stated on the posting; or if the dog is a purebred dog which is normally very expensive to acquire–they might flag it simply because it represents a purebred dog which is expensive (they don’t believe animals should be treated as “commodities” or property)   They are most unlikely to flag breeds which are maligned by the media, dogs that are old, handicapped, sick, or have health issues.


 I guarantee if you go and try it–place an ad for a sob story dog like he came to us with 3 legs, or I found this poor baby with mange and no fur, or I am trying to place an abuser’s former dog—I can guarantee that your post will REMAIN UP on the site.  ARs love stories which makes the PEOPLE look bad, and the animals look pitiful………………THAT IS EXACTLY HOW THEY RUN THEIR ENTIRE MISSION………………….THAT IS EXACTLY HOW THEY GET PEOPLE EMOTIONALLY UPSET………..THAT IS EXACTLY HOW THEY RAISE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF $$$$$……….. They create sob stories……..or as it is often called, the sugar coated pill—–pretending one wants to “save” when one really wants to “kill” or eliminate,  but cover it all up  by running a campaign using animals as bait.  Reverse Marketing.  What that amounts to is– ???  I would call that not only unethical, but just plain lying–fabricating–duping–misrepresentation—you name it.  It is simply NOT the truth.


One thought on “Craigslist Pet Section–HOW Animal Extremists’ Hidden Agenda Works

  1. You have a very limited understanding of purebred animals and pitbull generic dogs. They are popular and are often relinquished. That has nothing to do with it. Nor does nationality. Bulls are not the easiest breedtype to deal with. Simply killing them or not killing them does nothing to deter people from wanting or owning. And the word purebred does not contain the letter A.

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