Animal Extremists bully Pet store, publish Bunk information

“Last Chance for animals and Best Friends Animal Society want to say that we never intended to put anyone out of business.  They can do very well by selling accessories and we have offered to go away if they go humane. We just want them to stop selling live animals in their stores and on the Internet.”

The above statements were found on the Best Friends site online.  As we can see, the AR groups, including HSUS demonstrators,  are saying (after holding a demonstration outside a pet store in Beverly Hills) that they are telling a pet business how it should be run; it should not offer animals, but it can offer accessories.

Oh, and the ability to offer a pet online should not be used.  Aren’t the “homeless” dogs of Petfinder advertised online?  Aren’t the “re-homed” type dogs offered online on many online pet rescue sites?  Doesn’t the shelter in your city, or nearly any city in the United States, offer dogs for sale, or adoption online?  Doesn’t the bulk of SPCA organizations offer animals online?  Don’t people who privately want to place their dogs/cats/birds/etc, get to advertise it both online and in newspapers or via local classfieds and online?

The ARs then go even further by enumerating specific “facts”——

1.  “Over 30% of the dogs in the shelter system are pure-bred dogs.”

This is a pure generalization and cannot be shown to be true, mostly because shelters nationwide do not employ canine experts to actually test dogs for purebred evidence (and DNA may not even be positive in any event), and also because many mixed breeds can appear to  actually be a “purebred” when in fact, it is not. Second, shelters do not employ standardized methods of reporting nationwide, so any “labeling” of canines is completely subjective and subject to manipulation. 

2. ” There is no need to buy a pure-bred dog in a pet shop.”
This is nothing more than an OPINION by ARs.  There is no need to even obtain a dog for that matter, but the fact is if one wishes to buy a dog in a pet shop, that is up to the buyer.  The obvious implication is that such dog should be procured from a shelter.
3.  “The very same dogs are abandoned at the pound, waiting to get adopted for a small fee.”
As just stated on #2 above, “the very same dogs” are allegedly somewhere else to be had, for a “small fee.”  Again, this is AR opinion implying that “the same” dogs can be had for less money.  That is not possible to say for a fact, as the pound dogs usually do not have a complete background history.  And very few PUPPIES are found in most pounds, and almost never will one find a puppy Bichon, Yorkie, Maltese, or the like in a pound. And if in fact, there actually was a puppy Bichon, it would likely be auctioned off in Los Angeles for $1,000 by the shelter.
4. ” It costs US taxpayers 2 billion $ /year to house and euthanize these animals.”
For one thing, there is no source listed which can authenticate this amount, and second, not all shelters and private groups such as the SPCA provide their costs to “house and euthanize” such animals. Also, whether transferred animals are counted twice is unknown.  The bulk of most shelter expense is NOT the cost to euthanize animals, but is rather the employee salaries, benefits, insurance, COL increases, union expenses, vehicle/transportation costs, and the like.  ALL of which go UP–NOT down. These expenses would exist even if the shelter did not kill animals.
5. ” 4 million dogs are killed per year in our nation’s shelter system.”
This is completely untrue.  The canines may amount to under 2 million, and will likely include the ones that were not adoptable due to illness, age, aggression or mental infirmity; but the cats (mostly feral) are usually the biggest group which don’t find homes, most of them are not kittens, and most of them are feral cats which are not usually adoptable since they will not engage with people. 
6.  “The pet stores, the puppy mills, and the BUYERS contribute to the crisis of pet overpopulation.”
Again, the ARs are inserting their subjective OPINION. “The crisis” of “pet overpopulation” has 2 sections here; one–it assumes a crisis and two, it assumes “overpopulation.”  To AR people, if ANY animals are killed in shelters, that is a crisis to them. “Overpopulation” to AR people means that not every animal in the shelter is adopted.  Let’s face it, nearly every animal IN THE shelter HAD an owner, but the owner gave up the animal.  Does giving up an animal=”overpopulation?”  I think not. 
7.  “It is unethical to buy a dog when we kill 4 million a year.”
Again, this is simply an AR opinion as to whether it might be “unethical”, as opposed to perhaps not quite as compassionate as ARs want people to be?  And as stated, there are not 4 million dogs killed per year.  They don’t even have the numbers anywhere near reality.
8. “ Until the cages are empty, people who breed, sell or buy dogs are unconscionable—unprincipled.”
Again, an AR opinionated reasoning. “People who breed” “People who sell” “People who buy” are all simply AR labels for attempts to dissuade those who might buy a dog, breed a dog, or sell the dog.  What this comes down to is that ARs are telling the public that IF you adopt an animal you are “a good person” and if you instead choose to buy an animal, “you are a bad person.”
        THIS IS 100%  PeTa talk, PeTa language, and PeTa propaganda, purposely done to stigmatize anyone who does NOT want to adopt, or does not FIND a dog to adopt, or does NOT get chosen to “adopt” since many dog rescues will not adopt to families with small kids!!
          Animal extremists tend to ignore that we LIVE in the United States. They ignore the fact that the United States is a free enterprise system based on capitalism.  Animals ARE considered property in the United States, and the courts consider them property. Property is capable of being bought, sold, traded or given away if one chooses to do so. I am not aware of a law which prohibits people from being able to sell a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, fish, guinea pig, rat, or any other animal.  Yet by reading the extremist “facts”, if we didn’t know any better, we might think some of the facts actually WERE facts. Nope. There are no facts in the above numbered statements, except for the facts I pointed out. 

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