This article is from Dr. Jeannie, specializing in naturopathic treatment, of the Whole Dog

….”spaying and neutering our pets is being promoted as a replacement for training and responsibility!   Oh yeah!  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) states on its website, “Spaying or Neutering Is Good for You” (seriously, that’s what it says!  Just like adding food color to dog kibble is to make it look pretty to the buyer!) and that “Spaying and neutering makes pets better, more affectionate companions.“.

Better? Better than what?

Think about this friends!  Believe it or not, dogs can be more than wonderful and affectionate creatures without ever undergoing surgical sexual mutilation spay and neuter. The key here is responsible care and training!  How could we have forgotten this?  Have we been brain washed maybe?   Please research and become informed…… “

See posting on this blog (Petdefense) re the scientific studies DONE, which indicate a HUGE list of things that elevate detrimental conditions for your dog, such as shortening the lifespan for example?


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