Extremists Make Fraudulent Post re Blogger+Admits it..

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We are doing a good job because, as expected, the ARs are spending their time/energy in using “Petdefense” and Crusade Against HSUS to link to their OWN sites….hahaha…]

Readers–all of you should be up in arms now, when extremists try and tell the public that Petdefense is involved with illegal KENNEL RAIDS (by HSUS?) who else even does dog raids…………..below is what I found on Zimbio.com…

“all results for petdefense:

dog breeding:

Dog breeding advice, … Christmas Puppies For Sale Private Dog Breeders Get your well … Anti-Animal “Rights” blogger, petdefense, has just posted an …”    zimbio.com/portal/Dog+breeding and this is what came up……….

Puppies For Sale AKC UKC CKC

Puppies For Sale Private Dog Breeders


Get your well bred puppy today


Pennsylvania Puppymill Missouri Puppymill 

Nebraska Puppymill

This flagrant jackass claims the images are from another source. Who cares? This was purposely done to imply that this site Petdefense put the posting re the sale of dogs, and that the AR just copied it onto his site. And since it’s on OPRAH that these kennels were RAIDED, that implicates Petdefense obviously.

 The truth is, the AR MADE THE ad himself, then used this Petdefense blog to garner more visits to his site, which then showed this ad+more.  People–dog owners–breeders–etc: YOU MAY ALL USE THIS POSTING AND SEND IT EVERYWHERE IF YOU LIKE, to show the AR mentality. 

In case you can’t recognize it—this is known as defamatory action by issuing that which tends to injure the reputation or dimish the respect goodwill or confidence in which the person is held, or to excite adverse, opinion against him/her.  Usually such content must be false, which it is.

As defense counsel, I am able to represent any defendant I am capable of representing. If Mr. AR cuts his dog’s head off and throws it at a car, he is entitled to a defense. That is the American constitution. If legal kennels don’t follow rules, they are subject to going down. If legal kennels follow rules, they should not be subject to arbitrary seizure with lies used as grounds for forfeiture. It’s that simple. 

…The above pics are not verified, authenticated, or demonstrated as actual living conditions. However, HSUS called  similar pictures as referring to  Petland……. In fact, they are all likely holding pens for dog auctions that the LARGEST BREED RESCUE in America attends, when they keep BUYING 300 dogs per month, and then re-selling them as RESCUED DOGS.  Why are rescued dogs coming from commercial kennels any different than buying the dog from the kennel?  It is not any different.  But ARs would have you believe they are………..

Here is a PERFECT example of how animal extremists work. They will take whatever they don’t like, and then say you did it……..Now we all know that if a commercial kennel is legal, and not in violation of applicable rules, it is not our job to police them. Just like I wouldn’t be grabbing your kid and forcing him to become a VEGAN?  And I wouldn’t be grabbing your dog and forcing you to feed it ONLY the food I wanted you to feed it, and ONLY when I wanted the dog to eat, and exercise ONLY at the exact times I told you to do it, and if you didn’t then I would turn you in for abuse?  Well those are the kinds of laws that HSUS is pushing today…

That is what is happening today. Extremists get pissed off if we fight back? They know NO  other way of fighting, except to fight dirty, below the belt, and basically have to resort to what you see above………it would be no different if it said  this guy (or whoever made up the post)  cut off his/her dog’s head and threw it in the freeway?  Would that get his goat? They like extreme things?  Ya think?  That would make a commercial kennel seem like heaven.

Below are pics from this person (AR) which claims to be the ‘sanctuary’….what does it look like to you? It looks like animal hoarding to me with a fence around dogs.

And why couldn’t those dogs be adopted, hmm?????  Gee,  this looks remarkably similar to the hoarding of dogs in KERN County if you ask me……OH! I forget–because NO KILL doesn’t work!!  That’s the spirit!  (thespiritdog blog on wordpress is where I saw the pics–I will not give the satisfaction of actually making the link)  I personally would NEVER ever put this many adult dogs together in one enclosure. And I seriously doubt most trainers would either. But what do I know, the AR claims he is the ‘dog trainer.’

My only duty is to make lemonade out of lemons. So if this AR wants to make a fraudulent post by using THIS blog and then using  code to send it to HIS blog that says what about him?????? He is a weak, no brain, no guts LIAR that hoards dogs and thinks he is a savior because he can use other people’s blog sites to get his own traffic? NO WONDER SO MANY PEOPLE ASKED ME WHY IT WENT THERE. Now I can tell everyone not to donate to this person who is so low, he needs more online traffic?   He has to STEAL ?

 What he should have done was ask himself why he felt it necessary to do it in the first place, and then remind himself that karma is a bitch.

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Spirit Animal Sanctuary

Another AR, in defense of animals, was also seen online using the Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Pass It Forward.  Wow, we never dreamed that many ARs would catch on so quickly. Haha. 

2 thoughts on “Extremists Make Fraudulent Post re Blogger+Admits it..

  1. Hey Petdefense,
    I’m on Zimbio and I submitted/or the site ‘pinged’ the “Crusade” article from my blog..
    I can’t find what you are referencing ..connnecting you to raids?

  2. I can go and see what I did to bring it up. I am fairly certain those pics are from 3 raids done by HSUS +famous Swat teams+their beloved Best Friends or Last Chance or whoever.

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