‘My Dog’s Better than Your Dog’: Can We Afford This Now?

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I can always tell the Elitist owners.  When they spy your dog out of the corner of their eye (assuming they even looked at your dog) they actually get a look on their face which basically amounts to their dog is better than yours.  Or they will actually look at your dog like you have a piece of crap.  I saw a lady once, (she was a Black lady from the Bay Area), going into the dog supply store, carrying her Yorkie dog.

Now I knew it was a York, but as she ventured past our dog rescue table, she actually had that “look” on her face; the look of ” OMG look at those awful rescued animals” and I quickly asked her what kind of dog she had with her.  She replied “Yorkie” and practically ran into the store.

I have to say, I have never in my entire life, seen anyone, much less a minority person, act as high and mighty as that lady did, with her expensive dog, and expensive automobile.  It didn’t matter to us that she thought she was better or richer, or that her dog was the best. What was so sad was the haughty look on her face—-never the sign of a true animal person, but only that this person could not even control her emotions long enough that her true colors emerged.

And that my friends, is the way the public looks at many dog owners, especially those that have expensive purebred dogs, or show expensive purebred dogs in shows. That is one of the reasons that people do not care for the Elitist mentality. But wait—don’t get mad—just because it could be true.  Who you need to be MAD at is groups like HSUS–because the Elitist are not causing the problems — it’s just that HSUS has set up the scene so that people will feel sorry for certain dogs.  And those dogs are not owned by Elitists…..

No, the dogs are not owned by the Elitists. The dogs are usually owned by people that can’t or don’t want to pay the high price for dogs that start at $1,000 and up. So they buy a dog for $250 and ship it for another $200 on their credit card.  Can we blame them for wanting the dog? Of course not.  Can we blame anyone for buying what they can afford? No.  Should we be pointing fingers at others who can’t buy what you offer? No.   And last but not least?  Should we be differentiating NOW–as to why the Elitist product is better—and the less expensive product is not as good? Should we belittle designer dogs that people love?  Ah–that’s the big question.  And that’s where HSUS knows HSUS can snag us.

HSUS knows something about dogs, they know that there is a weak link in the dog business. And that weak link is not inexpensive dogs, but the manner in which the owner can be negligent. Dog breeders can do as they want in the breeding of dogs, until HSUS and the BBC intervene. Then all of a sudden, breeders are not doing things correctly. This isn’t good enough or that is too much of whatever, or that shows lack of this, or that shows abuse, etc etc.

So if we know this, that HSUS is going to pounce on alleged negligence, then why be negligent? Why give HSUS + friends anything to work with? If owners are truly negligent, then they can’t blame anyone else.  But when owners are not grossly negligent, and charges are manufactured; when misleading campaigns are run which ignore the truth and tell the public a false story; when there is no evidence of wrongdoing, but evidence is exaggerated, or manufactured; when snitches are employed and dogs are killed without due process, or seized without any cause, or little cause, creating scenarios which end in owners having to forfeit their property, THAT is definitely cause for concern.  And that is what HSUS engages in. Very extreme, concerning action.

I  say this: If you are an Elitist, just admit it, but don’t disparage other people’s animals just because they are not as well bred, or as good as, or as beautiful as yours. This is not the time, the place, or the season for that, because there are NOW only TWO sides to the war at hand.  Side One:  Dog ownership.   Side Two:  NO dog ownership.  That’s it. 

If you want Side ONE, then you cannot afford the luxury of being critical of other dog breeders, other dogs, or where the dogs come from.  The only valid point that I know which cannot be very harmful (as against HSUS) is that re-homed dogs are 500% more likely to cause a fatality.  Rescuers hate it and many dog owners don’t want to hear it, but the reality is that re-homed dogs cause a very disproportionate amount of damage to people. An example is the re-homed dog of author Jon Katz, who had his own re-homed dog killed after it bit 3 people, and after trying every known remedy.  

I am not saying it’s not the dog’s fault (as I know it’s possible)—but if we listen to HSUS say  “sold” dogs are not socialized enough, then aren’t the seized dogs sold by HSUS-related shelters (meaning HSUS engages these shelters to take the dogs) the VERY same dogs they claim should not be SOLD?    Yes.  And aren’t many dogs in shelters, strays of unknown breeds?  Yes

 And aren’t many dogs in shelters the product of two unknown parent dogs with unknown health backgrounds?  Yes.  And doesn’t HSUS et al keep saying people put dogs in shelters but haven’t trained them? Yes.  And isn’t it true that most small breed dogs fly out of shelters quickly, especially when the shelter does not get that many of themYes.  

So we all know that shelter dogs are not necessarily the best trained, most expensive, most socialized, best tempered, health tested, bred for perfection dogs. Many shelter dogs simply had owners who were poor, or not educated, or ran into personal issues and bad times.   BUT that doesn’t make them bad dogs.  It usually means most shelter dogs are not the purposeful product of dog breeders!

 Studies show (even HSUS estimates) that only 2%-3% of all owned dogs come from petstores.  So why is HSUS picking on petstore dogs? Because it’s a weak link HSUS can prey upon. No one forces people to buy the dogs.

Knowing all this to be true or very close to true, then you can see that HSUS et al–in pushing dying shelter dogs as the alleged reason for not buying/selling dogs–  is doing it only to make people, the public, NOT LIKE breeders of ANY type.

And HSUS started with the weak link, large kennels that might not keep up with their management, or people  who lost control of managing their property.  That pretty much is what HSUS is doing, using a weak link, and then getting the public’s ire up, and then lumping all dog breeders into the bag, even though you may not actually qualify to be in there.

 THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD BE VERY MAD AT HSUS ET AL—not at other people or breeders.  That is all you have to be MAD at–HSUS the corporate conglomerate, the greed king, the conglomerate trying to ruin your dog business, your dog shows, everything. Channel the OUTRAGE feelings into action against HSUS+ friends, because HSUS—- is the ENEMY making the terrible anti-pet laws.


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