What are Signs of Animal Rights Extremists?

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Here is a list of items that indicate animal rights (AR) extremists:

Philosophy of Animals–Animals are People

The ARs believe that animals are equal to (or higher) than humans.  That animals should have the same rights as humans have.  Therefore, having animals as PETS, according to ARs,  must mean they are slaves, because to own property is to have dominion over the property.  They often say white people owned black people as slaves, because the blacks were viewed as property.  (Women were viewed as property not that long ago–and they didn’t need to be black)

Rights of Animals  (Since they are People) +Vegetarian Lifestyle Required, since Animals are People  and Animals are NOT Property

The ARs have several different factions, and some are more severe than others.  But nonetheless,  the more severe factions believe that NO animal should EVER be used in ANY form for any purpose whatsoever, including PETS….  In general, PETA fits this criteria—since they don’t want animals used in a rodeo, circus, zoo, Seaworld, medical research, mink farms, agriculture, and the like.

It is surprising, then, to know that PETA kills nearly every animal it takes in, about 90-97% of them. They have even thrown dead animals in dumpsters behind grocery stores and got caught.


Animal “Protection” Does Not Mean It Helps Pets here in the USA

HSUS believes the same as PETA..but….the way HSUS does this, is by using their big $$$ toward POLITICAL LOBBYING  for crappy laws in the United States which amount to ANTI-PET LAWS, NOT laws that protect our pets.  In fact, most all of the laws seek to get rid of pets by imposing mandated altering, and getting rid of the breeding of pets.

HSUS allegedly works in 35 countries on what HSUS calls animal “protection”,  on issues such as seal hunting, banning seal product sales, banning hen battery cages, stopping sales of fur, sea turtle trade, whaling in Denmark, humane slaughter, sustainable tourism (Latin America), horse slaughter, spay/neuter , dolphin issues, street dog rescue (Puerto Rico)……….Now most people  in the United States have no idea of whether HSUS is actually doing these things, because we don’t live in the other countries.

But let’s just assume that HSUS actually does these things in other countries.  OK–now let’s talk about what HSUS does in the UNITED STATES.  HSUS claims it’s animal “protection”, animal “protection…”  So what ANIMALS  in the United States, are they protecting?  What pets are they protecting?  What owned animals are they actually helping, and what rules are they helping to bring about that HELP PETS???

Let me make it easy to understand.  There are no laws drafted by HSUS that help owned pets, pets in general, or pet businesses in general.  In fact, the evidence shows exactly the opposite.

HSUS puts the rights of animals as high as, if not higher, than humans.  And that is an indicator of Animal  rights Extremist.

All we need to look at are ordinances in the United States,  that HSUS helps draw up. Examples:

Mandatory spay neuter for every owned pet, continued elimination of breeding of pets, restrictions on how many owned pets, regulations of selling pets, regulations on going on vacation with a pet, regulations on notifying animal control when you board a dog, regulations on re-vaccinating dogs for rabies upon leaving or entering a kennel, regulations on giving written notice to animal control if you sell a dog, buy a dog, sell a pet out of the area, regulations on turning into animal control the name/address/phone of every person who buys a dog, turning over the same for every vet to turn in such information, regulations toward elimination of selling commercial kennel dogs, forcibly mandating that pet stores ONLY sell rescued dogs or dogs from non profit sources [how this could be legal is beyond us, even if under rational basis because it is not rational], working on laws for closing down of pet stores on purpose by conducting protests on a weekly basis.  Attempting to mislead the public by making it seem as if every dog breeder in the USA was a commercial kennel (HSUS and ARs call it puppymill)…

HSUS conducts dog kennel raids, seizing dogs, then either killing them all or re-selling them to the public, manipulating the media to believe that every single breeder of any type of dog is a milled dog, using known media marketing/advertising techniques to mislead the public into thinking that HSUS helps pets when it only wants to make it so people don’t own any animals.

HSUS engages in solicitation of church members to get more donations+ to get churches to try and affect their congregations, education programs geared to elementary and pre-teens to preach vegetarian lifestyle, to teach that hunting, fishing, trapping, buying and selling pets, commercial pet trade is WRONG AND UNETHICAL by saying it causes shelter animals to DIE……..the list is endless.  Claiming that all bred dogs come from the same alleged puppymil video we saw on TV?


Animal rights Extremists Always Say Buying a Dog is Wrong and will tell people they should “adopt” Because if they don’t– then it means “they are KILLING a Shelter Dog”………..

Every single animal rights extremist groups advocates for no dogs sold, and blames dog breeders for every shelter dog being in there.  This is nothing but a lie, but people don’t think very hard about it. Most shelter dogs are mixed breed dogs that either were strays (people abandoned them) or had behavior issues or where people couldn’t keep them due to moving, or personal issues like divorce.  Most good tempered purebred dogs can be sold on the open market or placed into another family’s home.  Most mixed breeds (unless small) will not have a good chance on the open market.

Animal rights Extremists Always Say that All Pets Need to be Altered because of “overpopulation” and dog attacks

Extremists know little and nothing about dog breeding and canine genetics, or dog attacks.  They know little about actual shelter data, or how much shelter programs cost, or why some laws do not work regarding pets.  Yet they will tell you that buying a dog causes a shelter animal to die. Which is completely stupid if you think about it.

The facts show that shelters nationwide have done a pretty decent job of reducing the killing. More work needs to be done, but the numbers killed are NOT 10mil,  as shown online on many AR sites…  it is less than half of that and feral cats can make up to 70% of the cats killed.

Animal rights Extremists Say Tethering or Chaining a Dog will make it Kill people, and that ALL animals Belong INSIDE the house

Dogs Deserve Better is an animal rights extremist group that is partly responsible for making laws saying that animals can’t be chained or tethered outside for very long.  Animal extremist groups HATE anything that restricts an animal’s MOVEMENT in any way. They hate kennels, crates, pens, fences, tethering, or any other item that restricts movement of the animal.

Animal rights Extremists Say Tail docking or Ear Cropping is Animal Cruelty, that selling a dog is cruelty, and that buying a dog is unethical  

Animal extremist rescue groups will not usually allow someone to adopt an animal if it might live outside part of the time.

Animal rights Extremists may not always come out front and ADMIT they are Extremists, but if you research the known facts, you can easily find out that HSUS is an Extremist group that purposely pretends it is NOT such a group.  They spend millions and millions on this deception, in an attempt to have the PUBLIC think they are “mainstream” reasonable NON animal Extremists.  Unfortunately, HSUS is lying and misleading people. They have no actual animal protection work for companion pets to help owners. Their only *help* on companion pets is to enact regulations against both owners and pets.  If anything, HSUS acts like the animal control, pretending that it’s a legal entity that should make the regulations.

HSUS is nothing but an extremist group trying to pretend it isn’t, and acts as a media marketing, advertising, soliciting political lobbying group to make bad laws for pet owners in the United States.

It’s not that difficult to see right through HSUS if you just dig a little.


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