MSN or HSUS based Ordinances Come to Your Town?

Join the Crusade Against Humane Society United States!+Pass Forward—–>

I have said many things concerning HSUS and animal extremists, and have communicated with Mr. Yates, an experienced newspaper reporter, for some time; his advice is sound, and he knows the facts.

yates-handbook-vs-ars  You are encouraged to pass this to every single person you know, even if they don’t own pets. They know SOMEONE who does! The success of this is in the numbers. It won’t cost you anything to give it to people. And you will be helping others. We need that, more people who will help fellow citizens.

As I have always attempted to put only the truth out there re shelters, rescues, and pets, including improper laws re pets, my opinion of Mr. Yates’ grassroots advocacy advice is that it will work if you are diligent.  It has happened that in some instances, everything we do, even with thousands of people protesting, does not change the mind of certain lawmakers.  However, remember that every time you write letters, or voice your opinion, always preserve the record for the future.

Remember that everything which is said or written or archived can later come up and possibly be used to fight another battle that may ensue. That is why you need to have the truth because as I have stated for years, animal rights extremists NEVER tell the truth, and they nearly ALWAYS manipulate, leave out, or just plain ignore the facts, and substitute their own version.  That alone means you should be able to chop them off at the knees, just for not telling the truth.  However sometimes politicians are bought off and no amount of truth will make them change their minds.

Even so, still present facts–preferably with written documentation Councils tend to like graphs, pie charts, and visual aids. Preferably nice color ones.   That way they needn’t think as hard, and it seems more simple than it actually might be, but who cares–it’s a plus on your side.   Avoid anything which does not have paragraphs–if it has no paragraphs, make sure to divide the wording into paragraphs.  Things that are hard to read simply do not get read!

Always put the strongest arguments first and last. NOT buried in the middle.  Always try and figure out what might be said ahead of time, and work on getting those facts beforehand.  If you have incidents of dog maulings, you will really need to get your ducks lined up because any dog attack can be quickly turned into Breed specific Legislation.

If possible, locate breed specific rescues who are knowledgeable about BSL and see if they can help you. There are some excellent BSL experts but I am not sure if they are working on a consulting basis.  HSUS has NOT done a good job with dog raids and killing all dogs upon seizure, but they have made headlines, which tends to make people think all such dogs are used for bad purposes, which is not true. If it was true, many people could have been convicted–and it is near impossible to do.  As HSUS has found, even though they offer their $5k reward which they don’t pay to people?

I realize the handbook is long, and it definitely is not for lazy individuals.  However, you will find that if you actually start working on it, you will gain a lot of power within yourself, because it will push you to do more for yourself, and the community. You will realize that you are not a hapless pansy that can’t do anything, but instead you will find that your beliefs about free enterprise and a free society are worth fighting for–and your determination will encourage others to speak up.  That is what we need. More people with guts like Rosa Parks.

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