Katrina debacle: HSUS then Does What?

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Here is Dogpolitics.com archive below…….explaining how the investigation against HSUS hit a bump?  HSUS donated a huge amount to the LA AG  re-election campaign?   HSUS has since claimed in their 2007 financial stmt, that they gave 56 shelters in Louisiana/Mississippi  close to 900k+800k  (grants?) to the LA State Univ vet School, and 600k grant  for emergency shelter in LA.

Now notice, this was in their 2007 report, NOT right after the hurricane, to help place animals. NO, this was 2007, AFTER HSUS merged with or conglomerated, corroborated or otherwise got other groups in there with them, to potentially whitewash the Katrina debacle?  Can everyone see this??????  Duh?

October 09, 2007

HSUS – Two Years Late & Twentyfive Million Short?

“The Associated Press is reporting that HSUS – the Humane Society Of The United States – has just announced a $600,000 grant to build a hurricane pet shelter down Louisiana way.

Now, gee  – ain’t that a kick in the head? Or maybe it ‘s a slap in the face to all those generous souls that donated in response to the HSUS Katrina Beg-A-Thon?  Wayne  – seriously, dude – your generosity speaks for itself.

After all, you’re only two years late and oh, about $25,0oo,ooo short…….

Or was it $40,000,000? And didn’t Wayne say that HSUS spent LOTS of that money rescuing Katrina animals? Anyhoo –  I’m not sure that the great State of Louisiana agreed with Mr. Pacelle.

Wasn’t it just last year that Charles Foti,  the State Attorney of Louisiana, announced an investigation as to the fundraising practices of both the Red Cross and HSUS????    Just what WAS the outcome of that investigation????  Hmmm – waiting for a call back now from the LA AG’s press office ………

And didn’t Wayne Pacelle doth protest too much – he was a) unhappy about the AG’s investgation and b) unhappy that the State of Louisiana kicked HSUS out of the state, thus cutting short the extended fundraising stay?

So –  maybe this new shelter also meant to shelter HSUS , and exempt them from the long arm of Charles Foti in the next hurricane/fundraising scam schemeBeg-A-Thonfraud  effort. 

Oh – and more more thought -HSUS says it plans to use prison labor to run the shelter. Gag me –  while Wayne talks about animal exploitation –  he seems to have no qualms about human exploitation.”


In 2006, HSUS +Doris Day Animal League announced a so-called merger; the HSUS  in 2004 with WP, started strategy to gain more $$$$…..

The combination with the Fund for Animals in 2005 led to the creation of a campaigns  focused on four areas – animal cruelty, fur,  farming and abusive sport hunting practices.  HSUS  created an in-house litigation team that has over 3 dozen cases  in state and federal courts.

HSUS’ 2006 budget was $103 million, more than double the 1996 annual budget of $42 million. The organization employs more than 400 people, a 60 percent increase from 2000. In 2007 HSUS showed  ASSETS of $206,525,267.

 In 2007, it appears that 50% of the HSUS claimed expenses of $112m went to fundraising,campaigns,media,litigation+communications.


More………………. I found this site directly below, but do not guarantee the legal cases cited, as I was not able to find all of them.  However if you contact these people I think they would be able to confirm the sources for you.


The ANHSI (American National Humane Society Inc.) is for the humane treatment of both humans and animals and seeks to expose the abuses of animal lovers by some of the power and money greedy SPCAs who have gained extraordinary powers playing on the sympathetic public and government officials. 
 Below we present a small sample of the subject background but far more is available. We believe RICO applies to rogue SPCAs as it fits the classical racket perfectly. A racket is best described, we believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people.
Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of the abuse of human beings and animals a few people make fortunes and get power via deception, corrupt practices and playing on the sympathy of people.

We the people want both animals and humans treated humanely. Rogue SPCAs often strike terror into animal owners, animal enterprises and breeders who live in fear of uncontrolled gun toting bullies from corrupted greedy SPCAs that lie about animal cruelty to raid, seize loved and well treated animals from often innocent people to get SPCA publicity for donations but result in terrorism to humans and animals.



Publication: US Fed News Service, Including US State News
Date: Monday, March 27 2006

The Louisiana attorney general issued the following news release:

Attorney General Charles C. Foti, Jr., announced today that his office has opened an inquiry into allegations involving funds raised for pet /owner reunions by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The Attorney General’s Office is asking the HSUS for an accounting of all funds HSUS raised for the purpose of pet rescue and reunion with pet owners in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The Attorney General’s office has received numerous complaints from pet owners about problems many are having finding their pets following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Through its association with other animal welfare organizations nationwide, HSUS has documented and placed animals in shelters around the country, often resulting in the displaced pets’ adoption. In some cases, pet owners claim that those who are currently caring for the displaced pets are refusing to reunite the pet with the proper owners. The Attorney General is asking anyone with information about questionable fundraising activities by animal groups or any other groups to please contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section at 1-800-351-4889 or visit our website at www.ag.state.la.us .

Apparently  HSUS donated heavily to the re-election of the AG, and HSUS in 2007 says it donated the $$$ to Katrina victims by giving funds to make “shelters.”  Although Foti was not re-elected,  ” Making shelters” does not re-unite owners with pets 2 years after the fact, and since we never heard again about the HSUS-Katrina debacle, we can see what happened……….Can you???? 

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