DOG FANCY MAGAZINE – sets Record Straight—PETA on Fraudulent Ad

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I originally put this out in August 08, but just in case someone didn’t see it, here it is again.

Dog Fancy magazine unknowingly published a classified ad for a free puppy pak, BUT the actual free item did not exist—INSTEAD the toll free number went directly to a PETA directive!! (See below)  Many outraged readers wanted nothing more to do with Dog Fancy. The information spread like wildfire over the Internet.

So in October issue of Dog Fancy, the editor Susan Chaney devotes an entire FULL PAGE on pg. 8, not only apologizing for the error–but also prints the admission, AND TRUTH— that PeTa and HSUS are trying to take away pet owners’ rights.


I have to give Dog Fancy magazine credit for doing this, (even though it took several months)—as the AKC has decided to NOT further contest AB1634 re MSN and mandated “microchipping”–hey—could it have anything to do with AKC being part and parcel of the AKC COMPANION ANIMAL RECOVERY MICROCHIPPING  that AKC runs?  They don’t do it for free. OOPS, AR Levine has now (8/21/08) changed or attempted to change AB1634 again–and NOW AKC says they oppose AB1634 because they “don’t” trust Levine. You can never trust ARs, so why bother?

According to a “veghead” posting this is the explanation–

The classified ad contains a phone number for owners of new purebred puppies to call to receive a “free gift bag”. There aren’t any toys or pet food samples to be had, however: the number offers callers a “body bag” to represent the shelter pet killed when people choose breeder or pet store animals. From the PETA press release on the issue:

The recorded message explains the hard facts to callers: Buying a puppy means that a dog in an animal shelter loses the chance for adoption, which means that one more dog will be needlessly destroyed. Callers are also told to practice their ABCs—animal birth control—by getting their new dog “fixed” to avoid adding further to the canine overpopulation crisis. Callers are encouraged to adopt, not buy, their next canine companion. The ad is the latest salvo in PETA’s national ABC campaign.

Here a a few quotes from the apology by Dog Fancy, I apologize for not being able to upload it in a readable format:

…””  We apologize to all who have been offended by PeTa’s offensive and misleading stunt”   “But numerous organizations such as PeTa would like to take our rights away from us”  “We can’t support organizations that think the solution to the problem is to legally force all dog owners to give up their rights”  

“We don’t believe the government, whether it be city, township, county, state, or federal, should force you to have any surgical procedure done on your pets..nor to have them microchipped if you choose another form of ID”  “Nor to say you can’t breed a purebred dog if you truly feel it’s the right thing to do”  “PeTa , HSUS and others spend millions annually to promote LEGISLATION that will take away dog owners’ rights…”

ALL OF US know that PeTa is nothing but a sham organization dedicated to allegedly “saving” animals–but the truth is– they don’t save any animals. Especially not dogs or cats.  In fact they would rather KILL them than have PEOPLE own them. And they have continued to do so.  Let’s face it, ARs have to use SUBTERFUGE  because the public is TIRED and getting WISE to their  BS.

So when PeTa rants about “needlessly” dying shelter animals, that is a complete misrepresentation and fabrication– since needless indicates that “because” a person bought a dog, a shelter animal died. Or in other words, IF the owner had NOT bought a dog, the shelter animal would LIVE?  Be serious. That is the absolute most idiotic thing I have ever heard and it gripes me to hear such stupidity over and over.

That one sentence ALONE shows how absolutely insane AR people can be. Like they even care about any shelter animals. BIGGEST LIE OF THE CENTURY.  Now if they just admitted that their REAL goal is to just USE animals in order to achieve their goal of NO ONE owning them—that would at least be the TRUTH. Instead—–they have continued to lie, manipulate, and employ every KNOWN tactic ever invented–nothing is too scum bag for them, nothing is off limits, nothing is too LOW. I see it as prostitution of animals, and nothing more.  One doesn’t turn a whore into a queen by calling her a different NAME. And  PETA—don’t ask what kind of fur is used for the doggie doorbell in the picture because frankly, it’s none of your business.

to hear the Video on the news……..

2 thoughts on “DOG FANCY MAGAZINE – sets Record Straight—PETA on Fraudulent Ad

  1. Why are people angry at Dog Fancy and not at PETA? PETA is responsible for the misleading advertisement. To my mind, it’s fraudulent of PETA to advertise a free puppy pak and then not produce it. Sue those money-grubbing, puppy-killing suckers.

  2. Not sure exactly who paid for the advertisement, but clearly it was intentional, aimed at dog owners, and sent out the PeTa directive with no puppy pak deal; that is not only misleading, it is a misrepresentation to me. IF anyone is actually mad at the Dog Fancy mag, it could be those that thought Dog Fancy knowingly allowed the ad in the misrepresented state. That I don’t believe.

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