Absurd Animal Rights-HSUS, “Felonies”+ Now “Selling”?

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Orig. published 2009….

The animal rights faction pushed or “helped”  by HSUS is now saying back East (.. think it’s ILLinois)–that ear cropping on a dog is prima facie evidence of animal abuse, a FELONYIn other words you can’t defend against the charge because evidence of having   cropped ears equals guilt?

And then we have the accusation that horses taking tourists around Central Park amounts to “animal abuse”? AND now “selling or giving away” is ABUSE– but NOT if a non profit does it???  WTH??!!  Folks– we are not idiots. We have read the law for decades.

Why does there appear to be a definite and heightened pattern to these things?  Why would a horse pulling a wagon be abuse?  Why would cropped ears on a dog be abuse?

We don’t stop people from getting tatoos, having their bikini waxes, or electrolysis hair removal, plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, any type of cosmetic surgery, dental veneers, liposuction, or many other procedures like hair implants, and other procedures that are not only somewhat risky, but are not related to health?

Yet animal rights extremists “believe” that tail docking is abuse?  Ear cropping is abuse?   But it’s NOT abuse when they wack off the testicles?

And it’s not abuse to do invasive surgery to remove a uterus?  Plenty of studies show that altering pets leads to a shorter life span, more aggression for females, and little or no change necessarily in aggression for males.  Those are all material effects upon the pet.

It’s gotten to the point that animal rights extremists are not even in the ballpark anymore.  There are many procedures that can be done to animals but not every single one is a CRIME, and not every one should be DECIDED by the NON-OWNER.

ARs say it’s not abuse it’s not. IF they say it is–and now they are saying that selling animals is abuse–then the time is here–and we must stop this nonsense before it’s too late.

Animal rights extremists (like HSUS) want to DICTATE TO EVERY PET OWNER: [For examples, see Lousiville KY post here on Petdefense]


How to feed, when to feed, what to feed, how to exercise, when to exercise, what temperature is allowed, what type shelter is allowed, what crates are not allowed, what tethering is and isn’t allowed, what size leash is allowed, what type of restraint (if any) is or isn’t allowed, what type of fencing is allowed, what type of confinement if kept outdoors is allowed, what type of flooring is allowed, what type of bedding is allowed, what type of vet can be used, what type of documents must be filed when one goes on vacation, what vaccinations are required when removing a pet from a kennel, what documents/permissions are needed to go on vacation without your dog (which is not altered), what pet sitter is or is not allowed, what dog trainer is or isn’t allowed, what shock or non shock collar is or isn’t allowed, what choke chain can be used, what treadmill can’t be used as exercise, what outside surfaces can’t be used for exercise yard, what size rocks can and cannot be used for kennels, what size doors/gates are ok and not prohibited, how high the fencing must be for a kennel, THE LIST IS ENDLESS.   And who are the idiots that keep making these ridiculous lists?  It’s called:  HSUS, where no regulation, no rule, no law is too much for them.

SERIOUSLY FOLKS………. the time has come to say enough is enough.

Animal rights extremists have proven that they are not only completely off base and completely irrational, their methods are so fraught with insanity and overreaching that they amount to pure dictatorship, far  exceeding any rational relationship that any government might even think of…..AND  HSUS IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!   http://humanewatch.org  <—-Click if you haven’t read the 7 Things you Didn’t know About HSUS.

8 thoughts on “Absurd Animal Rights-HSUS, “Felonies”+ Now “Selling”?

  1. Amen.
    Thanks for your post. I honestly believe your (our) sentiments are in the majority, but we need way more people speaking out before we lose all of our rights.
    Please keep writing from this common sense point of view.
    all the best,

  2. Thank you, please help us by joining the Crusade Against HSUS, and Passing It Forward. (See post on right side or just search the column) We have already calculated how many people and how many copies we would need. It’s very helpful if you can forward the Join the Crusade post to a minimum of 10 and ask the 10 to do the same. Also posting on newspaper forums, other blog sites, forums and groups or craigslist and Kijiji. KIJIJI is good because the hsus junk is on there already (in the pet section) There is also the backpage online. You can also make a free blog and put it on there and post that. We have found that by posting on a community bulletin board, (in person or online) people are always shocked to find these things out. Everyone knows someone who has a pet. HSUS also doesn’t want birds or reptiles owned. Thanks again.

  3. I posted a link on my blogroll for your page, I don’t have as many visitors as you do but I am hoping this helps. All of us need to band together & work on a bigger project to make people more aware of what is going on, the TRUTH, not the pitiful HSUS ads.

    I got terminally scr*wed when they got in on the Kennewick Eskimo Rescue, I had 68 of those dogs & not ONE RED CENT from HSUS, although they did offer to ship a couple off to a kill shelter, after telling me that they were a private sanctuary, once I insisted I was going to drive the dogs where they were going myself personally then they kept changing shelters & each one I would call was either a high kill, or had no idea the dogs were supposedly going to them, eventually I told them to p*ss up a rope & gave up hopes of ever getting ANY of the money the country donated for their care.

    It should be noted that it was our local shelters & Humane Societies who footed the bills, in Washington & Oregon & helped me with a good deal of vetting for the dogs as well as a few private donors. Oh & yes I still have ALL the emails…

  4. Wings over the Rainbow needs your help. Without warning, the HSGD and HSUS walked into Wings Over the Rainbow in Moraine Ohio on May 10, 2012 and seized all the birds along with items that were not on the warrant. Birds that were being boarded there were also seized.
    The greater Dayton area is flooded with parrots. In the past three years, Daytons major employers left or folded. This started a chain reaction. Driving down the streets, anyone can easily see that about 40% or more of the commercial buildings are now empty. The people these businesses employed are losing their homes, and worse. There was a dire need for a bird sanctuary before this, due to people buying parrots without understanding their needs, and this just made the situation worse. WOTR was turning away birds, but also losing financial support which had come from the people who had owned businesses or had been employed by those businesses. The building to which WOTR had moved was owned by a man who did not keep it in repair, and the waste management company did not keep the dumpster in repair, which is asking for trouble in a neighborhood which already had a problem with vermin. WOTR decided it would have to move, and had found a place to go–but that deal fell through just recently. WOTR had other places to try to get as well, but landlords, like the rest of the people here where unemployment is far more than the national average, are not ready to take a loss..Through all of this, WOTR managed to give excellent care to its birds, care that exceeded what the laws dictate. They did this through human sacrifice and devotion, not by cutting corners on bird care, Deborah gave hundreds or hours of community service by tirelessly going out and educating people on bird care and responsibility. Deborah standards for bird care are high.
    When the HSGD raided the sanctuary without warning, without asking about things they thought were amiss, without attempting to help WOTR fix whatever it was they thought was wrong, The birds were netted and put into dog and cat crates and taken to an undisclosed location where most are still being kept in them instead of in bird cages. These kennels do not offer proper ventilation or proper light (because that is the nature of a carrying crate designed for small mammals). Five of the birds were reported dead the morning after the raid, which is more than have died at the sanctuary in the past several years. Birds do die from fright. 
    Criminal charges were brought against the sanctuary founder for abuse and torture of companion animals. These charges assume that she is the one who damaged the birds, and ignored the fact that the birds were in far, far worse condition when she rescued them. This woman has spent countless hours educating the public about proper bird care and is well known for her expertise. She will be proven innocent of wrong doing. WOTR accepted the worst of the worst birds, some nearly dead from abuse, torture, or neglect. Many were mentally ill from their experiences before they were rescued. All were given what they needed to recover and be rehabilitated.
    There are more sad details when you consider the owners whose birds HSGD refuses to return, including Deborah’s personal ones…
    No one who was not involved in WOTR could possibly understand how horrible it is that Deborah is being treated as a criminal. Ohio law requires that the owner of seized companion animals pay for their care while the court case is being settled. The HSGD told the court that they were spending $78,000 per month to care for the birds. This figure included the value of the crates the birds are being kept in, food, and toys that had been donated as well as $8 per hour to pay volunteers.  The judge recognized that the bill was far higher than necessary, and ordered only $35,000 to be paid. However, a person who managed to get his pet back from the Humane Society (after they had kept it 51 days) was charged around $3000 for its vet care, which had also been included in the $35,000 (and was unnecessary because the bird had just been to the vet before the raid). The amount or $35,000 is far more than the monthly operating budget of WOTR, and, because the raid, the store which supported WOTR was closed. The sanctuary immediately began earning funds, planned fundraisers, and is well on the way to getting the 10% required by the bondsman.
    On July 3, WOTR learned that the Humane Society will be permitted to dispose of the birds unless WOTR can pay the entire $35,000 by July 5. The lawyers were shocked, because this would destroy the evidence that the birds were being properly cared for when they were seized. Fact is that WOTR is a 501(c)(3)in good standing, did not break any laws and gave the birds care far superior than required by law. Fact is that a fair jury will see that WOTR is innocent and that WOTR is badly needed in the Dayton area because so many birds are in trouble. If WOTR can earn $35,000 by July 5, the case can go to trial and WOTR can prove its innocence, at which point the money will be returned to WOTR. If the money cannot be raised by July 5, at least 5 pets will be disposed of along with the other WOTR birds. We do not know why the rescue was shut down unless HSUS was fed misleading information. WOTR did not break any laws. This is why some conclude that the whole thing was to raise funds for the HS. However, as you may be aware, there are some in the bird community who believe their way is the only way, and also people at animal shelters who haven’t a clue about parrots. In October last year, a HSGD person walked in and told Deborah to tear out the carpet (which was in the store side of the building) and to hang mite protectors on the cages. She tore out the carpet. They did not contact her again.
    WOTR has not been given the opportunity to defend itself. They are getting help from Paul Leonard, former Lt. Gov. of Ohio and Deborah is getting help from Dennis Lieberman as her defense attorney but i fear it might be too late for the birds as they only have a couple days to come up with the 35000 or lose all of the birds to the HS. What the HSUS did was wrong and Constitutional rights were violated. People will lose their pets and evidence destroyed before WOTR will have the opportunity to go to trial.

    Please , any advice or help would be appreciated. 

  5. Because we are not licensed in Ohio, we cannot give legal advice for Ohio. If it was in CA we could.
    However the law in Ohio should have been researched instantly when the seizure took place.
    In CA there is usually a hearing on the forfeiture, and most owners cannot afford to pay.
    If the legal protocols were not done correctly, the defense should have ex parted the issue
    with 24hr notice, or no notice, if it was in CA. An illegal seizure should not lead to loss
    of animals, and criminal defense attorneys should have been able to look up the forfeiture
    provisions for that locality. If you find a local atty that will work with a CA atty pro hac vice
    let us know. We have worked the Tellings v Ohio case, and Colorado federal cases, and others.

  6. So, would that mean that these dogs would then be unadoptable because of the legal risk to any new owner also? So they would be euthanized because of an ear crop?

  7. IF owning such a dog means a felony in that jurisdiction then the owner owns the dog at its peril.
    If convicted of felony the dog would be seized.

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