HSUS Runs “Ebay Classified” PETS,Warn People

Join the Crusade Against HSUS Anti-pet Laws+Pass It Forward!

FYI………….Ebay selected HSUS to be on their  Kijiji    now known as Ebay Classifieds  pet sites across the nation. Of course it’s plastered on every page….We always try to direct people to humanewatch.org but the laws are getting so out of control (where every animal sold must be altered before you buy it) that it will come down to suppression of animal sales across the country.  It may make sense for shelter animals but expensive (purchased) animals are not usually found in shelters.

The PET Discussion boards  (Ebay Classifieds) could use more anti-HSUS blurbs since most  Ebay people buying dogs and cats etc don’t have a clue about HSUS……. would target news blogs in major cities where the anti pet laws are going. Not everyone has that much time so that’s why I suggest the targeting.


Have gotten some decent results from CL also, despite the flagging. We have some followers that post this site which I am sure adds to some more informed people. And as always, Endangered Owner blog always reaches thousands………….. It must work because the ARs are trying to respond in greater numbers but the policy is not to allow AR rants. We glance at them and trash them.


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