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HSUS is again congratulating itself on helping kill off another 100+ dogs, many of them allegedly pups and just born pups.

Because the dogs were allegedly part of a case involving a person who was sentenced to supposedly at least 8 months in jail, isn’t that a non -felony term sentence?  Most felonies I have ever seen are a minimum of a year’s sentence. With good behavior in CA state (not Federal) that would end up to be a four month sentence.  But it took HSUS 3 years to get it.  3 years to kill over 100 dogs.  No wonder HSUS wants DNA testing of pitbull dogs, it’s a MUCH faster way to kill them!

But to get back to HSUS. 8 months sounds like a plea deal to me.  In any event, Caveat (http://caveat.blogware.com) has links to other writers talking about the try to salvage some of the  dogs. Unfortunately the dogs (even pups) were all killed.  So HSUS spent 3 (three) years on taking this particular person down. 3 years.  What this shows me, is that a lot of donations to HSUS are going toward long investigations that sometimes result in plea deals, and sometimes they result in acquittals.  It appears there are acquittals with HSUS involvement,  even where all the dogs are/were immediately killed. 

Thus the question is, when these witch hunts keep going, and property keeps being destroyed, is it “OK” simply because the dogs are ALLEGED to be so-called “fighting” type dogs, or is it “OK” because it is alleged the owners are “selling” them for that purpose?

Can anyone show us  a law that says it’s fine and great to destroy property implicated in any crime where that property is needed in order to convict, and that property itself is actually not illegal in and of itself?  In other words, the alleged contraband is not an illegal substance, or an illegal drug, or counterfeit money? hu-illegal

Apparently in Louisiana there is an ordinance that claims seized property is called contraband and it can be immediately disposed of because it IS contraband; and in NC, the judge stated (from reading news reports) that the dogs could all be killed because their regulation says that dogs seized in a dogfight operation are considered dangerous dogs, and they have a rule that says dangerous dogs can all be killed. HMM. But the dogs were not killed until the defendant was alleged to have been sentenced.  WOW–HSUS didn’t manage to KILL all the dogs BEFOREHAND?  Ask yourself:  WHY NOT???? 

As I have stated on here, I am not in favor of dogfighting and not a dog breeder. Yet the know it all in WA state has people that claim anyone who stands up for any pitubll type dog must be:

“…But why are so many websites dedicated to “responsible pit bull ownership” safe harbors for these people? Its interesting how so many people on these forums will rant and rave about Michael Vick…he was ghetto trash, and amateur, not a real “dogman”. The simpletons involved in “pit bull rescue” have convinced themselves that the dogmen were “gentlemen”, and that they treated the dogs “like family”….that they had a true “love for the breed”.

“The people involved in pit bull advocacy are either outright criminals…dog fighters….or they are back yard breeders…or delusional young women with emotional problems who are willing to overlook sadistic animal cruelty as long as the dog fighter claims loyalty to the breed. If any of you posters have ever seen a pit bull dispatch another dog in an unprovoked attack, (I have) you will know that the excerpts from that book are CORRECT.”

Let’s get one thing straight. The Farons published the book with quotations from other people re dogfights. When the Farons published the book, obviously they knew it would call attention to them or whoever was publishing it.  But publishing such a book doesn’t necessarily make one guilty.  So if the person was actually convicted because he was found guilty, then that’s one thing. I still say 8 months is not a felony sentence.


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