WHAT “GROUP” HELPS KILL over 140 Pups+Dogs? HSUS

Join the Crusade Against HSUS+Anti-Pet Laws!–>Pass Forward!

What group uses 4 letters for their name? HSUS

What group just helped get over 50 100 140

 more than 140 dogs+pups killed all at once?





And….How many thousands killed overall?

HSUS is Animal Rights, just like PeTa- 

especially if it looks like a terrier.

http://tinyurl.com/bo2y33  (this is from a blog which has the words animal rights in the title)

Excerpt below, by someone with some sense:

“What’s “special” about this case, however, is that the HSUS “rescued” these animals from a dogfighting operation, used this “victory” to solicit donations, and then turned around and actively campaigned to have the dogs they “saved,” killed. Despite the HSUS’s resources and the willingness of *other* animal rescue groups to step in and help.””To add insult to injury, supposedly the reason these dogs were killed is because they were former fighting dogs, and thus too vicious to adopt out.

But what of the puppies who weren’t born until *after* the rescue? They’d never been exposed to dogfighting (and related “training methods”) at all in their short lives. Yet, they were killed anyway.””It’s outrageous. The HSUS ought to be ashamed. In the case of the puppies, they can’t even claim to have had their “welfare” in mind (i.e., the HSUS is a welfare, not rights, group).”         

Posted by Kelly G. on 02/19/2009 @ 07:12AM PST


Of course it’s outrageous. But even more so for all the HSUS raids in the years past, where no one bothered to even give a second thought about any behavior testing, and the owners were not found guilty OF THE  alleged “crimes” HSUS tried so hard to bring?! 

What the above poster said, is all correct, except for the one part about HSUS is a “welfare group”—HSUS only CLAIMS to be a welfare group.  HSUS is an animal rights group that PRETENDS to be animal “welfare.”   

No animal welfare group would knowingly kill pups just born, at least I do not think they would.  Except PETA and HSUS. And both groups are animal rights, one is just the DIVERSion for the other. HSUS is the lobbying arm, Peta is the distractor.

Below is a free HSUS brochure, you can send to everyone which tells the truth about HSUS hidden agenda…………..





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