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Animal welfarists…do you think HSUS wants to “help”  animals or animal rescues??????  Look closely at the law in OK proposed below….NOTICE that “rescues” are not exempted……….this is typical of most laws pushed by HSUS.

 This can all be seen here, on the legislative page, and is analyzed by attorneys which go over all of the proposed wording…..  http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=3737

The AKC is disappointed that although the bill’s sponsor agreed to address concerns about this measure voiced by the AKC and its federation prior to bringing the measure to the floor, these discussions have not yet taken place.
Provisions of HB 1332 would:

  • Duplicate existing federal laws and also require that anyone who is a breeder, person, firm, corporation or other association that qualifies and is certified as a breeder, dealer, animal rescue, out-of-state dealer/breeder, shelter, or retail pet store that sells, gives away, or transfers a cumulative total of 25 or more animals of any age in any one (1) calendar be subject to licensure and inspections that mirror USDA standards. This includes all animal rescue organizations that utilize foster homes if they transfer more than 25 animals per calendar year, but excludes all shelters.
  • Provide for warrantless search and seizure by poorly-defined enforcement personnel. The measure states, “Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry personnel and agents shall have the right to enter the premises of an individual or facility and conduct inspections.” The bill language does not define an “individual”. This appears to leave the door open for those that do not qualify to be subjected to unwarranted searches and seizures. The legislation should state specifically that inspections/searches pertain to only those that are applicants and/or licensees……. HB 1332 as amended cannot solve the issues of producing healthy pets for consumers and eliminating substandard breeding practices.
  • 2/6/09…. the Colorado House Agriculture Committee voted to table indefinitely House Bill 1172, which sought to strictly regulate dog breeders. HB 1172 would have: limited the number of dogs a person could own to 25, provided the Commissioner of Agriculture with extraordinary rulemaking powers, and have infringed upon privacy rights by allowing inspections of breeder’s facilities at any time.

    Below is a free HSUS brochure, you can send to everyone which tells the truth about HSUS hidden agenda…………..



    Below is just an “example” of how many proposed laws keep popping up across the USA–often sponsored or started by HSUS and friends.  As we can see, there is NO LACK of such proposed laws.  This does not stop. It just keeps going and going and going.  This is what HSUS does with donations, in addition to their political lobbying, political media marketing, obtaining key poltical positions to get their AR agenda in place, expensive TV media advertisements, websites, Celebrity endorsements……by using pics/videos of “poor” little doggies and piglets…………..  

  • UPDATE: Illinois Breeders Bill and Crop/Dock Bill to be Redrafted
  • UPDATE: Indiana Breeders’ Restrictions Bill Heading to a Floor Vote
  • URGENT: Oklahoma Measure Would Restrict Movement of Breeders and Allow for Unreasonable Search and Seizure
  • UPDATED: Hearing Set for IL Breeder Licensing Bill
  • UPDATED: Hearing Set for IL Crop/Dock Bill
  • UPDATED: BSL to be Removed from NM House Bill 667
  • Rottweilers and Pit Bulls Targeted in New Mexico BSL
  • URGENT: Responsible Indiana Dog Owners/Breeders Needed to Help Stop Breeders Bill on February 11
  • Maryland Alert- Breeders Bill to Be Considered Thursday, February 12
  • New Hampshire Bill Restricting Sale of Litters to Be Heard February 11
  • Maryland Alert: Strict Breeders Bill to be Heard February 18
  • Breed-Specific Bill Introduced in Hawaii
  • Nebraska Alert: Strict Breeders Bill to be Heard Tues., Feb. 3!
  • Mandatory Spay Neuter Bill Defeated in Virginia
  • Minnesota Alert: Breeders Bills Up for Consideration on Jan. 27
  • UPDATE: Montana BSL Legislation Soundly Defeated
  • Florida Mandatory Spay/Neuter Bill Introduced
  • 5 thoughts on “HSUS $$$ HELPS PUSH MORE ANTI-PET Laws,Even v RESCUES

    1. Heres another log for your fire.

      Peter Singer wrote the animal rights “Bible”. He also did what is being called “contempt for humanity” anti human activity. Disability-rights Activist Stephen Drake said it best when he said “Singer gives a rational veneer to what is actually a genocidal agenda.”

    2. Hi, I’m back. The press won’t do anything about this because the big wheels protect Singer. I understand that Singer went through some agonizing and unbearable pain in his life. Does that give Singer license to destroy American institutions? Do you keep someone in your group unchecked and out of control just because he’s in your group? Do you promote someone in your religious group whos trying hard to kill everything in the name of evolution? I hope these words are carried out to the people who can make a difference.

    3. Reminder to everyone–please tell 10 more people about HSUS. If you don’t have time then at least tell them about hurmanewatch.org.+ask them to pass it forward.
      I have not personally read his books but I know some have talked about it and I have not verified it. I don’t like to buy AR books at full price, since they believe they can make $$ on selling animal books but we can’t make any $ by selling or buying an animal because the animal is alive and the book is not. That right there signals a problem since I don’t see anywhere a law that says a dog is a pig is an ant or whatever, and while I am around, will continue to work toward leaving it that way. Animal are property even if we treat them great. To change that would create an unmanageable tenet that would bring down some consequences we cannot even envision. Like the statute re “crush” videos as drafted, can make Bami or the 7 Drarfs illegal. Those types of problems.

    4. Carl Marx talked about property. How no human should ever own any property. Of course that is hard core Socialism. I think thats whats going on at least partly. To be honest theres so many groups paying HSUS it’s really hard to tell whats what. I do know if you want to know what someone is like then read what they read. The whole Singer deal is that Humans have put themselfs far above animals. That humans aren’t above animals. Singer has been under the gun for years. Be sure to check your library for any of his 18 books. He’s currently hiding in the church.

    5. LOL I don’t want to buy his books but for us, as long as it’s a bad law against animals, it’s bad no matter where it came from 🙂

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