Which Animal Welfarists Dumbed Down re HSUS?

 Join the Crusade v HSUS Whitewash+Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!———>

OMG I can’t even believe I was actually reading downright ridiculous sentiments about HSUS and how they “help” animals!!!  You absolutely must read Gina Spadifori’s Pet Connection page…..

http://tinyurl.com/dzzyhp  (link to PC page) and she isn’t the only welfarist that thinks HSUS will “change”….of course HSUS won’t change. http://fortheloveofthedogblog.com/  (Losing faith in the HSUS article)  HSUS has already likely killed thousands of dogs in the past years, but only publicize the bigger cases. [I know of at least 600 dead dogs]

I HAVE NEWS FOR ALL THE WELFARISTS:    HSUS is ANIMAL RIGHTS …and apparently,  the welfarists cannot see the forest for the trees. As you will see, the “outrage” doesn’t even enter the PICTURE until HSUS’ BLATANT AND PURPOSEFUL  continued pattern and practice of KILLING dogs, again and again and again, year after YEAR, happens yet again.   HEY GS–what animal rights boat or plane delivered you?! It took the Vick fighting dogs to make you realize every single bully dog doesn’t pop out ready to fight? And you write books on dogs?!  HSUS says that the dogs they raid are all preprogrammed to be fightin’ dogs and that’s that!

Since when does HSUS qualify as ANIMAL WELFARE? 

HSUS IS NOT, NOT, NOT animal welfare.

Below is a free HSUS brochure, you can send to everyone which tells the truth abotu HSUS hidden agenda…………..


They (HSUS)  may try and help seals, whales and foreign foxes. That’s not animal welfare either…….it’s actually animal rights……… THEY DO NOT advocate to actually help save homeless pets, despite their propaganda. Rather, HSUS tells shelters to kill animals after they have been there 72hr. Especially large shelters. HSUS advocates for MSN. Or didn’t we know that?

HELLO????!    HSUS  helps PASS Anti-Pet LAWS AGAINST animals, and against animal rescue groups, and of course, against animal owners, kennels, breeders, and the entire gamut of pet commerce. HSUS does not believe animals are property.

 Hence HSUS garnered Best Friends and Last Chance for Animals to push “dontbuypuppies” URL, and to tell everyone that no one alive should buy a puppy. Ever. Same for ALDF, the head honcho says the exact same thing. DON’T BUY A PUPPY. They are all part of the same HSUS advocacy.

This is a very PRIME example of how a mainstream BOOK WRITER—and a person who believes it is “ok” to buy a dog only from a “reputable” breeder—- categorizes  HSUS—-WRONG. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Spadifori is SO FAR OFF BASE it shows she knows almost nothing about animal rights!!!  Apparently SHE has been dumbed down, and doesn’t want to upset the big $$$$HSUS  $$$$  cart. The big HSUS “can change” baloney….   I can’t believe people are so naive—-book authors ought to know better, especially if they publish syndicated national news columns.  I’m sorry, but this has gone WAY WAY TOO FAR.

——->   This is why GS claims HSUS can and will change….”Because there’s more support to be gained and money to be raised by supporting saving animal than killing them.” 

—->   Sure, there’s $$ to be raised for giving the “APPEARANCE” of actually saving, while in the background, HSUS is actually PUSHING anti-pet laws?!!!  WOW.  Get with the program.  <———————–

I have news for you GS.  The HSUS has been killing animals (USA pets) and advocating to kill shelter animals 72hr after they arrive in shelters; HSUS does not want rescues to take dogs/cats, nor does HSUS like “offsite” adoption sites; HSUS does absolutely nothing for the pets in the USA, except to advocate for MSN, anti-pet laws, and to bankrupt rescues. In OK and many other states CURRENTLY–HSUS+friends help propose laws  which are against animal rescues (local and out of state) in their laws–if 25 pets are adopted in a year, they will fall under Federal law/or be under a NEW duplicate law, and be subjected to search/seizure law—–no warrants needed. 

GS does a horrible non-service to the animal welfare community in claiming HSUS does admirable things for animals. HSUS is the ultimate in hypocritical spending, advocating, and lobbying; furthering the demise of well bred animals. Nearly 99% of HSUS drivel is nothing but propaganda, propaganda, propaganda.


Methinks the likes of G Spadifori’s writings have purposely ignored the HSUS lobbying for what it is …ANIMAL RIGHTS….my opinion is, don’t buy into anything written by G Spadifori.  Anyone who can’t see the forest for the trees is dangerous. And wrong about HSUS. So very, very wrong. Kind of like badrap rescue killing unborn dogs of pitbulls+advising owners of pitbulls to have them put down by their vets if  owner can’t find them homes, but still saying that HSUS should test alleged fightin’ dogs? Huh? Now we have the do as I say, not as I do program. Now you know why animal rights is insane.


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