“If a person fails to comply with a code of practice they will not be liable to proceedings of any kind, but failure to comply with several provisions may be used in evidence to support a prosecution for animal cruelty.”  Just out from the UK news…..      or    rebellion-pets13

OK everyone–who knows what this MEANS? 

This means, IF HSUS is allowed to DICTATE the rules, and LAWS that pet owners must go by–then the above paragraph is what is going to happen to YOU…US…Pet owners……Pet Breeders….and who knows what other pet related businesses????

It’s already happening NOW because HSUS is going around the country DOING this exact thing.  I already wrote about the 10 commandments by the ARs last week……..  the “no buy”, “no breed”, “adopt adopt adopt” etc etc………….and NOW this…………..and just as I had predicted, they tell you when to feed, when to excercise, how much, why don’t they just tell us all how to wipe our asses?



  1. Yep, the U.S. version is coming..a/k/a “P.U.P.S”…the question is, will dog owners and breeders unite and defeat it…or allow the HSUS to dictate how to breed, raise and care for our dogs???
    I’ve always been a fightin’ gal myself.

  2. Right and it is disgusting………..but not enough people understand the ramifications. The “Thou Shalt” kind of makes it more clear as to what is being done to us—so maybe the public can see for themselves?

  3. Peta/HSUS is the New Nazism and the BBC is playing right into their hands. I thought you would find this email from the BBC interesting. I recently complained about the BBC film Pedigree Dogs Exposed and the decision of BBC to not broadcast Crufts-here is my complaint :
    I have lost all trust in BBC after your bogus and slanted reporting that was made worse after your Nazi like demands on the Kennel Club concerning the broadcasting of Crufts.I had expected BBC to not fall prey to the ulterior motives of groups like PETA but I was wrong. I must boycott BBC and I will ask my readers of which I link to 8.3 million to do the same.Shame on you, you have made the lives of reputable breeders who have devoted all their time and resources to breeding better dogs for naught.I am devastated that you could be so ignorant. I will never ever ever respect your business again ,ever.
    and the BBC response:
    Thanks for your e-mail about ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’.

    I was sorry to read that you were offended by the reference made in relation to dog breeders being like the Nazis.

    “The film-makers acknowledge that the link between the eugenics movement and dog-breeding is an extremely uncomfortable one for many, but it is nevertheless factually correct. It has been noted many times before and is supported by two top academics in the programme, Professor James Serpell and Professor Steve Jones.

    It was the horrific events of 1930s Germany that led to the eugenics movement being discredited. And yet, as the film details, eugenicist principles are still endorsed by todays kennel clubs. The film-makers believe the use of archive footage from the 1930s/1940s was, therefore, justified in order to make the point that the Kennel Club system, which has at its heart the pursuit of ‘purity’, perpetuates a philosophy that is morally and scientifically flawed.”


    Rick Miles
    BBC Complaints

    When did it become the BBC’s responsibility to monitor morality? Whatever happened to objective news reporting?
    I have emailed the Kennel Club UK for a response and I have also emailed the IAMS company for an explanation concerning James Serpell being on their Advisory Board.
    Prof Steve Jones is a proclaimed Atheist and Serpell has made many quotes that sound dangerously like Ingrid Newkirk. One in particular struck me from his interview on Animal Attraction:”We have to maintain a degree of separation, emotional separation, if you like, from these animals. We have to avoid getting too close, literally, too intimate, too involved, too knowledgable about the nature of that animal and its psychology and its feelings.’
    Don’t you agree that sounds like Newkirk ?
    I urge you to write Iams and question them on the appointment of James Serpell and I will post info on my blog as I get replies back.
    Love your blog,

  4. Dogs are not people and I don’t agree w/BBC (they are AR anyway+own 75% of Discovery Channel) no matter who says what. It doesn’t take a doctorate to know that purebred dogs have their share of issues, and they may be different issues than shelter, or re-homed dogs. However, they are still dogs, not people. And if re-homed dogs are 500% more likely to inflict a fatal attack (not going by breed)–I don’t think anyone can prove otherwise. So anyone on the HSUS Dummy Line better jump off soon….

    Anything stemming from the UK is suspect since that’s AR territory from WAY back. And their dumb 10 Commandments for Pet Owners is so outrageous, I don’t think people in the US are stupid enough to fall for it. Or maybe I’m wrong. Get off that Dummy Line!! (Too many ads with propaganda dumbs down the public, that’s why they are dummies)

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