HSUS Push:NO Animals in Petstore,no ANIMALS Displayed–see Below…

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, — South Lake Tahoe has moved one step closer to becoming the latest city to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats by pet stores. The city’s planning commission recommended approval of the proposed ordinance on a 4-1 vote Thursday. It now will go to the City Council for consideration.

Supporters say the ordinance would allow the city to do its part to combat puppy ‘mills’ – that the Humane Society of the United States considers to be inhumane. Information from: Tahoe Daily Tribune———————————————————————————Do not be misled about it just being “cats or dogs” as HSUS/Peta want NO animal, no reptile, no birds, no farm animals–no animals of any type, domestic, exotic, livestock–no animals sold, bought or traded. 

HSUS is pushing a new law (AB1122)— in CA claiming that NO animals can be displayed, bought, sold, traded,offered, etc, in any venue, highway,public right of way, street, parking lot (commercial), swap meet, flea market, parking log, carnival, boardwalk or any outdoor special sale HSUS is attempting to make a penal code violation specifically for TRANSFERRING, AS A COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION, A LIVE ANIMAL IN CERTAIN PLACES.

The way the law is written, it appears a volunteer dog handler group could not display dogs  which needed new homes–at a park or outside a pet store.  Neither could dog trainers, vets, groomers, or anyone who had a pet business IF IT WAS NOT A 501(c)(3) corporation.  Do you see how this would work?  It would actually take out many of the possibilites of finding homes for animals at offsite locations!

This is just ONE of the HSUS’ steps toward eradication of the ability to buy/sell/own dogs/other pets. Using the “belief” that people might “sell” dogs,cats,birds or other animals in public—and not be “regulated.” 

 What that means is that if you wanted to re-home a dog, you would be forced to go inside another person’s home, or they would have to go to your home. Rescues without 501(c)(3) could not transfer animals. Not all rescues have 501(c)(3) status since they are not large enough to warrant the corporation. Farmers’ markets could not sell baby chicks or chickens, birds, or small lizards or box turtles for example.  If you wanted to re-home your parrot you could not meet a prospective new owner at a pet store outside, or at an outdoor mall or standalone store of any kind, outside.  Volunteers could not show animals if they did not have the 501(c)(3) corporate status.  People don’t forsee these things, but HSUS helps to purposely draft these regulations like this, so that they can be used to take down people–not help pets find homes

When animal rights groups like HSUS start pushing laws (and they are doing it in 20-34 states even as we speak) then you can imagine what the alws would be like if PETA formulated the laws?  Well HSUS is no different. HSUS just does not use the overt antics, but goes behind the scenes to do lobbying, media wars, political pandering, and money mongering. 

HSUS is nothing more than a self perpetuating ANIMAL POLICE FORCE WHICH HAS APPOINTED ITSELF AS THE DRAFTER OF ANTI-PET LAWS IN EVERY STATE,  self appointed kennel buster, self-appointed animal control, self appointed “dog” expert by employing criminals, self appointed Celebrity-wanker by donating Awards and giving Media hype to Movie stars that donate $$$$ to HSUS.

Like Paris Hilton [allegedly donated 100k to HSUS],  007 Pierce Brosnan [has donated millions to many groups, including Peta/whaling ship people of Sea Shepherd] and  Carrie Underwood [who will donate to HSUS when American Idol people get kicked off show] and many more. 

HSUS has no love of cats since they often tell others that feral cats should all be killed because they are “predators” and because they kill birds outside? And HSUS already kills dogs and pups (they just killed over 140 dogs including about 60 pups, some even yanked out of foster homes!)  

HSUS does not own or oversee any shelters. HSUS just tells other people (who operate shelters) what to do.  HSUS does not know very much about the breeding of dogs, whelping, or what is associated with it. What HSUS “knows” is that they don’t want PEOPLE breeding animals, final answer.

HSUS has NEVER accounted for the $34 million taken in for Katrina pets. HSUS has accounted for maybe $7million. Where is the accountability? Katrina was in 2005.  Only in 2007 did HSUS supposedly give grant money to LSU and to some shelters. And that didn’t make up the difference. Yet it has been stated that the Louisiana Atty General investigating it, closed the case without disclosing how such funds had been dispersed, whether or not HSUS had proven the funds were actually spent on Katrina.  Coincidentally, HSUS in 2005 and later years, started “merging” or conglomerating with other AR groups to expand their money and reach. Such $$ from Katrina could have easily been papered as “spent” on specific items, when in actuality they were not.  It is very, very doubtful that anywhere NEAR 30million was spent on Katrina. If it was, we are SURE that HSUS would have publicized the expenditures. D oNOT trust HSUS because HSUS misleads the public using YOUR DONATIONS!! 

 HSUS is getting away with murder. Killing dogs, pups, fleecing the public, and then having the nerve to make ANTI-PET LAWS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Both Louisville KY ordinance and the PA state law HSUS pushed are NOW in Federal Court lawsuits over constitutional issues.  When HSUS pushes pet stores that cannot market any pets, that also will result in lawsuits.  Wait and see. DO NOT DONATE TO HSUS AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND PASS IT FORWARD. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

5 thoughts on “HSUS Push:NO Animals in Petstore,no ANIMALS Displayed–see Below…

  1. I work for Petland, and as I’m sure you know, Petland is one of the ones getting hit hardest by the HSUS right now. They filed a class action lawsuit claiming we sell puppy mill puppies, which we do not! If we know of a substandard breeder, we work to shut them down. However, we too believe that clean, safe breeders should be able to do business. And people should be allowed to own animals as pets. The HSUS is only a fundraising machine, with barely any of the money going to actually help animals. Unfortunately, not very many people know this.The HSUS is a huge organization, and the few of us that do disagree are usually quickly silenced because we do not have the manpower HSUS does. Fortunately, we at Petland are are working with some others to form the Society of Responsible Pet Owners in efforts to fight groups like the HSUS.

  2. Count me in. I was willing to even stand outside your store but couldnt find anyone else with the guts. And I am aware that hsus puts innocent people into their alleged mill videos. I would love to help you and have some others as well.

  3. Glad to hear it! This is just in it’s beginning stages, but we will keep you informed. Let us know if there is anyway we can work together now to get the message out.

  4. It’s absurd to claim the HSUS is against having animals as pets. This organization advocates for basic standards of care, a reasonable requirement for large-scale commercial breeders who make a huge profit churning out puppies. Petland claims it has developed humane care guidelines for its breeders, but the USDA has no record of such guidelines. And the conditions at puppy mills the HSUS has busted over the past 12 months would turn your stomach. Shame on Petland.

  5. For Hillary at HSUS Don’t you have anything better to do? What turns our stomach is watching H$US take donations from the dumb downed public and then turn around and use that $$ to devise ANTI-PET LAWS across the United States in the effort to categorize every single animal breeder, seller, buyer and user of any animal, as an abuser.

    HSUS is treading on thin ice with their deception and hidden agenda. HSUS’ admitted goal is to reform and over regulate the pet industry, the pet commerce, and see no animals every born in the future. This is not a protection group for animals, it’s simply an animal rights group with tons of $$$ set on taking away the pets/animals from people, because HSUS doesn’t LIKE people owning, using or having pets or animals. It doesn’t matter what misleading media HSUS puts out—it’s all a bunch of nonsense in the effort to make the public follow and adhere to the “lifestyle” of animal rights. Every single anti-pet law is purposely drafted, devised, and concocted with simple words, having multiple meanings, exceptions, and application.
    Your lawyers are disgusting to be working on such laws and having the nerve to call it protection. Protection means only one thing–PEOPLE are not to interact with any animals unless HSUS claims it’s good enough. Every single element of every law devised by HSUS is nothing but a single effort with the same hidden agenda—make it “LOOK like EVERYONE is doing what HSUS claims they are doing” –but the reality is, nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s simply MEDIA propaganda purposely done to gain $$$$$ from innocent people who like animals and aren’t smart enough to figure out how Animal rights works.

    It will be my life goal to show the HSUS hidden agenda to anyone and everyone. And HSUS won’t stop us.
    WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. DECEPTION IS NOT HONESTY. MISLEADING IS NOT TRUTHFUL. HSUS IS NOTHING BUT A CORRUPT ORGANIZATION FOOLING A LOT OF PEOPLE BY USING Photoshop sob stories, even children, to pimp off the HSUS hidden agenda. There is NO right way to do the wrong thing. Using subterfuge is lying, and you have been bamboozled along with the others. Too bad you aren’t smart enough to figure it out. And you can tell your leader we said it.

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