H$U$=The Madoff of Animal Rights???

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Are you one of the “welfarists” that keeps buying into the H$US Animal Rights nonsense, even where H$U$ now has over 180 ANTI-PET LAWS set up for 2009 across the USA?

Are you one of the people that actually *believes* that H$U$ loves shelter animals and wants to get them homes? Are you one of the people that *believes*  H$U$ actually  is  “saving”  cats/dogs  from being killed? Do you *believe*  that H$U$ can prove they spent all the millions of Katrina donations on the Katrina pets, where a criminal investigation had to take place because people complained their pets were given to “adopters” because they were better people, and the complaint ended up being swept under the rug? Do you actually *believe* that H$U$ is NOT Animal Rights, but is helping protect cats/dogs/birds/reptiles for owners??!!

If so, you have bought into one of the most misleading media campaigns for Animal Rights in the USA—just like Peta. Peta kills 90-97% of all animals they take IN–so they can “save” them.  Isn’t it a little strange that animal groups have to keep killing animals in order to “save them?” 

  Do you actually *believe* that H$U$ prints all that eye candy, glossy brochures and calendars with puppies and kittens on it, because H$U$ wants to $AVE the animals—or is it done in order to take your hard earned $$money$$ and draft Animal Rights Laws across America without people noticing?  So H$U$ can  force ANIMAL RIGHTS LIFESTYLE CHANGES by *changing* the animal related laws, by implementing MORE PENAL CODE SECTIONS??  By creating NEW laws and letting H$U$ run/influence the afflicted Department instead of Dept. of Agriculture?

[If you don’t know what Animal Rights lifestyle changes are, there is a post on this site that explains it, but basically it means being forced into  a vegan and the vegan lifestyle of no animals and no animal products in any way,shape,form and where legal rights are given to animals so that human rights are not paramount to animal rights ]

 You don’t *believe* that H$U$ keeps defending and upholding the killing of animals,  using shelter animals as a ploy to raise money, using pitbulls for same reason, is against “NO-Kill”, has consistently advocated for the killing of dogs such as pitbulls (such as the Michael Vick dogs, despite using the plight of the dogs to raise money for H$U$ themselves! and despite claiming that H$U$ does not advocate for BSL);  and far more?

Then read what Nathan Winograd, author of Redemption,  the champion of No Kill sheltering— says about H$US http://www.nathanwinograd.com/index.php?s=fighting+no+kill+san+francisco: [all emphasis added by Petdefense]

“There is also reason to doubt HSUS’ sincerity. Regardless of what HSUS says at the meeting or even publicly, they ultimately cannot be trusted to act in a manner consistent with their promises. After all, the support and participation in the Wilkes County massacre comes after HSUS publicly stated that shelter killing is needless and shelters are not doing enough to save lives.”

“Their defense of it reverted to old patterns of blaming pet overpopulation and even suggesting that we cannot ask shelters to be more humane, because they’ll just do a worse job. ”

“According to HSUS, if you “impose” the “burdens” of being humane on these shelters, “they may decline to intervene in criminal fighting cases, allowing the dogfighters to continue to operate.” In other words, HSUS believes we can’t ask more of shelters because if we do, they’ll just decide to be even less humane.”

“In addition, their defense of the needless slaughter of almost every animal at the Tangipahoa Parish shelter last August which claimed the lives of over 170 dogs and cats came after they promised a “new dawn” of animal sheltering in that region.”

“And despite a “pro-TNR position paper” they published in 2006, HSUS officials said they “didn’t have a problem with humanely killing a stray cat” in April of 2008 after Randolph, Iowa officials announced a bounty on them, offering residents $5.00 for every cat they rounded up and brought to the shelter to be killed. (HSUS supported the plan to round up and kill the cats, but not the process suggesting that people might get bit by cats if the cats were not professionally trapped. They then backpedaled there, too, after a massive public outcry, suggesting it wasn’t a good idea either way. Sound familiar?)”

“In addition, even Pacelle’s announcement of the meeting suggests a diversionary tactic. The issue which needs to be addressed is not, as he misleadingly claims, a discussion concerning dogs “victimized by dog fighting.” We are all in agreement here. The scourge of dog fighting must be ended. We need to pursue and punish dog fighters with all the resources we can muster. The issue is what to do concerning dogs victimized by HSUS and shelters after they have been saved from dog fighters.”

  Nathan routinely will comment on H$US and is far more gracious with them than he needs to be, but this gives you an idea of just how BAD H$U$ really is………and notice, Nathan never says H$U$ is animal rights. Nope, he just mentions they are completely hypocritical, and using every event they can to raise $$ for themselves, and that they advocate for killing animals. Well that pretty much defines Animal Rights, because that’s what they do. Kill animals.

Want to see more?   http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=775 (below)

 “Hoping we’ll all forget about the puppies killed, HSUS also writes that, “No organization has done more to attack and harm the dogfighting industry than The HSUS.” Despite the “We’re Number 1” bravado, HSUS’ logic in support of the killing comes down to little more than this: According to HSUS, they had to call for the death of puppies who were born after the seizure, who have never known aggression, and who, in some cases, were raised by loving foster parents because some of the other dogs in the same seizure were aggressive.”

“In making such a ludicrous argument, HSUS ignores the whole point of the criticism: it wasn’t a question of whether a dangerous dog should be put up for adoption no matter how hard HSUS pretends that is what this is about.”

” It was a question of whether the decision that any of the dogs were truly dangerous was made after the dogs were individually and fairly assessed. It ignores that there were puppies killed who posed no threat to public safety, that there were rescue groups willing to provide needed support, and that HSUS has the enormous resources to intervene in a life affirming way, choosing instead to champion the dogs’ death.”

” It ignores that the experience with the dogs in the case of Michael Vick undermined everything HSUS thought it knew about the nature of dog aggression.”

” Like in this one, it was HSUS which led the call for mass killing of those dogs after Wayne Pacelle falsely claimed that “Officials from our organization have examined some of these dogs and, generally speaking, they are some of the most aggressively trained pit bulls in the country.”

“In fact, following their actual assessment, only one dog was deemed too vicious to save. In overruling HSUS, the court concurred that most of the dogs were rehabilitatable…………and TWO ARE NOW THERAPY DOGS…….”

Even more, this one about Peta (Ingrid Newkirk) where Nathan even calls Ingrid the Butcher of Norfolk! Because Ingrid openly admits, YES Peta kills animals, absolutely, when they don’t find homes. And in 2006 killed 97%, 2007 killed 91%, and 2008, Peta killed 96%. 7 animals were adopted, 34 went to another facility. The rest of the 2,216 taken in were killed by Peta.  

As Nathan says: “As if that was not shameful enough, others go further and actually embrace her. The groups which organize the Animal Rights Conference inducted her into their Animal Rights Hall of Fame. Wayne Pacelle and HSUS have allowed her and her pro-killing apologists to give workshops at their national conference, HSUS Expo, to promote PETA’s ghastly vision of killing” http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=907


PD:    We can tell you why Peta is allowed to continue on their merry way of killing animals, in part anyway. Mostly because Peta is bait in order to try and catch the people who espouse Peta’s theory, in burning down and harming people. In other words, terrorists. The same animal extremist terrorists that Animal Rights people claim shouldn’t go to jail for conspiring to burn down buildings or blow up towers/bridges.  Those people.

Well now…… it was not Petdefense that said all of that about HSUS…..even Nathan W. says it.  Anyone with a brain says it.  Petdefense just tells the truth because there is no need to hide that part in relation to Animal Rights’ Hidden Agenda.    It was Nathan, and as usual, he is nice about it.  We don’t think there is a need to be nice about it, because we already know what is going on, and it surely isn’t NICE. 

The bottom line, the TRUTH: H$U$ consistently puts out both misleading and contradictory statements, and ALL of it is done in an effort to mislead the public into thinking that H$U$ is *helping* animals.

NO———> H$U$ is helping themselves, helping Animal Rights, and making Anti-Pet laws across America.  That is what H$U$ is doing.  H$U$ is about Animal Rights.  H$U$ is about making horrific Anti-Pet LAWS across the USA, and making the entire country bow down to the STANDARDS THAT H$U$ SETS UP.

HSUS is now the main AR group pushing Anti-Pet Laws across the USA. If 180 laws aren’t good enough, they will probably file 350 next year.  If we don’t stand up for our own rights, we will be rolled over by HSUS.

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