H$U$ Ludicrous Nonsense re APBT “Training Team”

 ANYONE who “believes”  the Humane Society USA (H$U$)  and their hypocritical actions re pitbull type dogs needs to read this…………….

Back in action, H$U$ has “recovered”  from welfarists heavily criticizing the HSUS-led recommended KILLING of dogs and PUPPIES, where pups were even yanked from foster homes,  where H$U$ claimed H$U$ had nothing to do with Judge’s order……………

WELL …….. how do we like these apples, then?

H$U$ NOW says that in Atlanta, on 3/14/09,  H$U$ launched its “Pit Bull Training Team”, which allegedly has weekly dog training classes available to kids at high risk of becoming “involved” with dogfighting.

H$U$ now announces that, despite recommending that seized dogs and PUPPIES (not whelped yet) all be KILLED, and yes, all 140-150 were actually killed,  and not bothering to temperament test any of them, not even at the request and  expense of 3rd parties—————>  According to the H$U$, the team “is expected to not only rescue dogs from the horrible world of dogfighting, but to also teach young men and women how to use positive competition and training skills….” blah blah blah.

SO WHY are we CRINGING at the HYPOCRISY of such a ridiculous statement, program, etc, from H$U$?

Did not H$U$ just say, several weeks ago, that puppies not even WEANED needed to be killed, and all the dogs in fact-150 of them- were wiped out all at once, including puppies—because they were “raised”  for killing?  Did not H$U$ make up excuses as to WHY such dogs all HAD to be killed, and made that recommendation to have such dogs killed, and in fact, Judge ordered all such dogs killed?

Did not HSUS Airana (or however you spell her name) testify in court for HSUS,  that rescuing/rehabbing a dog seized from dogfighting costs $190,000 EACH to rehab?  And that she got that from “Best Friends?”

OH—I SEE…………….so if it costs $190,000 per dog to rehab, but HSUS says now (3/14/09) they will be rescuing dogs from dogfighting, just how can that be done— if it can’t be done for the dogs that were killed, but now it can suddenly be done by HSUS dog training team?   HUH?

SO-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-……………………………….WHY does H$U$ then come out with the “Pitbull Training Team” when H$U$ advocates to kill all such dogs anyway, just like H$U$ DID in the Michael VICK case

And where H$U$ stated that H$US had possession of such Vick dogs, when in fact, H$U$ did not have the dogs, and according to Nathan Winograd, breached a promise with the AG and took photos of H$U$ people [wearing H$U$ logo shirts] with the dogs—against the agreement previously made?

The actual “thought” of ending fighting of dogs is not the issue.  We all know that H$U$ wants to make $$$$ from using that ploy.

We know full well that “ending” dogfighting is the TOOL, the MEDIA marketing item USED by H$U$——-> to gain $$$. Just like commercial kennels, just like undercover videos, just like having OPRAH, ELLEN, and celebrities all PUSH the alleged animal “protection” theme of H$U$ !!!  We are ALL being played/punked by H$U$ as a bunch of saps so stupid that we would all buy into everything H$U$ keeps pushing.  Perhaps H$U$ believes we are that dumb, because even now, welfarists still buy into H$U$’s crap.

 Every single event, every piece of news that comes up that can be USED to gain $$money$$ for H$U$, is usually quickly implemented as a “free” marketing tool by both Peta and H$U$.  But H$U$ is exceptionally deceptive because it will be completely contradictory.  So one day H$U$ will say kill ALL those dogs, then one day it will invent a program to save all those dogs, and makes sure to publicize it, to APPEAR as if H$U$ really “cared” about those dogs.

The truth is H$U$ only cares about the Animal Rights lifestyle and if H$U$ can use a program to advance that Animal Rights lifestyle, they will definitely do it. 


Can no one SEE the very obvious TACTICS H$U$ uses?????

Can no one SEE the OBVIOUS HYPOCRITICAL agenda H$US uses to gain $$$$+ to gain donations, to gain $$$$, over and over and over???    http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=765  Even Nathan Winograd had heavy criticism for the acts of the Animal Rights H$U$—but we  have long been telling Nathan to NEVER believe H$U$ simply because H$U$  is NOT to ever be trusted, since  H$U$ is ANIMAL RIGHTS.

 And we know what Animal Rights (like Peta) does—they kill animals so people cannot own or abuse them?

How much LONGER will people be dumbed down by this H$U$ crap? Surely by NOW the H$U$  has clearly, via H$U$ pattern/practice, consistent hypocrisy, and misleading/deceptive acts, shown H$U$’ true colors, true NON-credibility?  H$U$ has set up in motion, just THIS year–over 180 NEW laws based on Animal Rights, in 34 states. And next year it will likely double that number, if the past is any indication. [HSUS pushed more than 80 state/local laws prior, and has doubled that number this year]

To support H$U$ at this point, and call yourself an animal “welfarist” at the same TIME–indicates a huge lack of intelligence.  Jump off that wagon while you have time.


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