We basically DONATE all our time and do not get paid by anyone. So–*Please help us * SPREAD THE WORD   See below for information.

What you see below is just the BEGINNING of what is going to be made available to Pet Advocates……[see below on how to order]………….. for advocates working to publicize the truth about HSUS and Anti-Pet Laws, we will  offer  these wholesale, and you must purchase a minimum of 5. Very inexpensive and should last at least 5 years in the sun (on your vehicle)

The point is to spread the word, tell a friend, and get other people to join us. These are decals in white which work well on tinted auto/truck windows, or even other windows. Approx size is 5×6″ and they are highly visible. [The pic shows the black so you can see what it will look like against light black tint]  We will also have the same style with PETA instead of H$US.  We have tons more planned, as we don’t have a shortage of bad truths done by Animal Rights!!

The bottom line is that KILLING animals does not save them, and BAD ANTI-PET LAWS DOES NOTHING TO HELP RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS.  NOTHING.

HSUS and Peta+ other AR groups,  Claiming everything is “abuse” is nothing more than Animal Rights Lifestyle being forced upon the public and we aren’t taking it any longer!!!

Due to the vociferous and extreme amount (180+)  of Anti-Pet laws pushed by HSUS+cronies, just in 2009 so far,  and due to the consistent misleading stories, hypocrisy, the killing of dogs and puppies where some of the very young pups were even eb-hsus-dec-ok1


 yanked out of foster care, and thanks to HSUS pushing Anti-Pet laws against both responsible dog breeders, owners, and even animal rescues, in an attempt to stop them from using foster homes by severely limiting the numbers of animals in the home, and forcing everyone to obtain a commercial kennel license, or to be considered a kennel if they were to have more than “several” animals, and thanks to HSUS helping push the horrific law in Louisville KY where Plaintiffs had to resort to Court litigation, and thanks to HSUS passing laws in PA which target commercial dog kennels and interfere unfairly with interstate commerce,

……and thanks to HSUS being the big mouth AR spokesperson for a bevy of AR Anti-Pet laws, and AR Anti-Pet groups, closing down Petstores based upon their allegations that almost ALL animals were purposely raised in abusive environments and showing the worst examples on video to make the public think that ALL animals in fact came from such environment [which is not true],

and thanks to HSUS USING OPRAH and ELLEN, where OPRAH was pushed into “adopt, adopt, adopt” by Animal Rights, and where OPRAH’s  “adotped” dog has already DIED of parvo and her second adopted dog is barely alive, we say this is more than enough, and enough is enough and we are sick, sick, sick of HSUS and its crap, and deceptive and hypocritical campaigns. hus-pup-jpg






And this same thing will be published every single week until HSUS is shown for its truth, which is Animal Rights, and Anti-Pet Laws.  And for those welfarists that want to keep supporting HSUS you can go fly a kite because you must be brainless to “NOT get it.”

You cannot create change by doing nothing. Remember the ARs work 24/7 on making our lives miserable.

 To get your decals you must email petdefense@yahoo.com and tell us which one you want and how many. [Please note that any harassing or threatening emails will be turned into the FBI]  We sell them in the Pet Advocate Store online and we only use Paypal (which can accept nearly all credit cards)…we have sold/bought merchandise since 1989 in retail, and for 9 years online. Everything is guaranteed or your $$ back.  If you have Opposition to Anti-Pet items you would like to sell, we can help you list them online and sell. They have to be approved due to some restrictions online but in most cases we can do it.


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