Join the Crusade Against HSUS Anti-Pet Laws+Pass It Forward!–>

Do YOU still believe that H$U$ is “not” Animal Rights?

Do YOU still think that ANTI-PET laws are drafted by anyone other than …………..ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS?????  Do the laws mentioned below all deal with alleged “commercial breeders?” aka HSUS ‘puppymills?’  HARDLY.

MANDATORY SPAY NEUTER across the USA IS VERY EVIDENT ! And breed discrimination is there!  Calling for higher insurance based only on breed!

 Excessive limit laws, laws targeting BUYERS of animals, laws targeting EVERY source of animals, laws targeting RESCUES that use foster homes, laws targeting INTACT animal ownership, the list is endless!  It is quite evident that H$U$ is trying to tighten the noose so that it can catch EVERY ‘bad’ apple by penalizing the GOOD PEOPLE WITH PETS. Getting children to be “neighborhood” watch snitches. Pimping off kids as spokespersons to the legislature. Using animal rights in elementary education. It hasn’t and will not stop. Not when Animal Rights extremist agenda uses a facade to pull off their Hidden Agenda. 


Below is just a SMALL Updated Sampling of Anti-Pet Laws Across the USA, most of them are drafted and pushed by HSUS (H$U$)


For example, Oaklahoma law punishes rescues/out of state shelters; California law stops the –“display” of animals in public places; MSN galore, multiple states, including large cities; PITBULL OWNERS–NOTE THE OREGON LAW!!!


  •  [click here to see list and to be able to read notations]

    Urgent Call to Action – Oppose NY State Docking Bill



  • CA SB 250 Amended, Set for Hearing – Opposition Needed!
  • Alabama Spay/Neuter Bill Introduced
  • Texas House Committee to Consider Harsh Breeder Legislation
  • Indiana Update: Two Bills to be Heard on Tuesday, March 31
  • Update: MSN Language Removed from Florida Bill!
  • Florida MSN Bill to be Considered Tuesday, March 24!
  • Montana to Hear ‘Animal Hoarding’ Bill on March 19
  • Nevada Bill to Terribly Impact Responsible Dog Breeders
  • UPDATE: Illinois Bills Held For Further Amendments
  • Washington Alert: SB 5651 to be Considered by House Judiciary Thursday, March 19th
  • West Virginia Bill A Radical Attempt At Limiting Dog Ownership
  • Arkansas Seeks to Require Annual Licenses of Up to $1000 for Dog Owners and Handlers
  • Texas Mandatory Spay/Neuter Bills Introduced
  • Oregon Bill Increases Insurance Standards for Pit Bull Owners
  • URGENT: Illinois Crop/Dock and Breeder Regulations Bills to Be Heard on March 10 and March 11!
  • North Carolina Bills Aim to Regulate Breeders
  • Vote Postponed on Chicago Mandatory Spay/Neuter Bill

  • UPDATE: Proposed Amendment Would Improve Oklahoma HB 1332, but AKC Remains Gravely Concerned About Several Points
  • Update: Maryland Rejects Restrictive Breeders Bill

    These laws serve only one purpose. Animal Rights.





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