Which “welfarist” Can’t see the Forest for the Trees?

This is what Gina Spadafori, one of the authors of  Pet Connection blog,  said when AB1634 was being forced on CA by Animal Rights:

“Why are we still listening to clueless animal-rights activists, a game-playing dis-elected professional politician and an attention-seeking former game-show host?”


Our QUESTION to Spadafori, who is supposed to know “pets” having authored numerous animal books for …………..WHY  can’t Spadafori figure OUT that HSUS IS Animal Rights, and instead insists that HSUS does wonderful things for animals and needs to be commended for coming down on “puppy mills?”

HSUS is NOT to be commended for coming down on “puppymills.” “Puppymills” are not a defined term, but simply an Animal Rights slang for substandard kennel operations that are not managed reasonably in some instances.

Commercial production of animals–, if we are to believe that there is a 5.5 MILLION potential new owners every single month, where such owners want new pets, according to PETFINDER, the largest online source of rescued, rehomed, and re-sold “puppymilled” pups probably anywhere online——must get a production criteria in order to sell the dogs.  That means in a business, you aren’t going to raise just 10 dogs, you’re raising hundreds of dogs.  Anti-cruelty laws are already in place in nearly all states.

If different states lack the personnel to oversee such production kennels, does that make HSUS  a saint?  Does that mean it will give those states more $$ to OVERSEE the kennels? 

The plain answer is NO.  Suing the Hunte Corporation and Petland was done for  several reasons: [Yes, we did read the “conspiracy” complaint filed by HSUS]

1.  To gain donations for HSUS and to make the public think HSUS  “really wants better dogs” for pets for people. A joke.

2.  To gain publicity for HSUS after comglomerating with other Animal Rights groups to gain the needed donations to cover the huge expenses of media campaigns like Prop 2 in CA which cost HSUS over $8million bucks.

3.  To eliminate the ability of the consumer and buyers, so that obtaining a dog online, or from breeders, or from anyone else becomes more expensive, more limited, and more over regulated.

4.  To stop the hobby breeders from being able to produce small litters, to make it overly expensive, and more red tape regulations. This is done by using “mills”  as their major media, then going behind the backs of the public, and passing Anti-Pet laws which actually affect small time breeders; further, by PURPOSELY PUSHING  badly drafted laws affecting ALL consumers/sellers/buyers—by trying to stop the transfer of ANY animal unless it’s done only in a specified regulated area, which does NOT include pet stores, but would focus on the HOMES/residences of people.  HSUS has already done countless sting operations and undercover buys targeting those selling dogs. Many owners end up giving up all their animals due to lack of funds to mount a legal opposition. Additionally, HSUS has Best Friends Animal Society to help re-sell the dogs.

5.  To help implement the 12 Step Animal Rights Plan, which has been around since the 1980’s.

Apparently Spadafori is neither informed, nor coherent enough to understand that HSUS leads a very deceptive media campaign, and implements the very popular methods employed by most advertising media strategists.

Not every dog must be hand raised and hand fed from the living room. Plenty of dogs raised for several weeks in production kennels can be worthy pets, without killing their owners, and without excessive cost.  Such dogs are not necessarily abused, nor are they necessarily lacking in any particular area.  Spadafori has done probably one of the worst disservices to the animal welfare  community by supporting the work of HSUS.eb-hsus-dec-ok                                                           

This only proves that Spadafori really does not understand Animal Rights, the agenda of Animal Rights, the media of Animal Rights, nor the 12 Step Plan of Animal Rights.

The deception, hypocrisy, subterfuge, and outright blatant deception campaign led by HSUS with 180 new Anti-Pet laws in the USA, just THIS YEAR—– speaks for itself.  Perhaps even Spadafori receives renumeration of some type to keep hyping HSUS and their rididuclous anti breeder campaign?

HSUS is the MOST damaging, misleading, dangerous Animal Rights group out there. Their subterfuge knows little bounds, their media manipulation is atrocious. And Spadafori’s nonsense about supporting HSUS–which IS Animal Rights—shows her true colors. Animal Rights pretending to be animal welfare.  We find that to be pathetic.  Peta is not the only one killing animals. They just do it more openly.  There is no difference.  Dead is dead. Bad laws kill more animals. Bad laws further the fleecing of the consumer by taking away choice. No one forces anyone to buy a dog. But Animal Rights wants to force everyone to “adopt, adopt, adopt.”  That is WRONG.  Obama got a 6mo old “re-homed” dog that was causing the former owner’s first dog grief; in other words, the first dog was not taking well to the 2nd dog. That is common when the first dog is used to being the only dog. So now the Obama’s have a male re-homed purebred Portie water dog. Let’s hope it doesn’t bite the kids.


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