JOKE: ARs Claim “Ethical” Agenda=Mainstream

The fallout of Proposition 2 is here. Proposition 2 of CA which forces husbandry changes of elimination of battery cages for chickens? 

 Which H$U$ did on TV by showing pigs,cows, other animals–not chickenseggies

ARs are talking about Spain giving LEGAL rights to monkeys, AR classes in law schools, pigs/chickens on farms (called factory farming by H$U$). 

Proposition 2 is seen by ARs as the animal rights law in CA that was part of a push in Europe and the USA to GRANT INCREASING LEGAL RIGHTS TO ANIMALS.  

It is admitted by ARs that Peter Singer, the author of  Animal Liberation, the key AR book from the 1970’s,  is credited with giving ethical application to animals…that is, human morality to animals. In other words, he gave Peta and HSUS a push for the basis for animal rights (AR), not animal welfare. 

Of course the ARs always argue that slavery (no rights) and women’s suffrage (no rights)  all were overcome, and that animals fall into that exact same category.  That owning a pet=slavery and therefore is abuse.  But DO HUMAN categories mean the same thing as to animals, and should it even apply to all animals, insects, fish, reptiles, birds, rodents, etc?   Even where such animals might be for production, not pets?  Must all farm production be considered in the same manner as pets? 

….. Must every animal used for production be considered in the same light as a household pet?  Must every animal raised for sale, even as a pet, be raised prior to sale under the exact conditions/rules that Animal Rightists insist on, + keep pushing

….Are all children raised exactly in the same exact conditions? Must all children be raised by two heterosexual individuals?  Must both parents be the same race with the same brain I.Q.?  Must all children go to the exact same pre-school and only travel in air-conditioned cars which automatically regulate temperature?  Must all parents be the richest, smartest, wealthiest with the largest homes?  Must all parents be without criminal convictions, and do their daily exercise?   Must all parents feed only food from holistic grocery stores, served in glass (not plastic) containers, be ardent eco-recyclers, invest only in sustainable ecology, drink only water from non-plastic water bottles,  only wear fake leather, fake fur, and eat at only vegetarian restaurants? 

1.  Have all animals, including production animals, been over-humanized to the extent they get the same human law levels–that they need mandated air conditioning, tons of free space to run/move, designated time for exercising, designated “approved” food, designated approved “training”, designated names? Where ear crop/tail dock is a felony? Where 4th amendment search/seizure don’t apply because H$U$ says it doesn’t? 

2.  Where Peta and H$U$ just use one excuse after another for calling everything “abuse, abuse, abuse” and morphing such tactics into the Hidden Agenda to just get rid of animal breeding? Displaying? Owning?  Yep.  

Slavery, women’s rights, gay rights, prisoner’s rights, and NOW animals are placed into this category—by Animal Rights Extremists.  The problem is that all of the aforementioned “categories”—- are human categories. Except for the animal category.

ARs then say,  that the main difference from times past is that ANIMAL RIGHTS ARE NOW FIRMLY ON THE MAINSTREAM ETHICAL AGENDA……………………  which means HSUS is “mainstream?”

3.  HSUS is NOT mainstream—but HSUS is trying to be—so they can AVOID the label of *ANIMAL RIGHTS*……..

4.  The majority of people want to see pets and animals treated reasonably. However, the agenda of Animal Rights does NOT have that same design or agenda.

Animal Rights simply does NOT believe in the use of animals, animal products, animal ownership, animal breeding; and they most certainly do NOT believe in the ability to PROFIT from selling an animal, or animal product.  Therefore, breeding or selling of animals and animal products is NOT on the Animal Rights agenda.  In the case of HSUS, it is most definitely a HIDDEN AGENDA since HSUS attempts to use misleading tactics to hide the fact that HSUS is ANIMAL RIGHTS.  Recent proposed laws by HSUS advocates are putting rescue groups in with commercial breeders, with pre-inspections, inspection fees, and licensing fees of anywhere from $250-$1,000 per year, every year. 9mo jail time and $10,000 max fine, or both for no license. 

5.  The OBVIOUS truth by HSUS’ actions are the Anti-Pet Laws that HSUS has drafted this year alone. Are 180 Anti-Pet Laws enough? Can HSUS” credibility even be considered as worthy of consideration, given their hypocritical, misleading and even deceptive tactics and fund raising problems with criminal investigations, loss of charter (CA), failure to tell the truth, using ex felons with ALF beliefs to kill thousands of dogs and puppies, only to use the same as a FUNDRAISING TOOL????

 Or are you one of those that believes no dog should be in a kennel, that every single dog needs to be bred, whelped, and  raised only by a small time breeder with less than 10 dogs, in an expensive climate-controlled, blueprint specs required, multiple septic tanks required,  $3,000 permit required, specially built housing, background/criminal/civil law judgment check required;

……… where Animal Control has 100% discretion to turn down every applicant, with no due process to review allegation that “abuse” has actually taken place, where the government may come and search/seize all animals at any time of the day and night, without any prior notice,  that no videotaping of such Animal Control investigations can be filmed, or risk arrest/criminal record; 

……… that no one should be able to buy a dog unless it comes from such a breeder, [that is, a *non-commercial* heavily regulated  breeder?],  regardless of what price it may cost, and regardless of the exhorbitant fees charged to BE one of those breeders,  and that people without the funds for such dogs, kennels, permits—- should never be entitled to sell, much less own —-a pet because they can’t afford the ultimate?

6.  Well—if you are in that category, guess what? You have just joined Animal Rights.  Because that is what Animal Rights is doing. Making it more expensive, more difficult, more impossible for the average person to obtain a decent dog.

Meaning, all mixed breed dogs of unknown origin are pushed by Animal Rights,  shelter dogs are pushed, re-homed dogs are pushed. But purebred dogs from any breeder are NOT pushed, and in fact Animal Rights will see to it—- that few and none can even be bred, raised and sold. That every single cat/dog /bird/rabbit/snake/fish/etc be “adopted”—not bought from someone, not traded, not bartered–but “adopted” from a 501(c)(3) Fed tax exempt corporation,  which HSUS+PETA are? Non taxed.

In that view, we can see Animal Rights clearly does not like purebred dogs, dog shows, dog contests, dog owners.  [It is a known fact that although few purebred dogs are actually filling shelters, Animal Rights claims that “breeders” cause dogs to go to shelters.] Aside from exceptionally popular, over represented breeds (Lab, GSD, APBT,etc)—most shelters are comprised of about 75%-85% mixed breed dogs, and dogs of unknown origin.

It is impossible for shelters to determine purebred dogs outside of clearly evident breeds like Chinese hairless or other exceptionally evident breeds; even then, mixed breeds can appear to be purebred at times, even if they are not.

Further, it is common for ARs, and sometimes the uninformed public,  to blame breeders for any purebred dog to land in a shelter, but that is ridiculous. There is a demand for potentially 5.5 million dogs per MONTH, according to PETFINDER , the online adoption site nationwide.

A dog acquired by an owner that may later surrender the dog to the shelter might be breaching the original sale agreement, but there are many cases where owners surrender dogs for varying reasons which have nothing to do with contract terms; in addition, any dog that is surrendered to a shelter is not going to produce offspring, if it is female. 

Therefore the argument that such dogs “contribute” to alleged overpopulation is nothing but propaganda in reality. Every euthanized female dog/cat  takes out the possibility of additional offspring. But Animal rights ignores that fact when they talk about alleged “overpopulation.”   However, PETA is well aware of that, which is why Peta kills 90-97% of everything it takes in. 

7.  The average pet owner is not that concerned with a show dog, they just want a pet quality dog.  But Animal Rights wants to  REMOVE  that choice. 

8.  Animal Rights is forcing people into taking dogs that are AVAILABLE— the choice of WHERE AND WHO AND HOW the dog came into being is being taken away!  AVAILABILITY will end up meaning == *Whatever Animal Rights SAYS you may have*—–because they are trying to make ALL of the laws affecting animals!!  In other words, the animals must come from shelters, be re-homed animals, or be third world country strays. NOT a purposely bred dog under any circumstance, NOT a dog from a pet store, NOT a dog from from your friend.

So many people do not understand that simple fact.  Do not be mislead by Animal Rights groups like HSUS.  HSUS’ goal is to eliminate choice——-> by making laws that eliminate choice.

By making  laws that FORCE people into the Animal Rights’ CHOICES ONLY. It’s that simple. 

 Don’t be stupid and buy into Animal Rights like HSUS UNLESS you actually WANT your choices eliminated. Not to mention your freedom in this country—to NOT be dominated by Animal Rights Extremists.

They aren’t called EXTREMISTS for nothing.


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