Obama Avoids Shelter Dog,Gets Purebred Re-homed Portie

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The Obama family finally got their new dog, a 6mo old Portie Water Dog purebred. They obtained the dog via a contact through the Kennedy family, when the 6mo old dog, which was obtained as a companion for another dog, proved to not be to the first dog’s liking.

That means the family gave the dog about 4 months to acclimate then decided to get him another home since the first dog was not taking well to the newer pup.  It was noted that the kids named the dog “Bo”, which normally, one would not name a dog; mostly because it sounds like “NO” and when you attempt to command using the NO word, the dog will likely get confused.

In any event, it was already known via inside sources that Obama was not going to take an unknown shelter dog, and not likely a rescue dog which might have an unknown background.  At least this way they know exactly what background the dog has experienced, and they know people who already have experienced the breeder’s other dogs.

However, congrats were NOT in order by most Animal Rights groups. For example, this was stated on the Manhattan Bird club forum:  “This decision to buy a dog from a breeder will be responsible for the upcoming deaths of thousands of animals in “shelters.” First because buying from a breeder will now be elevated and emulated, with him as a model..Second because the idea of saving an animal from a “shelter” will be degraded. Third because more animals will be bred by breeders. And fourth because more “bred” animals will eventually be dumped and killed.” [The dog was not actually bought from the breeder as it was given to them by Kennedy]

This clearly shows that Animal Rights just never stop saying the same things, do they? ‘One dog will cause thousands of deaths.’ These people wouldn’t know a home in the ground if they fell into it. 

Then we have the animal law coalition saying that…..

“By adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue as promised, President and Mrs. Obama could have signaled a need for change in the regulation of puppy mill operations that churn out puppies like manufactured goods in deplorable conditions.  More than 25% of these puppies end up in public shelters.

Now that is an outright lie, and there is no evidence that could even come close to that allegation.  but that’s how Animal Rights works. then Best Friends, the hypocritcial sanctuary which refused to take in 2 stray dogs, but will take in commercially bred puppies galore with their NEW PUPPY CENTER—despite Best Friends having the URL “dontbuypuppies.org,com,.net”, pointed to their SITE??????

Best Friends says….Ohrtman isn’t saying people shouldn’t get the dog they want. She’s just saying they should turn to their local shelter, rescue organization or Petfinder.com to find it.
“It’s not the kind of dog you get—it’s how you acquire it,” Ohrtman says. “It’s about making a responsible, humane, informed choice.”

What that translates into: DON’T BUY A PUPPY. Obama didn’t buy the puppy, it was a gift.  But if you BUY the same dog from Best Friends, or a different source, it’s ok. If you buy it from the breeder, you are scum according to extremists.   That is Animal Rights. That is Animal Rights Talk.  That is the Animal Rights mantra. And it will never end.

So congratulations to the new addition, and thank goodness they were smart enough to pick a dog where they could ascertain its exact history. Although technically the dog is a re-homed dog, hopefully the kids will be appropriately trained and it will not bite them.  Watching the dog on TV clearly showed it was not properly leash trained, but it appeared to be happy.


2 thoughts on “Obama Avoids Shelter Dog,Gets Purebred Re-homed Portie

  1. Why not adopt one yourself if you havent already. The dog obtained came from another owner that gave it up. would you rather it got turned into the shelter FIRST then have then get it? After Oprah’s parvo dogs, it was highly unlikely their dog would come from a shelter. And it was highly unlikely it would have been a shelter dog before that, due to animal rights extremists causing so much problems for animal control in many areas. When that happens, more animals die needlessly because AC mgmt doesn’t know what they are doing when they listen to animal rights. Animal welfare means saving animals. Animal Rights means killing them to save them. If you don’t understand that, then do more research and stay off animal rights sites which feed people nothing but lies. The biggest lie is that buying a dog causes a shelter dog to die. Anyone who knows anything about shelters/breeders knows it’s all propaganda. When people don’t pick shelter dogs, then people should realize those are the dogs they need less of–if consumers don’t want to pick them. Shelters are not pet stores. When shelters DO take seized commercially bred dogs, there are hundreds or thousands of people lined up, and it’s not because they feel sorry for them, it’s because they want to obtain it cheaper. If you call $300 cheap. or more.

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