HSUS-Pacelle Called Liars, Lying to Court

“How do you know if Pacelle is lying? Apparently it is when words are coming out of his mouth.” ~Nathan J. Winograd


THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH –AND WE GUESS SOME PEOPLE (meaning  some welfarists)— JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH…………Note carefully, Nathan very clearly used the words ‘misleading, falsely claiming ( twice), lied to the Court’…… see below:

“Once again, facts have a strange way of exposing Wayne Pacelle for the two-faced opportunist that he is. The transcripts reveal that the court was struggling with what to do with the dogs and at one point asked HSUS why killing them, as HSUS was recommending, was humane?”   *[PD Note: Misleading the Court by lying should prove immediately, that HSUS has no credibility]

” Not only did HSUS representatives mislead the court about the Vick dogs (falsely claiming none were rehabilitated), the cost to rehabilitate the Vick dogs (falsely claiming it cost $190,000 for each dog!), and about Best Friends offer of help (they offered to evaluate and then help get the dogs into rescue which was not conveyed to the court), they also lied to the court saying all the dogs posed a danger. To say that nursing puppies are a threat to public safety is very close to perjury in my view, and one that cost the little puppies their very lives.”  [Emphasis added]


OK–Let’s see if being “radical” is something that is attributed to Nathan Winograd. I can tell you right now, NO is the answer. People like to say that Pet Defense is “radical.”

LOL What is indeed RADICAL is HSUS+PETA+ all their killing/lies/deception/fake sob stories/snitch programs/illegal search+seizure/forfeiture!! Oh yeah +  Peta employees dumping rescued dogs in garbage bins/then getting off scot free.

Very few attorneys are focused on telling the truth about HSUS…..Nathan (who is a former DA)  spends a decent amount of time on HSUS because he recognizes the fallacy in the HSUS methods. 

We are not as nice about it because HSUS’s method amount to deception.  Deception should not be used to make laws, or to mislead Courts.  And that is what HSUS is doing. 

 When we consider that many legislatures do not consist of attorneys, we can see that without legal counsel, many of the hidden faults just go over everyone’s head.  But after reading SO MANY badly drafted (on purpose) laws by HSUS–there comes a time that OUTRAGE is needed—not compassion. 

You don’t use compassion when HSUS is using deception, because YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PETS, YOUR ANIMALS, AND YOUR BUSINESSES.

So if we see Nathan calling HSUS LIARS, and we see Nathan calling Pacelle an opportunist, damnable, liar, does that mean Pet Defense has been telling the truth all ALONG?

————————->  YEP <——————————-


And for the record……..we don’t care WHAT Pacelle or HSUS SAYS.  What matters is what HSUS does.


And if past conduct/present deception is any indication, we are betting on HSUS doing this:

1.  Giving JP Goodwin a raise and maybe even employee of the month

2. AH, the other HSUS employee that testified as to the $190,000 to rehab one dog, gets 2nd employee of the month, for saving HSUS’ ass and having the dogs all killed, so now they won’t have to spend $190,00 per dog!

3.  HSUS reluctantly issues some BS changes (on paper) about “temperament” testing dogs, but will then raid dogs (JP claims he has a list of 40,000) where there is no time to temperament test, no $$ to temperament test, and nowhere to house any dogs for such testing.  Such as when the Boudreaux dogs were all killed and they had to send that broad to New Zealand to live after she killed all of them.  After all, HSUS has no credibility, and really doesn’t care about credibility because it appears HSUS has gotten away with murder (dogs/bad laws)  thus far, the Katrina debacle, and much more.  So why start being honest now, this late in the game? NAH.  The money is too good.

4.  Best Friends will push media exposure for their hypocritical Puppy Farm Hdqtr apartments, cafe, and etc, [BF has the URL dontbuypuppies.com, org, net]—-but will take all the seized dogs that everyone claims are abused when in reality they aren’t all abused, however remember ARs say ear crop is a felony. Then when BF makes millions by selling out all those puppy dogs, HSUS will try and tone down the raiding temporarily to focus on a less controversial subject, like the Petland lawsuit, where they can drum up the conspiracy theory and make those stories about dogs being sick seem like reality, really, reality TV subjects.  We all know there are no sick dogs out there, and no sick puppies.  Ever.  Right!

5.  If and when HSUS gets another dog raid going, and if and when HSUS actually tests such dogs, they will hire people like Jessup who will probably fail the dogs on testing. After all, she did wipe out several already who she says didn’t make the grade. Hmm, if  your dog can’t act as a police dog, do you think we should kill it?  Well, at least she was honest about what she did, and didn’t make up a story about no room for testing. And it’s not like she’s never worked with such dogs.

6.  Since most of the public seem to WANT to believe that HSUS has a conscience, let’s shed some light on how people operate, shall we Sport? What happens is this:  When people are dishonest in their motives and agendas, they are not just *not credible*, but they have no veracity and no affinity for the truth–which is why they NEED to use deception to make headway.  By disguising such deception with photoshop type pictures, eye candy, manipulated media messages, and other artful but purposely contrived propaganda, they are able to operate as saboteurs, by just being skillful manipulators who have the chess board studied, and have–in advance–figured out the reactions of the average know-nothing member of the public.

It is then that such groups/individuals can operate within huge limits, and not be caught easily, because they think like criminals, maybe like the show criminal minds?  Criminals know exactly what they are doing, which is why they can fleece people. The sugar coating is seen and the victims take the bait.  The problem with HSUS is that it is far too over-confident.  But those who base  their powerhouses upon quicksand, lies, and deception will fall.  It is NOT possible to maintain deception (based on evil rather than good) and pretend it is being done for good. Not possible.  It can be done, but it cannot be maintained and sustained over time.  NOT when there are already questionable and errant scenarios afoot, which have been there for years. Some have the ability to say that we are almost always right, because it is true.  And it has been proven.  So when that day comes that HSUS falls, and it will, remember we told you so.  That day is coming sooner than HSUS realizes.  Interstate commerce, the Pet Trade, pets, and $42 billion isn’t going to allow HSUS to keep taking away economic sufficiency, jobs, retail businesses, and other commerce income related to agriculture and farming  because of wacked out head cases. [America is far too ruthless]

 Oprah’s parvo dogs came at a very opportune time, further cementing the Obama’s  purebred non-shelter dog, a wise decision. Now HSUS can’t use Oprah’s dogs to further adoptions, and can’t use Obama’s dog to further shelter dogs. And now we have the outrage at HSUS for killing puppies, and even Nathan calls a spade, a spade.  HSUS is nothing but a despicable, dishonest, manipulative, money hungry, power monger which preys on the weakness of those who think they are helping animals.  And then it has the audacity to pretend it is NOT Animal Rights.  The demise of HSUS is coming.


4 thoughts on “HSUS-Pacelle Called Liars, Lying to Court

  1. If the pet owners/pet businesses of the USA–not just dogs/cats, but all animals/pets–speak out— it would be the largest shout out, bigger than any other group. Right now it is split with agriculture, hunting, sportsmen, etc. Taken together as a cohesive, truth telling entity, it becomes clear. And there are far too many facts—how many facts do we need?

  2. Money and power is the bottom line to these people. They must be stopped. It is illegal to run a non-profit organization where its agenda is to strip away my rights as a tax payer. STOP THEIR TAX EXEMPT STATUS. Hit them where it hurts the worst! In the pocket book!!!!

  3. Bless you for this site. I hope and pray for the just come uppance of hsus, as an animal lover myself.

    Where can I get one of those stickers?

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