HSUS law re Comm’l Breeders Applies to Dog Rescues

As mentioned prior, HSUS has gone nation-wide to push drafted laws re commercial breeders, breeders, home based breeders, rescues, and owners, even shelters.

Well, here is yet another example of such a law, which includes rescues, as does the law for OK and WI  and likely many other states. This means inspection fees (which can and will go higher) for rescues, and it should be noted, nothing is stated in the law that any advance notice need be given. So if you have rescued dogs in your home, they can arrive AT ANY TIME during “business hours” when you are not there, to conduct a search of your premises?  The law says nothing about anyone giving permission to enter the residence.

Criteria for such rescue would be any rescue that gets out 25 dogs per year.  We did not see cats or birds or other types of animals listed. There is also a fee to obtain the licensing in advance, and there is an inspection in order to get the licensing.  Specifically, EACH dog is to be observed every single day by a caretaker. The licensing fee can range from $250-$1,000 per YEAR, dependent on the number of dogs licensed.  Automatically then, the license fee and the inspection fee already total $400.  The law is allegedly to stop commercial breeders, yet the sale of rescued/re-homed dogs appears to be there–just like we told you—-WELFARISTS—-

HSUS are Millionaires, and Rescues are Broke. Now they will be even more broke, subjected to MORE laws, and subject to un-announced search and seizure. Oh yes, the law also contains the clause where they seize your animals and you pay them for taking them, and related costs.

HSUS undoubtedly drafted this, or had HSUS’ hand in drafting.  TOLD YOU SO.  Also, they have rules for which dogs can be outside, what type of structure they must be in, what type of documents must be given to new owners, and a host of other stuff.

The very clear reasoning here?  HSUS is trying to stop the transfer of animals, whether purebred, mixed, puppy, old, doesn’t matter.  HSUS is trying to eliminate the sale, transfer and even rescue/re-homing of dogs.  HSUS didn’t bother to try for cats since so many are killed already, and HSUS could care less.  Just in case you wondered.

According to the law, failure to obtain the license in the first place may subject one to a fine of not more than $10,000, 9 months jail time, or both.



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