HSUS Animal Rights: Caught Red Handed


This in from Nathan Winograd, that HSUS was caught red handed, sneakily pushing BSL in Indianapolis ?  Read all about it:   http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=1023

“HSUS staff has been involved in Indianapolis working on an ordinance labeling all “Pit Bull-type dogs” as “potentially dangerous dogs” requiring registration and a permit, mandatory sterilization, a million dollar insurance policy, signage posted at each door in the home saying that a “potentially dangerous dog” lives on the premises, and other restrictions.”

And EVEN worse:  

 From Director of Humane Society Indianapolis, IN   

 to  W Pacelle, CEO, HSUS :

 “In all of my dreams, I never thought I would face the

prospect of fighting HSUS to protect dogs

and dog owners in our community.”



WELL, WELL………………..  The truth has arrived earlier than even hoped for.  Every single concerned pet advocate in America should be able to use this one.  Every single time HSUS gets caught, it simply “clarifies” its position.  But when you lie too many times, after awhile YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY. 

HSUS is criticized by animal rights liberationists, breeders, owners, trainers, and welfarists, including no kill proponents.    But some welfarists keep saying HSUS should be commended. 

Again, HSUS should NOT be commended for bringing down interstate commerce and impacting legal trade.  NOT in the manner it chooses to push laws against owners and businesses and then pretends it isn’t doing it?  This is a big joke.  It should not be commended for allegedly using the government to conduct raids and killing dogs, engaging in witch hunt type raids/seizures, and then selling such property because owners cannot afford to defend themselves. 



We are really sick and tired of seeing dumb-downed members of the public, keep touting how great HSUS is.  There is NO WAY that a group which has to use misrepresentation can be “great” or “good” or even “fair.”  A group that has to lie, mislead, use only eye candy puppy and kitty pictures to bring in donations, OPRAH and ELLEN, and all of that nonsense, is simply nothing more than an advertising, lobbying firm for making themselves more money. NOT actually bettering humanity. NOT helping real pets or real homeless animals. Let’s not forget Katrina $34million in, but HSUS can only account for HOW MUCH?

HSUS is More like seizing real animals, and “help” re-selling them. OR “help” killing them.  OR using forfeiture to “help”  seize property.  OR making bad, crappy laws on purpose to “help” implement the Animal Rights 12 Step PLAN

Example of how HSUS fools and misleads the public–this is someone who actually claims HSUS believes in keeping pets (rather than eliminating them in the long run):

“HSUS doesn’t want to BAN pets, they sell PET accessories on their website and information on how you can keep your pet. and HSUS is against puppymills! So if you’re against HSUS then you support mills.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Here we have the dumbed down, non research person believing what HSUS puts out.  This person can’t tell that HSUS is Animal rights, doesn’t know about the nationwide Anti Pet laws, and only believes the HSUS website.  Probably watches too much TV, videos, and only reads fiction books?

Even militant animal rights Prof Best (wanting animal liberation) said:

“Pacelle is a one-dimensional bureaucrat, a CEO and President of a huge global conglomeration that serves animals in name but pursues money and power in reality. He preaches nonviolence as he pulls the switch on thousands of cats and dogs; he praises democracy and rights as he bankrolls witch hunts that ally him with the most repressive state apparatus in US history.  Could it be that his robotic lack of empathy for animals explains why his organization perfunctorily kills so many animals and spends more time on constructing paltry rationalizations rather than building viable alternatives?”

“Like PETA, HSUS callously kills countless thousands of healthy and adoptable cats and dogs rather than dedicating their prodigious resources to advancing the emerging no-kill revolution. ” http://www.animalperson.net/animal_person/2008/08/steve-best-on-w.html  (yes this link is animal rights)

While we definitely agree with the 2 paragraphs above, we don’t believe that HSUS actually supports breeding–because that is simply just another ploy. As HSUS Penny Cistaro has stated, “we are not killing them, we are giving them a good death, we’re humanely destroying them but we’re not killing.”

And then we have the people that actually *believe* HSUS when HSUS tells other groups like Best Friends, that sure, we will agree to agree that dogs should be individually tested.  Yeah yeah yeah, but at whose expense every time? And by whom?  And will it cost $190,000 per dog to do?  And will that be too expensive so the court will say it need not be done?  And will it take too long and in meantime no one has a place to house the dogs?  Or will the raids just keep going, dogs keep being killed, and testing just be phased out?  HSUS is known for its deception, therefore our guess would be, the raids might cease for the time being, the testing won’t need to be done, and HSUS will have to use Petland to raise $$$ to take the raids/busts’ place, or find some other ridiculous ploy to fleece more people.  Sound about right? 

Shall we ban stupid people for not seeing HSUS is nothing but lies?


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