Spadafori Doesn’t “Get” HSUS Animal Rights

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We would think by now, that this writer (Spadafori) and syndicated author of pet connection blog,  had enough sense to see the forest for the trees. We knew early in 2009 that HSUS planned hundreds of Anti-Pet laws (many of them clones of each other)—in tons of states.

But this is what happens when welfarists, the public, or those who own pets, focus on one element of Animal Rights HSUS— and then give them credit for doing “something.”  We don’t make any headway by giving credit to a group (HSUS)  that is forcing animal rights down our throats. Sometimes without “some people” like the public–even knowing it’s being done!  HSUS is pushing HUNDREDS OF ANTI-PET laws across the nation.

Understand that HSUS does absolutely NOTHING that does not benefit their animal rights agenda. ONLY after HSUS entered into an alleged “corporation combination agreement”  in 2005, with FUND FOR ANIMALS aka FFA– (the NY non profit created in ’67 by Cleveland Amory) —did the FFA start “reporting” to the HSUS VP of litigation in Washington DC.  FFA fundraising initiatives are run by people in MD. This is just the tip of the iceberg folks.  When we finally pierce that corporate entity only then will we know how the $$$ is REALLY spent. And if Katrina is any indication, closing the case didn’t solve the mystery of WHERE the money actually WENT. We think it went into the conglomerating of HSUS+their cronies.  

FFA “provides”  FUNDS to HSUS Animal Protection Litigation Section, which allegedly has 16 full time lawyers and law clerks which file Plaintiff lawsuits. Do these same attorneys ALSO file all of the animal rights anti-pet LAWS that keep popping up all over the USA?

Everything HSUS does [apparently using FFA]  is to make another step on the 12 Steps of Animal Rights. But welfarists don’t even know what the 12 Steps of Animal Rights ARE ? (see the steps on blogroll link)

SO— is that why they can’t figure out HSUS is even taking out the responsible breeders, rescues, and trying to force the citizens of the USA to BE FORCED INTO taking animals from shelters, or pay ultra high fees for purebreds which won’t exist in great numbers, thanks to HSUS?

What writer (G. Spadafori) of pet connection said:

 “This, friends, is why I don’t put the HSUS in the same league as PETA. Because  the nation’s largest animal-advocacy group is often focused on some very deserving targets, in this case in an effort to shut down puppy-milling scum. Yes, the HSUS needs to come up to speed on shelter reform/no kill, forced spay-neuter and pit bulls, but I believe they will PetlandSwitch to adoption outreach or shut your doors for good.”   

WELL—HSUS has already been proven WRONG in April 2009, when Nathan Winograd publicized that the HSUS agent in Arkansas was telling the Indianapolis Humane Society to follow the law in Arkansas? (which was breed specific law, which HSUS claims it doesn’t believe in yet it pushes it everywhere)

 And then the shelter DIRECTOR of Indianapolis Humane,  sent the scathing message to WP of HSUS that never in his dreams would be believe he would have to FIGHT the HSUS in order to protect the dogs/owners of their community?! 

  After that, HSUS pretty much had to bow out since it was none of their business anyway, yet HSUS tried to MAKE it their business. As usual.  Wake up Spadafori. Maybe you should stick to writing about chickens and dogs that are rehomed or something that doesn’t involve animal rights?  You don’t know enough about the subject of animal Rights to understand what is actually going on!!!

Unfortunately, “welfarists” with this  view,  are actually espousing animal rights attitudes. No one should have to ADOPT (which is actually buying) a dog from unknown origin, if they DON’T want to do itNo one should HAVE to only support “adoption” if they prefer to buy something else. What they buy is really NOT our choice. In fact it’s up to each person to decide what they want to buy, and from whom. It’s not our job to tell people they MUST buy only from reputable dealers, etc.

By Spadfori telling Petland to “switch to adoption” outreach, or close down,  it obviously indicates that the writer doesn’t believe a pet can or should be able to be obtained by buying it from Petland—because of the “allegation” that EACH such animal came from either a commercial kennel, or was not home raised?  “Home” raised is something that animal rights is trying to shut down. NO TYPE of animal breeding is acceptable to animal rights, including HSUS. 

Below is what Petdefense wrote to pet connection:

unfortunately, despite the outward appearances, hsus is not targeting commercial kennels per se. hsus is lumping every single commercial kennel into a “mill” category, where “mill” means not following the law. If a commercial kennel IS following the law, then it is not illegal.

To go on undercover hunts for substandard kennels and then represent that every comm’l kennel is exactly like that is not true, just like representing every pitbull is a killer, or that every commercial kennel dog has bad health, or that every rescued animal is perfect. hsus now has up to 34 states where HSUS is positioned/pushing anti-pet laws. That alone can end responsible breeding, and that alone is enough reason to put hsus into the peta category. Unfortunately, welfarists are not catching on. There are very few attorneys now in the CA legislature, and laws that would have been overridden are now passed.

With people giving credit to hsus, they are failing to see the totality of circumstances, which is the animal rights agenda pushed by hsus. You may not see it but it’s definitely there, however you also said you believed that pitbulls could not be rehomed prior to Vick.

See more: HSUS IN ACTION: ANTI-PET LAWS<——– [link to AKC Legislative page] clicking on the updates separately below will not work

If the word ‘deceived’ was/is  used to describe the Animal Rights Hidden Agenda, most people don’t pay attention. But the word ‘punked’ more adequately describes the actual intent behind animal rights extremists—because it’s not “just” deception—it’s far more than that. Every time purposely drafted laws are done by HSUS+cronies, you can be assured they are Animal Rights laws, based on the 12 Steps of Animal Rights. And if you don’t KNOW the 12 Steps of Animal Rights, shame on you! Let’s get one thing straight all over the USA—HSUS IS ANIMAL RIGHTS WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT.  

If online says HSUS is Animal Rights—why would you doubt it?  If Steven Best, the AR professor says HSUS is animal rights, why would you question it? Not that Best likes HSUS–Best is on the ALF side. But he accuses HSUS of conspiring with the FBI to take down dogs/owners. We aren’t going there. Nevertheless, when HSUS is called Animal Rights, it’s because IT IS ANIMAL RIGHTS. 

So if you don’t know Animal Rights, please don’t write about it and pretend you do!  It makes the rest of us suffer because of the welfarists SIDING with HSUS Animal Rights—which means someone is wrong.  And it is not us.  

Just because this is a lawyer blog–don’t take our word for it, or just my word. Go ask any attorney that can read. Animal Rights=Animal Rights. Animal rights extremists have laws that had to be drafted because they have NO LIMITS, they are like Middle Eastern Zealots, and they NEVER, NEVER STOP. In fact, they have stooped so low to get their points across, that hurting PEOPLE does not bother them. But we already knew that.


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