Los Angeles Shelter MSN Saga: Boks “Quits”

Well, the story goes on, Ed Boks has allegedly resigned or quit his post as Los Angeles City Animal Services GM.  Hmm…..let’s see what possible strategy the AR faction could have in this little story.  For one, he was probably going to be fired, so he resigned rather than be fired.

Or, they knew about it anyway (that he fired someone prior to getting the job+ wasn’t completely honest about details) but gave him the benefit of the doubt, and now they doubt his credibility. And then the ARs probably said, we told  you so, and you better get rid of him or we will start torching things again—and they booted him.  You can be fairly certain the guy didn’t just stand up and quit.

Anyway, now that he’s leaving, getting yet another replacement for their no-foundation established ommunity “no kill”– but with MSN and no money–a city that size should easily be able to raise tons of money and not kill animals.  We should point out–the no ‘foundation’ means that prior to setting up “no kill”, certain community elements must be set up in advance within the community and particularly with animal rescue groups, fosters, and transport. Programs, NMHP (no more homeless pets) and vaious community involvement/programs are set up far in advance of even THINKING of no kill.

Although Charlotte Laws was supposed to be involved in one of the Los Angeles shelter programs, I would have to go back and look it up to see if it was this one. Nevertheless, such programs were not set up and instead, the city decided late in the game to implement MSN, over objection from the general public and those that know what MSN does—it doesn’t work.  If you take dogs and start stockpiling them without the community programs, rescues, and other assistance, you will just end up with far too many dogs. That’s because you didn’t do the targeted altering for the source of the non adopted or the dogs that are seldom chosen.  In fact, Boks had recently cancelled the low income or free altering and the city had to re-start it. That was probably a big mistake for Boks to cancel it.


So, it really doesn’t matter who they bring in this time. No one can do the job single handedly and they always have the AR militia out there demonstrating. Like carrying giant stuffed dogs being crucified on a cross, and calling the shelter director the puppy killer.   Many LA rescues bring out dogs for adoption, but many of the dogs are not very quality dogs to begin with. In fact, they even raise $$ for the people who are willing to TAKE the dogs in some cases, we have seen like $400-$2,000 for ONE dog…..We know, because we have taken them from there for rescue.  And many of those dogs have ailments and health conditions. Many of them are mixed breed med-large dogs that might not be suitable for kids under 10yr.  Some of the dogs end up being taken to Oregon where they charge not by the size, but by the desirability of each dog. The hard to place might be $40 but the poodle will be $350+.  That sounds more like something a dog seller would do, not a shelter.  But that’s what they do.

Very few envy anyone taking that GM job. If your car isn’t torched, and you aren’t stalked, they will probably harass you so much you might die of sheer fright.  When that bomb goes off in your yard.


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