Dog Trainer Uses Wrong Approach for Breeder Defense

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Here is a primary example of how not to defend pet dog breeders, because it fails to take into consideration that HSUS+friends already know all this, but do it anyway.

The author claims that buying a dog ( Biden) was a poltical gaffe, and lost a lot of respect with ANIMAL RIGHTS GROUPS. What exactly is “wrong” with that? Who cares about animal rights groups’ perceived respect– except animal rights? 

Then the author says “it’s not like Biden or Obama went out and bought a puppymilled dog.” Well, even IF they had bought a commercially produced dog–so what? It wouldn’t have made any difference to any animal rightists, since they would find fault with ANYTHING as long as it was not THEIR way of thinking.   If that’s what they (Biden/Obama) wanted to buy it’s a free country and they could have bought it from Petland if they wanted to do so, except they would be hearing about it for 4 years from animal rights. But outside of that, it’s their dog, not ours. 

 HSUS sets a fine example by telling people not to buy puppies, then HSUS ally Best Friends is breaking group for a puppy farm building to house commercial puppies that HSUS seizes we assume, and supposedly BF will end up selling them?  Otherwise, where would BF get puppies from, since they own or have the URLS “,net,org?” which point to their site?

The article  also shows a lack of knowledge of shelter animals, because the author  blames commercially bred dogs, BYB and irresponsible owners for every shelter dog. Most shelter dogs are mixed breed male juveniles, of unknown origin. That does not usually involve purposeful breeding, since there is no $$ in large breed mixed, unknown origin dogs. 

We all know most of the $$ is in the small toy breed sized dogs, or smaller designer dogs, OR in well tempered purebreds. And those dogs do not fill shelters, because they can be SOLD on the open market.  And they are usually NOT in shelters, contrary to opinions of animal rights.

Lastly, NOT every single dog in a shelter was abandoned by an “irresponsible owner.”  Life situations sometimes happen (take the economy for example) and not everyone is able to rehome their dog/cat themselves, despite trying.

Just look at Craigslist and the people trying to find homes for their animals. How many of those dogs are able to avoid the shelter? Hopefully some of them, if animal extremists don’t flag them off first.  And, let’s not forget, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to rehome an adult, large or medium sized dog. Facts are facts.

Second, the author obviously might prefer purebred dogs, which is fine, but then attempts to make apologies for having an “accidental” mutt dog.  One only apologizes for any dog if one doesn’t want that dog, but if you own it, why apologize? If it cannot compete in a show, who cares? No one.

Third, the author tells people that good breeders are taking the heat because of bad breeders.  This is detrimental to all breeders to even say such a thing, because HSUS, which is making the laws and pushing its weight around, could care less.  So why bother to split ranks? According to most animal rightists, there is no good breeder. HSUS’s aim is simply to eliminate dog breeders, they don’t care how good you are. The elitist breeders no longer have the luxury of condemning the other breeders. Not if you want to save your own hide, your own rights, and your own dogs.  This is a war, not a party.  HSUS knows that and has simply attacked the weaker links. Duh?

Then we have the commenter idiot Animal Rights person’s chatter, in reponse to this trainer’s article:  “I should hope breeders take good care of their animals but that’s not the point. Animals from breeders are created to be the property of humans.”  For this reason, animals are killed, left homeless, surrendered, and endure torture caused by breeders every day.

Because it doesn’t happen *in* the building itself is irrelevant.  There is no moral excuse for purchasing an animal from a breeder. That an animal is “useful” or desired for its inherent worth as property to a human being does not justify the unseen violence. Additionally, nothing is justified by the fact owners are taking care of animals who are not homeless.
When breeders say they strive for the highest quality of care, this is limited by their need to use those animals as capital commodities. People who buy breeders don’t love animals, they love the way they’ve been customized to their needs.’ 

Now above,  we have almost EVERY animal right mantra, belief and propaganda ever written, all rolled into one. He did summarize it:

Animal Rights:

1.  Animals are not property

2. Because animals are considered property, they are tortured every day

3. Because animals are considered property, they are homeless

4. Because animals are killed (in shelters I assume) that makes buying a dog from a breeder immoral and unethical.

5. Because animals are taken care of by responsible owners, justifies nothing

6.  Because breeders treat animals as property, when such animals are sold, they are sold as commodities (which I assume means unethical as well)

7. Because of the above reasoning, if someone buys a dog from a breeder, they do not love animals.

Let’s hope this head case AR flunked logic in school.

All of this nonsense completely ignores the fact that animals are considered property and last I heard, it’s allowable to sell your property to whomever you wish, if they are willing to buy it and it’s not an illegal substance. HSUS comes along with multi-millionaire funded animal rights, and decides if they can’t take down commercial breeding and dogfighting, then they will just end breeding of dogs, the purchase of dogs, the sale of dogs, the rescue of dogs, the trading of dogs, and even the desire for dogs.  But without us noticing it?

Well if we think about that, what we are looking at is  ending of the Pet Trade. Ending the commerce sales from the pet trade.  And ending the pet trade and ending the sale of dogs/cats/pets and ending the commercial SALES of animals is ONE OF THE 12 STEPS OF THE ANIMAL RIGHTS PLAN

Come on folks–let’s not be dummies.  There is no USE in delineating one breeder from another because the big cheese has already spoken: BREEDERS NEED TO BE OUTLAWED. Too expensive, too much red tape, too many regulations, too much search/seizure, too much forfeiture.

 If you didn’t know that, then see the 12 Step AR PLan on the blogroll on here.  After you figure it out, tell me, isn’t it true what was just said above? Yep.


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