CDC–Not just swine virus…Engineered?

Whiney WP of HSUS blames farming for swine flu, and links to the HSUS guy who did the bird flu piece (talking about avian flu)  that makes eating any meat or chicken sound like it will kill ya instantly–

BUT wait—        The CDC said genetic sequencing of samples from the first two patients, California children who lived in adjacent counties, show that the swine flu virus contains segments from four different viruses: some North American swine, some North American avian, one human influenza, and two Eurasian swine.” 

A final “smoking gun” is found in one article below, where the particular strain of Swine Flu is said to be a “novel strain” — and in another where it says:

“It first looked mostly like a swine virus but closer analysis showed it is a never-before-seen mixture of swine, human and avian viruses, according to the CDC.” this, Dr. Laibow says, can be a hallmark of an engineered virus.”  

  WP of the $$$$ HSUS is now saying that swine flu is due to “factory” farming, that “butchering of chimps caused HIV, that “live” markets in Asia lead to SARS, that the “exotic” pet trade led to monkeypox, and that “factory” farming led to mad cow disease and drug resistant food borne bacteria, and avian influenza.

See if you “think” what is happening, is something completely different than “animals?”  [engineered virus]

 GEEZUS—–that Whine-e-O will USE ANY calamity to BLAME THOSE WITH ANIMALS, WILL HE NOT?!  Anything to raise $$$$?  Not even going to go there.

And don’t foget, HSUS says baby chicks shouldn’t be mailed to new owners! Item #98, under “Post Office”…..remember, sending you the chicks is a TRANSFER…………HSUS is trying to stop all transfers of all animals.  They will never admit it.


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