HSUS AR Insanity Laws Again,AB1122 for California

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B.E.W.A.R.E   HSUS Animal Rights LAW  is at it again

This crap is getting so very, very old, but it just keeps getting filed and re-filed, filed and re-filed…….the utter absurdity of the INTENT behind the thinly veiled Hidden Agenda of Animal Rights Law is oh-so-obvious, yet again…….


This year, HSUS is now sponsoring yet another  animal rights law, to add to the CA Penal Code, so that ANY live  “animal” cannot be sold, traded, bartered, displayed, offered for sale or trade or barter, or given away as part of a “commercial” transaction………. at any location which might be:

“on a street; highway; public right of way or commercial parking lot; swap meet, flea market, parking lot sale or carnival; boardwalk or ANY OUTDOOR SPECIAL SALE. ”  http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/09-10/bill/asm/ab_1101-1150/ab_1122_bill_20090227_introduced.html [this is 2/27/09] As of 4/20/09, it was amended to exclude state fairs/4H, future Farmers, stockyards, cattle/sheep/swing/goats/equine on consignment and public shelters, spca/rescues which are not for profit entities. It does not mention having a federal tax exemption.

Y’all know what that means? It boils down to you can be in your car on your driveway; in your house, or on your kennel property, IF it is not considered any of the above, (assuming it’s still legal to have your animal in your car or house since HSUS is attempting to stop that as well)….. But since we already KNOW that HSUS wants to keep making laws pushing illegal search/seizure, as has been done in Louisville KY and OTHER cities—

What are we REALLY LOOKING AT?????

We are looking at HSUS trying to end the sale, trade,display, barter, rescue or any other form of transferring an ANIMAL from one person to another.

 HEY WELFARISTS!!!  Ya see what I mean? You can’t take your rescued animals to a mall outside, park, open air shopping center, or even parking lot of a pet store, unless you can prove “non profit entity” which is not exactly explained.   Assuming you just wanted to “re-home” your OWN dog, or perhaps some kittens that you rescued from under a porch–guess what?

Even if you HAD permission!  You cannot DISPLAY parakeets outside, you cannot sell mice or any living animal, including cats, kittens, birds,or chicks, etc. Even if you OWN the commercial property!  

 This law practically forces YOU to allow people into YOUR home, or forces you to bring animals to THEIR home. That “word” *commercial* transaction was placed there for a reason.

HSUS is attempting to make all transactions for any animal “transfer” –something that must be done inside a person’s house, so they can try and regulate that by claiming if you transfer or sell or barter, etc, any animal–then you will eventually need likely a license of some type, to allow inspection of your house, and to be subject to search/seizure

HSUS has already made such laws, so don’t think it’s so far fetched.  HSUS will go to every STATE and try to make state laws that call for regulations involving inspections and fining.  As we already know, there is not the time, money, or manpower to do these unnecessary things.  The reason HSUS has thought up all this crap is to tighten, tighten, tighten the noose around the display/ transfer and sale of any animal. ANY bird. Any reptile. ANY type of living creature, period. 

Allegedly 501(c)(3) corporations will not be included, if they were set up to prevent cruelty to animals. Pretty much that might exempt the SPCA, but what about service animals being re-homed which didn’t make the grade, by a member who isn’t a 501(c)(3)?  What about a non profit which educates the public on dog safety? There are thousands of non profits that are NOT set up to prevent cruelty to animals, but are used to help find animals homes, or to help raise money for such causes.  HSUS is OBVIOUSLY  trying to cut off the ability of OTHER GROUPS to even HELP place animals!!!!  This is not only absurd and ridiculous, it’s downright hypocritical and Animal Rights self-serving.

NOT even  every animal rescue is a 501(c)(3) in CA, as they don’t make enough $$ to even do the incorporation. Smaller groups may not even need to be a 501(c)(3) and this was an issue in Sacramento before, when animal rescues were only accepted by City Animal Control if they had the tax exemption. Several attorneys pointed out that the tax exemption is not a requirement for rescuing animals, but that IF  a rescue HAS a tax exempt status, the shelter MUST allow them to take animals

Any animal auction which sells animals or transfers them (“agricultural livestock” excepted)–then the sale cannot be held if one could consider it an outdoor special sale. And trust me, HSUS will have those laws categorized as such—on PURPOSE!! Although the current actual wording says “public animal control”  is exempted, what if the animals are taken by a NON animal control group outside?  Would fish be animals?

Of course, HSUS is also aiming at commercial breeders that sell/auction off dogs, and at people trying to re-home their pets in public places, and at rescues/volunteer shelter groups,  having offsite adoptions. 

Good weather always invites outside venues, which garner lots of people. HSUS knows this and is purposely trying to STOP the public from going and viewing animals, finding animals, or buying or even adopting animals. And HSUS is aiming at livestock as well, such as baby chicks which are often sold at Farmers’ Markets across the United States. 

HELP STOP, STOP, STOP HSUS  insane Animal Rights LAWS NOW.  Help us tell the  unknowing public the truth.  HSUS WANTS NO ANIMALS OWNED, BOUGHT, SOLD, TRADED.  HSUS WANTS TO END ALL PET COMMERCE, ALL SALES OF ANIMALS/LIVESTOCK.   Do your research. It’s all out there.


One thought on “HSUS AR Insanity Laws Again,AB1122 for California

  1. This is an insane not to mention, elitest movement in our country. If this passes only the wealthy will be able to own, breed or purchase dogs cats and other animals that are common household pets. Prices will sky rocket and quality of pets for the general pubilc will go down. As prices will go up it will leave the public with no options but to get a dog or cat, from the pound if they want a pet!
    Responsible breeders will be shut down and only the lowest of the low will go underground and continue breeding, then what will become of those animals? This is a disaster waiting to happen people, for the breeds people have worked so hard to perfect, the dogs themselves and for the general public whom they are deceiving! If this is allowed to pass will only large commercial breeders be left in business? Where will that leave small home based caring hobby breeders and those who genuinely care about the breeds they love? We will be forced to spay and neuter dogs that we have worked lifetimes to breed for better health and temperament.

    Education is the key to keeping our rights and our dogs intact! Stand and be counted people before all of our rights are gone, do not let them silence the majority who don’t know the road ahead! Tell everyone you know whats going on!

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