HSUS HR669 Update:Ban Fish,Birds,Reptiles+More–Again

Find out the truth about HSUS Animal Rights conglomerate with the millions/millions, and how it can affect YOU NOW due to the numerous (over 180) Anti-Pet Laws filed!


The Pet Industry is one of the largest in the United States, rivaling the Toy and the Candy industry, it is now at least $42billion, even in recession.  Animal rights would like to see the pet industry collapse, and the pets/owners not own animals (since they believe it is slavery.) 

Update April 2009  on HR669 by NAIA:

In one internet media blog, Michael Markarian, HSUS VP, usually reporting on HSUS legislation reportedly stated the following:


“First, the bill is aimed at exotic wildlife, not domestic household pets. It includes a specific exemption for cats, dogs, rabbits, goldfish, and horses. And the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is allowed to add more exempted species as it sees fit. The HSUS and HSLF are specifically requesting that hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and ferrets be added to the exempted list.”

This is an indication that there will be attempts to make the bill appear non threatening to owners and breeders of nonnative species. However, while we remain hopeful, we do not expect any positive changes in this bill due to the agenda of those making the changes.

We recommend that individuals continue to contact their Representatives and express their concerns about interstate transport of their animals, the ability to sell or give away their animals, and the ability to breed their animals, all of which would be prohibited under HR 669. As further changes occur, we will update this message.

HR 669 bans import, export, transport, breeding, sale or barter of ALL nonnative species unless they are placed on an Approved List established by the USFWS after extensive study. This law would affect most pet owners of non native species.

Most pet birds, ornamental aquarium fish, reptiles and small pet mammals are nonnative species and would be ILLEGAL under this act, unless placed on the Approved List!

Any company manufacturing or selling product for these pet species would be affected by this act. This means hundreds of thousands of pet birds and animals, reptiles and fish would be affected

Thousands of small businesses involved in any aspect of the pet industry, from breeding, selling and transporting animals to manufacturing and selling products for animals, such as foods, toys, and equipment.

HR669 to BAN Nonnative Wildlife by HSUS, Defenders of wildlife/ Nature conservancy, et al, PREVIOUSLY introduced last year, 2008,  as HR6311, see http://www.turtletimes.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php?t66193.html  or USARK (United States Ass’n of Reptile Keepers) and click here  http://www.usark.org/   “The AR Movement has lobbied in a number of States to pass legislation that would designate many reptiles as “Inherently Dangerous”, seeking to ban private ownership.”

And you thought HSUS was just out to “BAN Dogs?”  Nope. HSUS will get every single animal AR group and tries to ELIMINATE ALL of Everything: dogs,cats,birds,fish,reptiles,you name it. When that is accomplished there can be NO zoos, NO rodeos, NO aquariums, NO fishkeeping of tropicals, NO pet selling, NO pet movement in interstane commerce!  

 —-> BEWARE–HSUS is Animal Rights and we aim to tell the entire USA if it takes 20 years!!! <—–


Unfortunately, the way the law is proposed, it would require proponents to prove that each species could never cause any type of harm but it is a complicated procedure and you need to read the PIJAC site to really understand the methodology involved, which was about 3 pages long.  Suffice to say, if all tropical fish and all birds and reptiles would be affected, it’s just another law devised by AR groups trying to stop the Pet Trade, but masquerading as a “HELPING” law.  Woe to those who believe that any law HSUS makes helps owners or animals, in general all of their laws make HSUS wealthy, and eliminate animals from people being able to get them, responsible owners included.


CLEARLY—–we do NOT want a law that the animal extremists are telling people to pass since all animal extremist laws are done to further the Animal Rights 12 Step Plan across the USA.

http://pijac.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=175  [click here to see PIJAC page/legislation and READ HR669

According to posting on http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/lounge/85672-future-aquarium-hobby-your-hands.html  this is what was stated: 

Should HR669 be adopted as written only the following nonnative animals would be allowed:

any cat (Felis catus)
cattle or oxen (Bos taurus)
chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)
dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
donkey or ass (Equus asinus)
domesticated members of the family Anatidae (geese)
duck (domesticated Anas spp.)
goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)
goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus)
horse (Equus caballus)
llama (Lama glama)
mule or hinny (Equus caballus x E. asinus)
pig or hog (Sus scrofa domestica)
domesticated varieties of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
sheep (Ovis aries)

The ARs further state that PIJAC (Pet  Industry Joint Advisory council) is very concerned, since it affects birds, and especially aquarium related species. In general, the proposed law could SHUT DOWN major segments of the pet industry almost overnight. There is also a user fee system for funding assessments in the bill, a long term desire of animal extremists since most fees can become cost prohibitive and would eliminate small interest groups and businesses from participating. The wealthy and “non profits” could still participate. Much of the law is lacking because it is unclear (as usual, HSUS purposely drafts either vague or overly specific laws) and it is not possible to tell how the law will even be able to function in reality.

PD Note:  We can see that ARs are organized in this, and every time HSUS+Defenders of Wildlife, Defense of Animals etc FILES a law, they all PILE on like a bunch of zealot clones.  Unfortunately some govt officials believe them.  Our job is to raise the truth and show outrage, not agreeing with them. It is a sad truth that many animal welfarists believe that HSUS is doing the “right” thing. This is a completely FALSE belief and indicates they are not properly informed of facts.


The lifestyle of “Animal Rights” is a very focused belief with an emotionally based, zealous and determined push behind it. Many of the zealots are never going to stop, and the closest thing I can compare it to is the middle Eastern zealots that kill themselves to bring glory. Animal extremists have stepped up their antics as of late and are now injuring people, and threatening them and harming kids. This happened in CA already, in a home invasion. And animal extremists have been indicted on both blackmail and extortion charges.

So groups like HSUS try to appear “non radical” and hide their actual hidden agenda, or intent. But the intent always remains the same, same, same. And that hidden agenda is to dismantle the Pet Industry. If an animal cannot be owned, bought, sold, traded, bred, raised, whelped—then we are looking at a HUGE economic loss. And that’s what the animal rights extremists WANT–because they all believe that animals are not property, and should not be bought, sold, traded, or made the subject of any business. Not an animal business. Extremists even have the nerve to tell the public that you can sell pet “accessoires” but you cannot sell a dog, cat or bird.  How stupid is that?

Well apparently the animal rights extremists all believe it. So they want to stop it and HSUS+friends comes into the picture, and makes hundreds of proposed laws, year after year, which in effect are often Anti-Pet laws.  For example, it is likely HSUS pushing to limit the dog dealers to 25 dogs (Oregon), 25 dogs (WA), 25 dogs (Delaware) 30 dogs (Indiana), 40 dogs (W Virginia) 50 dogs (CA) 50 dogs (MD) 50 dogs (Florida)  50 dogs (Minnesota) 75  dogs (Nebraska)—But what will happen down theline, is that HSUS will come back and decrease the numbers until they are so low, they will have eliminated the issue completely.  At least in theory. That is the KNOWN method of eliminating animals and pets—not necessarily saving any animals.  Saving means more animals might get homes, but eliminating is completely different.

But due to the photoshop type eye candy pictures, videos, websites, and media marketing, much of the public think they are  only donating to save whales or seals.

This is not so, because last year for 07-08, 7 of the 10 goals in passing laws for HSUS INVOLVED CATS/DOGS, MANDATED ALTERING, SPAY/NEUTER, AND REGULATIONS INVOLVING HOUSEHOLD ANIMALS.  And that involved over 80 state laws. So now for this year, HSUS has more than doubled their number of laws to 180 and next year would likely be double that to 360. We expect to see it increase every single year unless the public discredits the HSUS conglomerate for what it is, which is Animal Rights.

 HSUS already has endowments in place which cover a lot of that “wildlife” and foreign countries’ expense.  HSUS attempts to get monthly donations from the public, by showing the sappy poor kittie, poor doggie, poor 3 legged dog, poor birdie, etc, etc, yet HSUS  doesn’t own animal shelters, and doesn’t really help animal shelters unless they give a grant to build an animal shelter, but HSUS is not a no kill fan.  In fact, HSUS is against No Kill because it doesn’t want animals staying around too long.

Most of the legal challenges to the HSUS advocated laws are in Federal Courts (mostly because HSUS keeps moving them to Federal Courts) and  involve consitutional issues such as free speech, equal protection, and of course the Commerce Clause. Beware–HSUS is in 20-34 states across the nation, pushing laws for Anti-pet provisions.  You can see many of those attempts in the postings on this site, or find the legislative page on the AKC website.  


http://pijac.org  Check Breaking News to read important legislation

3 thoughts on “HSUS HR669 Update:Ban Fish,Birds,Reptiles+More–Again

  1. You say animal right groups are an organized bundle of zealots basing all their beliefs on emotion rather than the America’s Pet businesses. This entire article just tells me how ignorant and vindictive your business really is. Dont call one group of people emotional and then do nothing but vent out of anger your closed minded thoughts on what is a helpful ruling. You prove the HSUS right when you treat the prohibition as a hinderance on your “business” and talk about the animals like merchandise rather than the prospective family members they are. Angry small minded people like you keep the ideas of SLAVE trade alive.

  2. Honey, this is the United States. whoever you are, or whoever you pretend you are—you are completely brainwashed. Maybe you should should work on yourself before you read blogs you hate and then vent on everyone. No one cares what you think, that’s obvious by now.

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