How-WHY Pet ‘Abuse’ is Morphed by HSUS-Animal Rights

Let’s see. How about starting with just how many owned pets there are in general?

According to the American Pet Products Association, AAPMA, which does exhaustive databasing in regard to pets,  in 2007 there were about

74,800 MILLION dogs

88,000 MILLION cats

16,000 MILLION birds

18.2 MILLION small animals

9.6 MILLION Saltwater fish

142 MILLION Freshwater Fish

Let’s say we just ignore the “small animal” millions, and just count dogs, cats, birds.

So that’s about 178,000 million animals.  And in the past seven (7) years, how many cases of “pet” abuse (which includes livestock) does the site Pet-abuse online site have logged? Pet-abuse says it has just under 15,000 cases over 7 years.   Mind you, this allegedly includes USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Spain is included likely because of bullfighting, and Australia and New Zealand probably due to sheep.

OK——so if we just pretend to even ignore ALL the NON USA countries, and even atrribute “all” of the alleged 15,000 cases of animal abuse to the USA—with the numbers stated above, we have 178,000 MILLION animals that are tracked as Pets.  When we divide the 15,000 alleged cases (not convictions) by 178,000, 000 (178 million) we get what?  

We get .00008%   ——-  which is a very low incident of almost anything.

So because HSUS and the Animal Rights keep SAYING and telling us that pet abuse, pet abuse, pet abuse is here, there, and everywhere—what it amounts to is—HSUS and friends like to call everything abuse, and pretend abuse is so rampant everywhere that you see abuse at every turn, every time you look.

But that’s NOT the truth.  And by the sheer numbers—alleged CHILD abuse is far, far higher at about 900,000/year. 3.6 million kids got an assessment. And still, about 1,500+ kids still die in a year. [Correct me if this is wrong]

So, why are nearly 200 laws being pushed for animals, just THIS year—– when alleged abuse for pets (which includes livestock) — is averaged out to about 40-42 per month for ALL 50 states—keeping in mind, we allowed the numbers to EXCLUDE the other countries outside of the USA.  

Even if we DOUBLED that alleged number of abuse allegation,  that’s BARELY  1.6 reported alleged pet incidents per state.  And that would include the report as to livestock and all other animals (not necessarily even pets)…We already KNOW that cruelty to animals makes headlines. Animal fatal attacks against people make headlines.  HSUS is on TV all the time. So that is what people see, and that is what they can remember.  Not a good way to determine facts,  is it.

====>>>  ~*~*    =================   ~*~*  <<<=====



The Humane Society of the United States is one of the organizations fighting for new laws that reflect ‘society’s current attitude’ towards animals. [ Pet defense Translation: Morphing everything out of proportion to make it seem monumental–and to make SOCIETY THINK ABUSE—-“is” actually monumental when in fact, it is not.]

1.  “We (HSUS) favor a general provision to recognize that there is an emotional dimension to this issue, and there should be compensation for people whose pets are the victims of cruelty,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society

[PD translation: HSUS wants to make an animal’s death, cruelty, or even perceived “abuse” into “non economic” damages (emotional distress damages, normally reserved for death of a  family member)—  so HSUS can then morph the alleged  “abuse” into LAWS,  giving animals the higher status of either glorified property, NON property,  or that type of property in the law that might command damages such as are awarded to families when their family members  are  killed….HSUS is not concerned about the pet’s owners—that is just a ploy to get people to buy into the premise.  HSUS is pushing this in order to change the status of animals, NOT “helping” people. 

2.   “History shows that cruelty issues are settled on the state level. State lawmakers will be considering public opinion as they introduce new legislation to reflect society’s antipathy towards acts of animal cruelty,” Pacelle said.  and WP said this in 2006,,2933,235240,00.html   Pet Defense translation:  HSUS intended/does push for laws that affect animals breeders, sellers/buyers; the intent of such legislation is to:

a)   COMPEL the legislatures into * thinking* that animal “abuse, abuse, abuse”  is running rampant in every city, on every block, in every state—but FOCUSING on errant behavior or “alleged” abuse, abuse, abuse—

b)  so that NEW laws can be made to displace the breeding/sales of animals, and also to elevate the alleged “abuse, abuse, abuse” of animals in the public’s MIND—so that NEW laws will be made for animals. 

c)  When NEW laws are made, HSUS will use the NEW laws to make more legal lawsuits/cases, and thus attempt to raise the legal precedence (case law)  of animal law.  This is not difficult to understand.  They have been working on it for years.

3.  “Case precedent is a significant step in paving the way for legislation,” said Dana Campbell, senior attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “These cases can help show that loss of companionship should be a cause of action.”


So anytime HSUS + Friends keep harping on all this ludicrous hype re “ABUSE, ABUSE, ABUSE”  they keep pushing on TV, videos, Internet, TV, etc—BEWARE.  It’s simply their Hidden Agenda of  media deception.

Morphing everything out of proportion to make it seem monumental.  If people really knew the facts, they would not donate to any group like the HSUS conglomeration which does what Peta does. Causes more animals to be killed.  It’s that simple.


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