Which States Targeted by H$U$? WP: “ALL OF THEM”

http://www.brownfieldnetwork.com/gestalt/go.cfm?objectid=60B1E95E-5056-B82A-D071127F6F0DE6F2   See partial post below:

Working with HSUS is working against Animal agriculture

Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 8:58 AM

I have never interviewed Wayne Pacelle, the President of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS.) Because I am vocal in my opposition to everything his group stands for, it would be inappropriate for me to wear my journalist’s cap with him or any other anti-agriculture group leaders.

I made a decision to stop covering HSUS from a news standpoint so I can focus on standing up for animal agriculture. However, there are other members on my Brownfield Ag News team who are willing to take a more balanced approach to covering issues in which Pacelle is involved. Dave Russell, who heads up Brownfield Indiana, has interviewed Pacelle many times.

 During an interview last week, many topics were covered. For example, HSUS is gearing up for “Humane Lobby Days” at several state capitols in coming weeks. HSUS lobbyists will visit individually with lawmakers, rolling out their latest plans for animal welfare. Wayne Pacelle told Dave Russell that these days are not unlike legislative days that agricultural organizations might hold at your state capitol.

During that interview, Dave asked Wayne Pacelle if HSUS would use these legislative days as a sort of springboard to begin work toward getting a restrictive ballot initiative in place in another state, and if so, which state or states will HSUS target next.

His answer? “ALL OF THEM.”





***See below for very small sampling if you don’t believe it***

Now, now—folks—-  does this not prove that everything we keep saying over and over and over like a broken record,  is TRUE?  Yep.

We do not lie, or tell false stories. There is no need to make up anything because what is, IS.  When WP even ADMITS IT—as he has done for years, it’s just a matter of time before HSUS’ greed hangs them.  You cannot force things down people’s throats by pretending you aren’t doing it. 

There is no right way to do something wrong.  Having to use manipulation, deception, and subterfuge is the hallmark of HSUS. and they KNOW ITThey spend tons of $$$$ on it in order to deceive the public.  HSUS IS NOT ANIMAL WELFARE. REPEAT–HSUS IS NOT ANIMAL WELFARE

Be AWARE:  HSUS will bring in a big group of laws, many of them are just mundane stuff to take away from the ones they really are trying to PASS.  HSUS  might include laws involving service animals (so we get impression of “helping” again),  or that if a vet exempts an animal from being altered due to health concerns–none of which anyone will object to. 

What this is, is just a known sales technique to bury the bad news bill?  —->So if I was selling you something that was unpleasant, (say a funeral plan) then I would focus on everything except the dying.  Or if I am selling you an expensive software program which is very difficult to learn, I ignore the difficulty and focus on the results that you might get AFTER you learn it.  HSUS is filled with tons of strategy employees, but they are not able to get ALL of their bad laws passed. 

Even welfarists keep buying into HSUS lies. Wake up people.

Look at examples happening right now:

Alabama:  MSN for all privately owned animals

Connecticut:  Law “prohibiting” sale of dogs obtained from “puppy mills” [there is no legal definition of puppy mill since it is just an AR slang term]

 Washington DC:  MSN of all “pitbull” or looks like a “pitbull” and killed if not altered; if dog injures or kills another animal or person, dog shall be killed/owner fined to $20k/2yr prison [that might be in addition to other criminal charges, we didn’t check] Includes staffy bull, amstaff, APBT, amer bulldog, any dog previously registered as pitbull, or looks like any of these, using AKC and UKC standards.

Delaware:  “The pet can even become a tool of violence for an abusive partner or parent/ guardian who is willing to injure or kill a pet as a retaliation or as part of a pre-emptive strike designed to gain or maintain control by means of terrorism.”  Oh brother………….

Now you just KNOW that HSUS did this draft—right?

Delaware:  Prohibits possession of more than 25 breeding dogs and minimum req for dogs to get vet care

Florida:  “Eliminate” prohibition of BSL regulation of “dangerous dogs”; Prohibits custody of 50 or more dogs at one time; if 10+ dogs 4mo old+, mandates exercise, kennel size, sanitation condition, temperature control, enclosure construction, compatibility of animals, access to food/water,etc.   [Clearly HSUS] Mandate that information relating to genetic disorders be included in written notice that pet dealers provide to consumer at time of sale

Hawaii: Allows recovery for negligent infliction of serious emotional distress or disturbance by the owner of a pet for negligent injuries to the pet, not to exceed $25,000  [Potentially very very dangerous, because it assumes that negligence, not willful conduct, can be the basis for awarding damages normally reserved only for PEOPLE]

Iowa:   Forcing those with Federal licenses for kennels, to also obtain a STATE license

Illinois  (46 Proposed laws) 

Massachusetts:  Prohibit debarking; ALLOW EMOTIONAL DISTRESS DAMAGES $$ AND loss of companionship in “malicious” injury or killing of pet.  [Dangerous, because assumes animal loss means one can recover same as if loss of family member, such as a child; this is the precursor to having animals declared as having human rights to receive entitlement damages from emotional distress]  

Mass, con’t:  Kenneled dogs in same enclosure “must be compatible”; Female dogs to whelp only ONE litter per year; prohibited from having more than 25 intact dogs

MAINE:  Definition of “breeding” kennel shall include *ANY* location where dogs/cats are capable of breeding are kept/one or more are sold…….HMMM……..So if you kept 2 breeding females inside your home, your home is then completely open to mandated inspection, meaning search and seizure?!  Yep.

New York: A 7285 Paulin, S 5392 Squadron, S 4690 Krugerhttp://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?bn=A07285

These three identical bills have been referred to the NYS Assembly or Senate Committees on Agriculture.

Advertised as remedies for “puppy mills” — a slang term, undefined by New York law but generally used to condemn substandard breeding facilities which would violate NY’s existing, comprehensive state laws — these bills .

*Prohibit ownership of more than 50 intact dogs (and/or cats), with no regard to the condition the animals. In fact, these bills do not address animal husbandry practices or cruelty to animals at all.

*Provide that when more than 50 intact animals are owned, or are in the custody of, a person or business, they may be seized and impounded by a private, not-for-profit corporation (a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals).

Note: under existing NYS law, animals seized under these circumstances may be neutered and sold, or destroyed, at the discretion of the impounding agency if the owner is unable to post a security bond within five days.

These bills are endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States, an
organization which, despite its name, does not operate a single shelter for dogs or cats.

Links to each bill:

A 7285 Paulin, S 5392 Squadron, and S 4690 Kruger impose arbitrary limits and prohibit humane animal ownership, but offer no protections to animals over and above existing state laws.

The proposals outlaw existing facilities and businesses which comply with all of NY’s comprehensive regulations on “pet dealers.” Under these proposals, there is no need to establish that the animals were neglected or abused in any way whatsoever before they are seized.

The 50 animal limit includes newborn puppies and kittens, as well as retired animals kept as pets. It includes animals in the temporary care of an individual or business for training, grooming, or boarding. It includes animals residing in separate facilities, miles apart, that are owned by the same person, business or organization.

Once again, the limit completely ignores the level of care provided to the
animals. The only consideration is the number of dogs and/or cats involved.

Which New York State legislators were fooled into endorsing these bills?

This isn’t even 1/10  of the laws filed…………..

Washington (27 bills)  Tennessee (35) Illinois (46 bills) Hawaii (28 bills) and on and on…………….

HSUS’ CREDIBILITY IS ZERO. ZILCH. NADA. Nothing more than pure deception, taking people’s $$$$. Used to be called fleecing?

—> To water down what HSUS is really doing, they often make up laws involving service animals (implying they are helping people) and various other things that are not of priority, —>so as to take away from what they are REALLY trying to accomplish. <—

HSUS is just like Peta, without all the stunts, but with the same goal: eradication of animal ownership and use.



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