HSUS’ “Undercover Raid”— Puts in Pic of Non Violator Online

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This came out in 2007, where HSUS surreptitiously took pictures of a  dog breeder doing nothing wrong,…..but then inserted the pics inbetween two pics of alleged “mills” in another completely different place, subjecting the owner-breeder to harassment. The ACO had already inspected the place as being fine.

 The owner was allowed to tell the truth to the Wytheville Enterprise.     hsus-claims-mill     Below is a comment from a reader:

….”The link to this story was posted to one of my dog email lists. By the looks of it H$U$ is on another unneeded rampage.The fact is that H$U$ does not believe there are any responsible breeders. If you breed, you are scum and sources like that are just not very credible. We are supposed to just get what ever randomly bred animals are available at the shelters that H$U$ doesn’t even operate.

How about using some of those millions of $$$ to start up no kill shelters instead of those horrible places whose only solution is killing pets. If they ever got their hands on the dogs of the breeder in this story, death would be their fate. That is the answer to all the pet problems in the AR agenda because they are “better off dead” than enslaved as pets.

I also had a problem with some of the comments on how many dogs Bonnie may or may not have kept in the house. Four or five seemed to be acceptable but fifteen was not??? With those self proclaimed rules of what constitutes good care, it’s a no win situation. Keep them in the house, the breeder is labeled as bad. Keep them in the kennel, poor little creatures peeking through the fence.

” It all smacks of ALL BREEDING IS BAD and only shelter dogs deserve homes.”

Posted by Christine from Newcastle, WY  on  11/27  at  12:42 PM
………………….AH!………someone who GETS IT……………………..

4 thoughts on “HSUS’ “Undercover Raid”— Puts in Pic of Non Violator Online

  1. Are you kidding me? Do you honestly believe the HSUS does not promote for families to get their animal companions from “responsible breeders”?? The HSUS even having the audacity to even give their members and the public the option to buy an animal from a so called responsible breeder has been something I’ve been fighting with them about for several years now. The HSUS says first adoption, then backyard breeders, whom they call responsible breeders which in my opinion there is NO SUCH THING as responsible breeders..

    The only option is adoption. I’m not kidding. While millions of healthy savable animals are still being killed in shelters each year, breeders who claim they love certain breeds (animals) so much they could/should have the consideration to put a moratorium on their breeding.

  2. Besides 25% of animals dumped at shelters are “purebred”. And guess what? Many of the animals that are bought as puppies from a “responsible breeder” many times end up at shelters when the puppy stage has faded away. How sad.

    Adult dogs are the best ones to get because there are already potty trained. Already spayed or neutered. And when they are adults you know exactly what size your animal companion will get. These are just a few of the many benefits of getting an older dog.

  3. Not sure what u r saying but there is such a thing as a responsible breeder. Legally one does not have to adopt. simple. Morally thats not up to us to force anyone,. To do so would likely be unconstitutional.

  4. We agree when adult WSWG. But not everyone is inclined to go that way. However there will never be proof that 25% are purebreds. In some places its possible but in most it is not. They dont know how many shelters exist in the USA so knowing how many are purebreds is nonsensical.

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