BOMB DROPPED ON HSUS FINALLY……………..Atlanta Channel 2 (ABC) ran the news report 5/14/09  [See video link below]

***~*~*FLASH NEWS UPDATE:   H$U$ HAS FORCED THE NEWS STORY AND VIDEO TO BE TAKEN DOWN FROM THE INTERNET!!!!!!! BUT——it’s been put back up in another country here:

http://www.vidoosh.tv/play.php?vid=4360So if you haven’t seen it

http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=496392As   [NOTE–this is a large file and requires a high speed connection to view, unless you don’t mind waiting a long time]

It  has been stated by the agriculture people, HSUS Animal Rights is a business, which is an industry unto itself……………….and despite the non profit “exemption”, that does not MEAN it is NOT a business. It has tons of money, allegedly to help pets. But the majority of it is spent on drafting laws against sale of animals, transfers of animals, breeding of animals,  pet owners, agriculture, modern farming methods, business–pet related and non pet related,  and with lawsuits that would make your head spin. 


PLEASE CROSSPOST ON ANY LISTS, FORUMS, SITES, BLOGS, ANYWHERE YOU CAN………………………….For the longest time, no one will say anything about HSUS, and HSUS always denigrates Consumer Freedom researcher. BUT–the Consumer Freedom Researcher (David Martosko) is correct–he only uses verified facts. 

   HSUS  Truth Exposed

………..and HSUS caused it to be taken down!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=su0EVhlzA7I&feature=channel      PETA  Truth Exposed



[Please note the online story link below may not show the online version, but the link on U Tube works to show the TV version as far as we know; the original online version is shown below, Pet defense comments are in brackets]

Where Humane Society Donations Really Go

Posted: 4:03 pm EDT May 14, 2009Updated: 6:50 pm EDT May 14, 2009

http://www.wsbtv.com/news/19463509/detail.htmlATLANTAA Channel 2 investigation is looking into millions of dollars in donations given to the Humane Society of the United States.   (HSUS also caused this to be taken down!)

A national consumer organization says the society solicits pet-lovers for money, but little to none of that money ever goes to help local shelters.

 Critics tell Channel 2 Action News reporter Amanda Rosseter that this isn’t just consumers misunderstanding who they are giving to — but an organization actively misleading donors to get money.

 “They do their marketing very well, that’s for sure,” said Trey Burley of PAWS Atlanta.

Critics say the national organization takes advantage of people who think they are giving to local shelters. DeKalb’s “PAWS” shelter says there is no regular funding help from the $100 million HSUS budget.

 “I think that some of the folks who donate to the national organization may be under the false pretense that that money is going to a local cause,” said Burley.  [PD note—HSUS retort not shown here but it is on the link. We do not print HSUS links or their lame opposition, and no amount of $$ will make us print their nonsense] 

 While the HSUS does work to stop puppy mills, it also gets media coverage and donations doing it. But the puppies then go to local shelters who have to pay and care for them.

 “They may initialize the resources for a rescue, but again the animals go to a shelter somewhere in the country,” said Richard Rice, VP of the Atlanta Humane Society.

 Critics said HSUS also takes advantage of high-profile events. After hurricane Katrina, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle promised on national TV to reunite pets with their owners — and raised $34 million for the cause. But public disclosures of where that money went add up to less than $7 million.

 The Louisiana attorney general launched an 18-month-long investigation, and then ended it, when HSUS offered to build the state a new shelter.

The HSUS annual report for 2007 showed $120 million in revenue, including $5.4 million just from online donors.

 Then there’s $112 million in expenses — most of which appears to have gone to legislation for animal rights bills. The list includes raccoons, mice, wild horses, burros and primates. The center for consumer freedom says all worthy causes, but HSUS shouldn’t mislead to get money.

 So where does all the money go?  

“It goes to lobbying, it goes to political contributions, it goes to pay huge staff salaries and benefits,” said David Martosko with Center for Consumer Freedom.
[Pet Defense NOTE:   We, like everyone else, have kept repeating this over and over and over as anti-pet laws have mounted, and increased by the HSUS—for the past 5 years and longer.] 
 Channel 2 Action News went to a local HSUS meeting to find out. The two hour discussion was about activist plans and lobbying. The Georgia director for the HSUS agrees that’s mostly what she does.  
“I think that in all of our literature, it is very explicit as to what our campaigns are and what we are doing,” said Cheryl McAuliffe, Georgia Director for HSUS
“We help where we can and focus on our programs, which are national and international.” [Pet defense:  The infamous HSUS words: “We “help”….yeah right. And you might as well shoot my dog.]

 McAuliffe saidthere are just too many local shelters to help.”  [Now you can see why we don’t usually publish the lame excuses of HSUS]

 “I always tell people, contribute to your local shelter first,” said McAuliffe.

 When asked how much her budget is for the state of Georgia, McAuliffe said she didn’t have a budget and neither did other states. McAuliffe said all money is controlled from headquarters in Washington, D.C.

 HSUS later contacted Channel 2 about their work during hurricane Katrina. They say all of the money they collected has been spent since the initial crisis on helping” Katrina families and pets. Copyright 2009 by WSBTV.com.    [Emphasis added, of course……………..PD:  HO HO HO  and we are Santa Claus!!]

Let’s not forget, HSUS got over 10,000 FREE legal hours to help research their causes. HSUS has bamboozled a LOT of the public because the public believes TV, the NEWS, TV, and celebrities.

 After a year, it’s not surprising that next year HSUS will come back with 400 anti pet laws—that’s why we sound like broken records. HSUS is Animal Rights, Animal Rights, Animal Rights.  Supporting such an ANIMAL RIGHTS INDUSTRY BUSINESS LIKE HSUS and their conglomerates is foolhardy if you value ownership of animals.  Only an Animal rights person would support a group that hires/keeps a known convicted ALF related felon that believes it is ok to burn down property and “free” animals.  That shows no respect for the law in general, and HSUS is in that boat.


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