DESPERATE: H$U$ Unprecedented New LOW:Hire Michael VICK?!

WOW is all we can say.  WOW.  We knew the demise of H$U$ would come due to their own greed.  But this is far beyond that.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see H$U$ sell a firstborn!  But let’s start with Rule #1 with H$U$.  Never believe anything they say.  Never. H$U$ couldn’t tell the truth if they had to, that’s already been proven.  Deception is an essential element in the H$U$ media kit. H$U$ does NOTHING that isn’t $$$-driven.  Remember that.

The utter audacity to even solicit or consider Vick, although WP “claims” it was Vick who asked for “help” [ there goes that word again] –we ain’t buying it.  H$U$, after demeaning Vick and raking him over the coals, in the news, everywhere—and using the Vick case to make $$$$–and H$U$ then advising to KILL the dogs— Claiming  Vick was was scum, scum, scum…… 

   BUT NOW HSUS  says it will  “HELP” [ there goes that word again!]  Vick to “teach kids” how NOT to fight dogs?  OH BROTHER.   This shameful, senseless, absurd, insane marketing ploy is so over the top, we can’t even believe it.  A NEW LOW—even for H$U$.  Horrifically hypocritical.    Nothing but utter and complete bullshit in order to:

(1)  Get those donations–YET AGAIN!!

(2) Somehow make H$U$ look like it’s filled with “compassion” rather than with deceit and contempt? HAH, what a joke.  A bad one at that.


Working to dissipate the righteous anger, working to remove the consequences of Vick’s actions, Pacelle is opening a new chapter to a story that already had the best of possible endings our movement could have hoped for: When Vick was caught torturing innocent animals for sadistic enjoyment, he received a permanent and lasting punishment. He lost his freedom, he lost his career, he lost his money, he lost his reputation, he lost virtually everything. That is exactly how the story should stay ended. And Pacelle’s actions threaten to undo it all.”

Nothing to Gain  (Nathan Winograd, con’t)

“In the process, Pacelle is helping undermine that which we achieved—showing dog fighters the high cost of punishment for dog fighting; sending the message that dog fighting is unforgiveable and will be met with swift, complete, and permanent recrimination.”

“To embrace Pacelle’s position, we have to believe that Vick has become a repentant animal abuser who now wants to help dogs. To justify all that we stand to lose as a movement—all the dogs stand to lose—we have to believe that Vick holds the key to ending the scourge of dog fighting. It would be foolish and naïve to do so.”  and finally……….:

“Through HSUS, Pacelle has:

  • Participated in the slaughter of some 150 dogs, including puppies, in Wilkes County;
  • Lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in San Francisco;
  • Lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in King County, WA;
  • Supported breed discriminatory legislation in Indianapolis, IN;
  • Told USA Today and Newsweek that killing in shelters is acceptable and that No Kill was warehousing;
  • Misled the public about an epidemic of dog bites to convey the view that trying to save Pit Bulls was irresponsible and put children at risk;
  • Told the court to kill Vick’s victims even as he was asking people to give HSUS money so he could “care” for them;
  • Left New Orleans with tens of millions given to HSUS for the victims of Hurricane Katrina even while those animals were still suffering;
  • Legitimized the slaughter of virtually every animal at Tangipahoa Parish animal control;
  • Told people not to adopt animals during the holidays, effectively accepting the deaths of 1,000,000 animals as the alternative;
  • Told the Randolph, IA community that he did not have a problem killing stray cats.

“And now this. This unconscionable, abhorrent, and vile embrace of a sadist who takes pleasure in the torture and killing of dogs.” [All emphasis added; in addition it should be noted that H$U$ has killed far more than 150 dogs in their kennel raids during the past 5 years. More like thousands.]

“This movement has been too forgiving of Pacelle. Time and time again he has acted in a way that is the antithesis of what the leader of an animal protection movement is supposed to do. Still, activists in this movement fail to condemn him, even as he now asks us to embrace the most notorious animal abuser of our time. To be equally forgiving of that monster, as we have been of him.” ….”even Bad Rap, who deserves nothing less than unbridled accolades over their role in saving some of those poor dogs, refuses to see and condemn Pacelle for who and what he is. That is our movement’s own myopia.”

” Just because Pacelle claims to value animals and he works for an organization with “humane” in its name doesn’t mean either is true. His actions time and again belie both claims. Which is why Bad Rap’s conclusion about Pacelle’s decision to embrace Vick as a spokesman that they are “not there yet” is not enough. None of us should ever be there. Ever.”

“And this compels us to expose, reject, and condemn those in our midst who masquerade as leaders, such as Wayne Pacelle, but who use that power to willfully undermine our goals.”

Well said, Nathan.  And in a nice manner. We are so tired of H$U$ and the rest, especially welfarists that won’t see the forests for the trees? Like Pet connection, KC Dog Blog, Bad Rap?   All of whom feel and believe that H$U$ actually wants to “help” companion animals?  PLEASE.  H$U$ only USES people and their money to bring about animal rights lifestyle, there is NO OTHER intent……….  One would have to be BLIND to support H$U$. Unless one is animal rights of course.  And none of them named two sentences ago,  have harped on the video expose of H$U$ by Atlanta News affiliate  being removed—under demand of “copyright”  baloney——yet that should be foremost in the mind of  ALL  pet owners and rescuers!!!

Would you hire a robber to be a security guard for your bank?  A molester to babysit your kids?  Just because Vick plead guilty was not an issue for us—-but the bigger issue is not guilt of Vick now, since he’s already out of jail on his shortened term.  The issue is whether H$U$ hiring Vick is nothing but a ploy to make more $$$ for H$U$ after all the talking about Vick as scum of the Earth–and now paying him to make kids NOT do dogfighting?  It might be a different story if it was not H$U$ that did Vick in.

Vick might return to professional football as soon as September if reinstated by the NFL, according to the sports agent who negotiated Vick’s 10-year, $140 million contract with the Falcons.    

Why doesn’t H$U$  just let Vick help stage a dog fight, have him arrested, and then write a book off it, sell it, and claim the proceeds will go to stop dogfightingOr maybe,  H$U$ could hire Vick, recommend him to get back into Basketball, say that he’s rehabbed of dog fighting, then write a contract that if Vick gets back into basketball, H$U$ takes 50% of the salary as payment for getting him back in???!!  OR–why not go even further—-hire the guys that snitched VICK OFF— and tell them H$U$ will PAY them $50,000 for turning in MORE dog fighting people (even if it’s not true) then call a press release and say that H$U$ has now morphed into a  “new and improved” program like this…………………

H$U$ Press Release:  Dogfighters and Animal Abusers WANTED– Work at Home!  High Salary $  Easy Work + Benefits! Convicted Felons a Plus!

Dear Former Dogfighters, Abusers+Snitches  et al:

As you all know, we at H$U$ take great pride in showing compassion, compassion, compassion for every animal alive. And H$U$ is all about *helping!*   And in keeping with that goal, we intend to make even more $$$$ so we can take down interstate commerce (Pet Trade, Agriculture, fur and the like)—in the United States!  Exciting goal isn’t it?! 

We will do it by making up deceptive and misleading claims and accusations against the people or animals that we do NOT like, and never mind that we don’t work for the government, because we have a payolla-type system which covers all that! Like WOW.  We (H$U$)— don’t need to follow laws, we just need to MAKE them and let the dummies follow them.  After all, the legislatures in the United States depend upon us, as the benchmark for making animal laws!!

So,  let’s just realize that H$U$ is the big boss, the NRA of the animal welfare er we mean Animal Rights  conglomerates of the WORLD—yes—WORLD—and no one,  not even the richest country in the land, can TOUCH us.  We are too big, too powerful, too rich, and people don’t care if the donations sent to us for shelter animals’ lives, are actually spent on making laws that help kill more animals.  That’s just the price we pay to get where we HAVE to go!! 

You know–business as usual, make up pretty Photoshop type ads, throw in the misleading copy, and crank out those videos with the celebs that we hobnob with everywhere!   That’s the way we do it—because WE CAN and WE WILL.   and NOTHING in the world can stop us!!!!  We are Animal Rights and we will have everyone buying into our lifestyle beliefs.

So—dogfighters out there, cockfighters—- animal abusers-Been arrested lately????–do you all need jobs? 

  Would you like to work for the biggest Animal Rights conglomerate in the WORLD??  Would you like to make friends and influence people?  Would you like to “help”  us conduct illegal search/seizure raids,  set up people into surrendering all their dogs, and also use our lawyers to force other groups/businesses  to take down any online stories about H$U$  or any videos on H$U$ that H$U$ does NOT like???!!!

Well– how about H$U$ sweetens the deal for you–and you can KILL— YES—-KILL as many dogs or puppies as fast as you can, never mind that the puppies are only 3 weeks old!!  Who cares!!!  They are dangerous–you are dogfighters  SO YOU—if anyone—should know all that!!!  The dangerous, potentially dangerous and everything!!!  Dogs injuring people left and right, and whatever, huh?  AND— that’s NOT all!!!  H$US will also throw into the deal—your own U Tube videos, where you are clearly visible, as you perform the SNITCH OFFS of other kennels, other owners, and buyers of these dogs, and then, the one with the most accounted for—will receive employee of the month BONUS award—$5,000 !!!!   How can anyone pass up this marvelous opportunity to make $$$$ ???

HURRY====> Tell ALL your dogfighter friends, cockfighter friends, animal abusers, and those that just attend the fights–as spectators!!!   HURRY   HURRY  this offer ends  soon and will not be repeated in this area!!!   H$U$ is just far too busy passing 200 laws against those lowly owners/breeders/buyers/rescues/the  Pet Trade  Commerce  in general—and H$U$ has 450 laws for NEXT year almost completely drafted!!!!  H$U$ will not be undersold ignored     whatever!!

Apply now!!

Or call, 1-800-GOT-LIES  xH$U$


2 thoughts on “DESPERATE: H$U$ Unprecedented New LOW:Hire Michael VICK?!

  1. None one is more 100% antiHSUS than my wife and I are. But let’s separate Vick from HSUS because HSUS is making us “too crazy” that we’re not reasoning straight on this. Vick’s was convicted of fight dogs and did his sentence. He’s “old, stale news”. When we play any role in peersecuting him for the rest of his life, we’re DOING EXACTLY WHAT HSUS WANTS DONE AND ADOPTING HSUS BEHAVIOR. I’m not about to do anything HSUS wants done ever. A thousand years of law that after a person has served a sentence should not be thrown aside or we are guaranteed to all become the Salem witches looking for the next victim to burn. Do we want to carry the faggots for HSUS burn people alive? I don’t think so……Forget Vick as he’s forgettable anyway at best. But don’t be diverted from eradicating HSUS to aiding HSUS.

  2. Vick can have his NFL career back, we do not care. As defense counsel, we aren’t concerned with vick actually. Our concern is that H$U$ wants to USE the guy to further H$US donations, by making it look like they have several token minorities on their “team.” When Vick allegedly did the public apology, H$U$ took the alleged scrap of paper on which Vick had allegedly written down some summary points, after claiming they found it on the ground near the podium. Then WP put it up for sale on Ebay!!! What kind of compassion oriented group who had nothing but contempt for the guy, goes and hires him as a spokesperson? Truly disgusting. On H$U$’s part. We really don’t care about Vick.

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