H$U$ Gets Video Removed–NOW It’s Back–SEE IT NOW!!

Let’s just call a spade a spade, eh sport? H$U$ saw the video (ATLANTA CHANNEL 2 ABC AFFILIATE NEWS EXPOSE ON H$U$)….. and had a BIG hissy fit because it told THE TRUTH??????  Possibly ruining their sponsoring of all those anti pet laws?????

EB hsus dec OK

Then they take down both the ONLINE news report, and then the VIDEO which was on U Tube, claiming “copyright” blah blah blah???

*********************************************   IT’S BACK ONLINE — in the Middle East!

====================>>>>    SEE IT HERE:      



……PEOPLE—FOLKS—ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!  H$U$ cannot suppress the boiling, festering  volcano and the bad press any longer!!! 

The time has come to expose HSUS because if we let this GO—-then we will be run over like roadkill.  Well HSUS isn’t afraid of US——-not yet.  So NOW is the time to garner your wits and start publishing the truth as fast and furious as you can. Post it everywhere.  H$U$ is Goliath and we are David.  And Goliath will NOT win by intimidation …..  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.   We think everyone should go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation site–read it—and notify them of what has happened.  They have been very successful in these types of cases…..take down notices spurred by those trying to suppress free speech should not be tolerated!


Unfortunately, political speech has been threatened repeatedly by claims that controversial material violates a site’s terms of use or infringes copyrights or trademark rights. Here are just a few recent examples:

  • The International Olympics Committee demanded that YouTube remove a video of a protest by Students For A Free Tibet, based on a bogus copyright infringement claim. The IOC subsequently withdrew the notice, but the IOC’s demand is a lesson in the dangers of hair-trigger DMCA takedowns by service providers.
  • An alleged terms of service violation caused YouTube to take down a slideshow of a military funeral.

“We urge content owners to count to ten and look at the Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions and Fair Use Principles for User-Generated Video Content for some guidance before firing off a complaint. Remember that you are legally obligated to consider whether the use of your material is a fair use. Consider carefully whether actions may result in the loss of free speech and remember: the antidote to free speech that you don’t like is MORE free speech. Make your voice heard with a written blog post, a video blog post, or a message in the comment thread. We urge content owners to count to ten and look at the Fair Use Frequently Asked Questions and Fair Use Principles for User-Generated Video Content for some guidance before firing off a complaint. “

“The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) passed by
Congress in 1998 provides a “safe harbor” as an incentive
for ISPs to take down user-posted content when they receive
cease-and-desist letters such as the ones sent by Diebold.
By removing the content, or forcing the user to do so, for a
minimum of 10 days, an ISP can take itself out of the middle
of any copyright claim.”

Samples of those noticing the “take down” of the HSUS Exposed video…. just a very small fraction of a huge number…. but take note, there are other news channels/or radio announcers, etc that will gladly get the word out.  H$U$ cannot stop it. Rush Limbaugh stopped using his “link” to H$U$ after he finally figured out what was going on with H$U$.



http://youtomb.mit.edu/youtube/ta8GdABQPHA  [MIT students gather data on which videos were taken down, when/why]



http://yesbiscuit.blogspot.com/   (says video can be seen)




6 thoughts on “H$U$ Gets Video Removed–NOW It’s Back–SEE IT NOW!!

  1. I had a video on my post today and it was removed a couple hours later. Can the internet be censored? Where will it stop?

  2. You might check the EFF site (Electronic Frontier Fdn) as it explains how that works. It can be taken down upon request for 10 days, if no lawsuit is filed, then they are supposed to put it back up. Try using the version from Iran. We have our doubts about a US company forcing an Iranian company to take down anything. The EFF site is on our blogroll.

  3. PS We are also hearing that ARs are notifying hoster’s account that there is spam emanating from that specific blog/site, even if not true. They review it, then put it back up. You should blog about them doing that to your site, so others can learn how low the ARs will go. It’s nothing but lies and deceit. And it has not changed. They are trying to cover H$U$ etc. It will not work.

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