Due to excessive public outcry, the Louisiana AG’s office may re-open the investigation into H$U$’s handling of Katrina, where the $34million alleged to have been taken in, has never been accounted for……….$7million has been.


For years, rescuers, owners, and volunteers at the Katrina site have lamented that H$U$ has never made good on its promise to use the taken in money on actual Katrina expenses.  THIS MEANS THAT H$U$ FLEECED THE PUBLIC AND DONATORS–THIS MEANS H$U$ HAS NO CREDIBILITY—THIS MEANS THE 2005 -2006-2007 CONGLOMERATION OF H$U$ MAY HAVE BEEN LEVERAGED ON THE BACKS OF THE DONATORS AND THE PUBLIC

In fact, rescuers who were present at the Katrina site have stated that H$U$ workers sat in air conditioned trailers while rescue volunteers did most of the work outside.  That H$U$ allowed dogs with puppies to remain inside flooded homes, without attempting to get them out. That H$U$ did nothing in some instances except to run forward to be filmed, while pushing aside other volunteer rescues. 

 That H$U$ was made aware of an airlift willing to help remove animals, and that H$U$ refused to even consider that.  There are MANY many more complaints.  Including complaints that owner dogs were refused to be re-united with their pets, where the rescue group told owners that the “new” owners were better suited for the animals (than the actual owners were.) Also, just the opposite, where foster homes were not allowed to take animals, and who knows if such animals were ever reunited with owners.  More:

These kinds of allegations do not show H$U$ as the alleged “compassion”, no “abuse” group that they keep claiming.                                       It’s Time to KICK Some Ass !


Black Boots

A perfect example is that H$U$ is just in 2009—advocating for nearly 200 laws nationwide, most of which impact dog owners, breeders, pet related businesses, pet stores, and businesses in general;  in addition, most of the laws cost the states more money, and we all know there is not more $$$$ to be had these days with the high foreclosure rates, unemployment and recession, loss of retirement and corporate greed.

We think H$U$ is nothing but an Animal Rights group that focuse NOT on the animals, but actually on THEMSELVES and their “lifestyle” Animal Rights beliefs—all in an attempt to raise donations to finance their Animal Rights campaign across America. to:

Ruin the Pet Trade and Interstate commerce in general, so that business owners and pet breeders will lose their ability to produce a decent pet, lose sales, lose business, and so consumers cannot and won’t be able to buy a pet either in person, online, from a newspaper, and won’t be able to participate in dog or cat shows or expos, without the constant threat of H$U$ making new laws to stop it all.    

H$U$ will NEVER come out and say the truth.  BUT WE WILL.

Contact the Louisiana AG’s office and put in your request to have the investigation re-opened!


  1. wake up people……this is bad ju-ju
    It will only be stopped by individuals stepping up and opening their mouths to legislatures, boards of commissioners, town councils, etc.

    Most mention is made of all the state laws these creeps are trying to shove through, even worse are all the local laws….county, township, city, village. Some have already been passed that actually violate their own state laws.

    Ya gotta speak up.

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