H$U$ Suppressing Free Speech re Deception+ Katrina Proceeds?!

http://www.classicalvalues.com/archives/2009/05/disappearing_sp.html  has a recap of the H$U$—and it isn’t pretty.  We think H$U$’ desperation to get their 200 laws passed this year, their conglomeration efforts to become the Animal Rights “NRA” and their greedy deceptive and misleading efforts for all of this, pushed H$U$ over the edge so that not only can H$U$ no longer function properly, it actually fell into the abyss.

H$U$ does not, and has not, even in years of yesteryear—believe in First Amendment Rights——UNLESS they benefit H$U$.  Just look back to 1998, when H$U$ was actually “hired” to do an analysis on a New York shelter, where the shelter director was not experienced and 40,000+ animals were killed in a year. H$U$ claimed the director did a good job!!

H$U$ gave advice to the commission that hired H$U$—that the shelter director was doing a good job,  that the prospect of “No Kill” was not possible, and that critics of the shelters should not be given opportunity to put in their opinions openly, thus suppressing free speech on the issue!  See link on this blog:  May 2 2009,

“More fundamental, HSUS’s suggestion that public access and free speech at board meetings would stifle productive debate is ludicrous.”

Below are statements from the opposition, which is quite lengthy. It had very little good to say about HSUS, or HSUS’ ability to make a factual assessment. You will notice that ALL of the following are mentioned:

 …….. the HSUS’ questionable credibility, HSUS’cavalier attitude, HSUS media bashing, HSUS disregard for confidentiality, HSUS’ unprofessional and inappropriate conduct, HSUS’ outright support for a shelter director with no experience, and a failing shelter, HSUS’ use of false assertions of hearsay statements, HSUS’ use of misrepresentations of the actual facts, HSUS’ use of unsubstantiated “facts“, HSUS advocating for less public scrutiny and even against fundamental 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech rights, HSUS appearing to favor a kill program rather than no kill, HSUS supporting termination of shelter volunteers………IT’S ALL THERE…………………… and let’s remember what Nathan Winograd has said about the so-called leader of H$U$, Pacelle…..in regard to when is Pacelle lying?  “Whenever he opens his mouth”lying_game-713531

And let’s not forget that in response to the Channel 2 Newscast out of Atlanta—H$U$ NEVER once claims that it can prove it spent all the funds on Katrina pets or Katrina related expenses. NOPE—all H$U$ does is try and cut down CCF [who helped get the newscast done].  BUT WHAT ABOUT H$U$????  WHY NOT just roll out that IRS proof showing how H$U$ spent 34million?

H$U$’ credibility was shot long ago when it manufactured reasons to advocate for laws against pet owners and pet related businesses.  When it kept using manipulated media to gain donations.  When it kept claiming abuse abuse abuse when there was no abuse.  When it kept raiding kennels, killing dogs, then trying to use each episode as a springboard to MORE $$$$$ for H$U$.  When it kept advocating it was for animal welfare, when in fact it IS ANIMAL RIGHTS.  When it kept pushing vegan lifestyle, cajoling churches to embellish their own congregations into vegan ventures, when H$U$  claimed in 2007, that H$U$ spent the $$$ from Katrina ON Katrina expenses—like shelters.

Hey Pacelle—your charade is over. If you’re going to make up a fake IRS statement to prove you used all the Katrina millions, beware.  No one will believe you.  Not even your accountants.


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