We Were Right–Spadafori is an H$U$ Cohort Supporter

We knew it. That Gina Spadafori who is on the Pet connection blog,  and  writes Dummy books for dog owners, cats, whatever.  But she seems to think that PetPAC is using the [anti]H$U$ video, to make $$$$—and then she criticizes it. 

Let’s see, Spad.  You write books for $$$. You state on your blog of 5/28/09, that you KNEW all along that H$U$ was all about animal rights lobbying and politicking, and that everyone in the world knows that. and that you support plenty of things that H$U$ does.

Then you say that  because PetPAC states that it believes H$U$ has had videos taken down,  you (Spad) say:

“The first WRONG was the piece itself, which was pulled down after the HSUS cried foul over the contents.”  [It was allegedly pulled down for ‘copyright’ issues, not content issues]   more…..

“H$U$ is evolving on many of their positions.”  “Bill Hemby was wrong in calling out the H$U$ on this politically motivated crap….”  “I am not one of those breeders who defends puppy-millers because of the slippery slope argument: I believe we need to separate from these dirtbags because we care about what happens to animals in their “care.”  “I’m a reputable, ethical and compassionate breeder…”   Then Spad places a picture of a dog in a cart, and claims this is what she is fighting.  Breeders that used a cart for holding a dog. [This is not a verified picture, as very few of H$U$ pictures are verified; for all we know, H$U$ could have set up the picture without more.]

LOL  LOL  LOL  LOL!!!!   Another victim bamboozled by H$U$ nonsense. Another so-called “welfarist.”

OMG!!!  Let’s remember one thing–the sentences above were written by Spad, not PetPAC. Spad then claims that the news video claimed H$U$ raised $$ under false pretenses, giving the impression that the advocacy group claims direct responsibility for shelter operations, which it does not and does not claim to [Spad’s assessment of “does not and does not claim]

LOL that means Spad has never carefully read the H$U$ website, the H$U$ media pieces, and the videos and propaganda churned out by H$U$.  H$U$ says they have Animal Care Centers which care for 24,078 animals. and right next to that info, is the fact that H$U$ trained people in their online shelter volunteer management training program and their [ alleged] feral cat workshops.  H$U$ then added, that 4,000 people sought information on shelter-related issues from fundraising to killing animals.  What ya TELL people is one thing, what YOU DO is another.…

“Our primary strategy is to strike at the root of the problem, rather than to address the symptoms”—–that’s from whiney WP.  AND what WP fails to SAY–is that PEOPLE who want to buy or sell or  breed or use or rescue or own animals—ARE the problem!!! 

EB hsus dec OK

NOW—you tell US what that means?   That means that H$U$ makes it appear that they help shelters and animals. H$U$ and Peta do not support no kill, since that would be supporting the “symptoms.”   One tiny look at all of their media and solicitations show that clearly. It’s all puppies, kittens and talk about homeless animals. That does not sound like H$U$ is an animal rights, lobbying firm, or political activist with its own PAC, or that it only files lawsuits for a living.  

 Oh sure H$U$ keeps claiming they pass laws, but many of those laws  are intentionally aimed at all breeders;  at taking OUT all breeding of non native species;  at eliminating the ownership of pets by making the cost so high and difficult, that no one will be able to afford it. It forces search/seizure of the residence, no due process. It is a vegan lifestyle belief premised off of animal rights. It is purposely focused on “abuse, abuse, abuse” because that’s how they make $$$.  H$U$ donations are ALL focused on abuse—because that triggers emotions to get people to DONATE.  HELLO????   The purposeful H$U$ “mainstream” media strategy is to snare mainstream people who have no knowledge of what H$U$ actually does.

See Veterinary Practice News:


AND, H$U$ has for years, said feral cats should be killed, pitbull types should be killed, that shelter killing is acceptable because there is no better way in essence; that offsite adoptions are no good,  that people should snitch off others to get rid of bad people, and that kids should be trained to do the same.  H$U$ also has no qualms about claiming Michael Vick is scum, then has the audacity to hire the idiot to work for H$U$ to bring in donations.

And let’s not forget, H$U$ took a scrap piece of paper that Vick allegedly had scrawled some talking points, for his public apology.  How H$U$ ‘really’ got this scrap of paper is not shown, but what does WP of H$U$ do with the piece of paper????   He actually put it on Ebay and sold it!!!!    

Let’s face it folks. Spad the blogger doesn’t know what she is talking about, and in reality is probably not qualified to even talk about H$U$, given the very limited knowledge she has about H$U$.  Further, she completely ignores the fact that H$U$ has not and likely cannot, explain the $$$$ which was alleged to be taken in for Katrina (34million) when only $7million is accounted for?  Do you see H$U$ pulling out the proof?  NO.  Do you see H$U$ or those hired by H$U$, or those threatened by H$U$ taking down the videos??  YEP.  

Are legal bloggers and anti-H$U$ blog sites being sabotaged?  Hijacked?  YEP.

Biggest point SPAD doesn’t get? Even though claiming to be an ethical breeder, she might not want to be in the boat of “commercial” breeders; SO she thinks she has to be delineated from them, so she won’t be the TARGET of AR groups.  Because she is BETTER than commercial kennels or whatever she believes are those that don’t take care of their animals.

Well guess what SPAD?  You already are targeted.  Have been for years.  All breeders are targeted.  Whether you believe it or not, this is how H$U$ strong arm $$$ works.  Spad–did you know that even RESCUES must comply with the same commercial breeder provisions when H$U$ makes the laws?  did you know that dog shows can be a haven for handing out misdemeanor tickets because you might be engaging in a commercial transaction?  Did you know that fighting puppymills gives AR groups which work against breeders of all kinds, more $$$ to take down good breeders?  Of course you either never knew, or knew but pretend you don’t know. 

So ya know what Spad?  You really are OFF the mark big time, you have absolutely no concept of what you are even talking about. You think it’s ok for H$U$ to fleece donations and pretend they help shelter animals, while they in fact would like them to be killed, and have recommended so. Then you fault Hemby for saying it is likely H$U$ got people to take down the anti H$U$ videos?   You are obviously a blogger that is led by either $$ or propaganda from H$U$  or your lack of knowledge, or both. Your lack of knowledge being apparent, just by reading your blog? You say that Mancuso is the “ATM of extremismyet the  “ATM” was given $10,000  by H$U$… (admitted; in reality likely more)  [ And don’t listen to her bright ideas about legal issues, as Spad says:  “Now, I have long argued that the problem with Greenies was that it was an entity that actually could be identified and sued, as opposed to, say, the distributor of generic imported rawhide.”   UH—the distributor of generic imported (or not) rawhide can be sued just the same as the maker of Greenies. Putting Greenies only in vet offices would not cause an unsafe product to be safe. Improper use of a product is an affirmative defense in any case.]

  In either case, you are pointing at the only people who are truthful, and then buying into H$U$ lies and deceit.

Well — guess those Photoshop type pictures sent to donators did their job. It worked on Spad, didn’t it?  And that’s how H$U$ keeps going. Eye candy and misleading the flock.   


One thought on “We Were Right–Spadafori is an H$U$ Cohort Supporter

  1. POWER TO BILL HEMBY FOR HIS LEADERSHIP IN GETTING THE TRUTH OUT since few journalists and even fewer media outlets do these days. Thanks Bill!

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