Join the Crusade AGAINST H$U$ Anti-PET Laws +Pass It Forward!

According to  ANIMAL PEOPLE, editor Merritt Clifton,  

HSUS’ new spokes person.. is NOW Michael Vick

the VERY person–criminal—- that H$U$ used as poster child,

to  raise+make $$$$$$$$$$$$$  for H$U$ —

 after VICK was caught

involved with DOG FIGHTING???!!!

EB hsus dec OK

Let’s be realistic folks, advocates, and logically minded people?

Hiring VICK is the H$U$ method of deception.  OH YES—->>>>>

Just take a look at what Pacelle of H$U$ said about corporate sponsors that used Vick in ads:

“They enlisted Vick, like any company signs on an athlete, because they hope consumers will follow the lead of the star and buy their product. Well, Vick is best-known now for peddling cruelty, and that’s not a product they have any business selling to consumers. They need to steer clear of this man. Nike has thus far recapitulated the NFL’s line of argument—let’s wait until the courts adjudicate the matter. That’s just not sufficient”    …AND  let’s NOT forget that H$U$ told the COURTS that ALL the dogs should be KILLED ASAP and even wrote letters to that effect.  KILLING, not saving.  Of course in the end, then the H$U$ employee Goodwin claimed they were not trained fighting dogs, yet H$U$ claimed they were, and all needed to be killed.

The bottom line is this: H$U$ and its CEO Pacelle, is a snake oil salesman, focused only on two things:

(1)   Getting donations for H$U$ Animal Rights Laws, mostly all against pet owners, breeders

(2)   Pushing the Animal Rights 12 Step Program set out in the late 1980’s by Kim Bartlett (see link on blogroll)  

This act of hiring VICK as spokesperson, no matter what he speaks on—is nothing more than a PLOY to make people think that H$U$ is doing an act of forgiveness, of charitable concern, and for the ANIMALS.


Let us tell you what’s really going on in ONE sentence.

H$U$ is USING VICK to gain both $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and then possible EMOTIONAL acceptance as a “forgiving” and “compassionate” group of animal rights extremists.

There is only one word for this



Any group that is truthful about the very  *ACT*  they claim to hate (dog fighting) where they PAY people to snitch people off, where they arrest and seize innocent people and dogs, where they USE the dogs to make $$$$ for the “charity” ——–would NEVER in a million years, HIRE VICK.  Unless they are afraid VICK might hurt them? LOL


This is from Nathan Winograd:    and   for example…………

” From New Orleans, LA after Hurricane Gustav where he [Pacelle]  fundraised off the largest evacuation of animals in U.S. history conducted by a rescue group by falsely claiming it was an HSUS effort, to Virginia where he [Pacelle]  demanded that the Vick dogs be killed only to fundraise off of them by telling donors that they were caring for them, when they were not.”………………..  [all emphasis added by Petdefense]

Nathan’s excerpt, see entire article at links above……….

“HSUS says it is changing (how long does it take to change? It’s been 50 years!) despite recent mass killing support in Tangipahoa, Wilkes County, and elsewhere, just a couple of short months ago, killing apologist Wayne Pacelle wrote San Francisco telling them:

  • if they mandate No Kill, the end result will be warehousing and animal suffering (essentially likening No Kill to the Lied Animal Shelter fiasco in Las Vegas),
  • it is wrong to regulate shelters even though we regulate pet owners, and,
  • that despite a per capita intake that is at the bottom of national rates and despite the fact that even the local SPCA says it has no choice but to import thousands of animals into San Francisco because of an inability to meet adoption demand, San Francisco is suffering from “pet overpopulation.”

This from someone who is asking us to get in bed with a monster by embracing the most notorious animal abuser of our time as a spokesperson for the animal protection movement  [M Vick]


 We don’t care if  Vick stayed in jail for 10 years. We don’t care if he get back into football.   If that’s all H$U$ can come up with, and people are stupid enough to give H$U$ money because they think  H$U$  is  “saving dogs”, when in fact, H$U$ tells judges to kill them ALL—–  just wait.  You cannot keep doing wrong  and expect to come out on top. 


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