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California Rally at the Capitol 7/15/09  See petpac.net for information

We are going to try and make it simple, since some  sheep-aholics actually “believe” that if H$U$ does not ‘sponsor’ a bill in the CA legislature, that means they are not “for” the bill.

Oh, but to the contrary.

What elitists like Gina Spadafori of the Pet connection blog, and other dog fanciers  don’t understand— and don’t want to say? 

Quite clearly, after the debacle with AB1634 last year, H$U$ is not in a good strategic position to PUSH SB250—that’s simply strategy.  H$U$  MIGHT lose and H$U$ doesn’t want to push mandated altering WHILE allegedly PARTNERING with MADDIE’S Fund—which does not support mandated sterilization??!!!  DUH? 

 Anyone who keeps talking about “mills” completely fails to either understand animal rights, or is just plain dense.  Animal rights has targeted commercial kennels because they were unable to make headway against Federal law on the issue years ago. However, H$U$ places all breeders in one basket–whether good, bad, or otherwise.

 For animal rights, breeding animals is a sin, but killing them in shelters is seemingly ok.  We say that because H$U$ and other AR groups keep promoting proposed laws that create more shelter killing.  Of course, they will blame the killing on other people, not their laws.

And since H$U$ has so many other bad bills around the country, why tie a rock to your neck?  Why OPENLY support the very bill that H$U$ KNOWS will creat havoc?  More killing?  More financial ruin? INSTEAD—H$U$ donates thousands of $$ to ASPCA ($250,000+) and Social Compassion ($10,000 minimum+) and scads of other smaller groups, like Jennifer Fearing’s groups. Then is behind the scenes while THOSE groups push the proposed law, USING the info given by H$U$. That’s not a secret. 

Then H$U$ simply pretends it is “neutral” on SB250 and doesn’t talk about it.  Yeah, H$U$ isn’t talking all right, because they planned it that way on purpose. 

H$U$ is REALLY more interested in their other bills, including the AB 241 which limits intact animals (dogs,cats) for kennels to 50. That’s including puppies or kittens.  Clearly, that is a restraint on legal trade and capping sales in the open market.

Yet H$U$ comes in as the know it all, rich, and deceptive and greedy Animal Rights faction, in every single state that H$U$ thinks it can make headway.  H$U$ then cons elitist kennel clubs to bargain with them to devise laws that limit intact dogs to 20, 10, then probably zero intact dogs down the road.

Now before you say this is a good idea, what everyone is missing or ignoring, is the fact that H$U$ is not the government.  Yet H$U$ is taking over the function of the government by bringing in its special interest laws, all in the name of Animal Rights.  This is so very obvious.  It is not animal welfare, BUT H$U$ simply calls it animal welfare.  In fact, it is simply animal rights law. 

 Anyone who has ever read an animal rights textbook, animal rights book, philosophy of animal rights, or even books against animal rights, anyone who has done their research will CLEARLY, CLEARLY, CLEARLY SEE—->>>>  H$U$ is an animal rights group. An animal rights conglomeration lobbying group. Fund for Animals and Animal Defense Leage have all attempted to push lawsuits year after year.  While some of the earlier lawsuits involved trying to get Federal Courts to force changes in the various laws involving methods of killing animals, the fact is that ARs don’t believe animal are property.  So if animals are not property, then nothing could be done with them. NOT bought, NOT sold, NOT owned, NOT used in movies, NOT in any zoo, aquarium, dog show, agility show, NOT in an animal rescue because they could not be sold.


Consider this–straight out of the animal law legal casebook  Animal Law Cases and Materials(Waisman,Frasch,Wagman, Carolina Academic Press, Third Edition, 2006,  under “Property and Beyond: The Evolution of Rights”):

..if the “property status of animals were to be abolished,                 

what would be the legal and practical effects on   

the commercial use of animals?                          

      What would happen to the animals themselves–should they be put in sanctuaries, sterilized, or permitted to move towards extinction?”

Notice that NONE of the CHOICES allows for animals to be owned, bred, sold, or kept as pets.  THIS IS THE ANIMAL LAW CASEBOOK FOLKS, JUST AS WE COPIED IT HERE.


The online lawyer site clearly states H$U$ is animal rights.  We all know H$U$ is animal rights.  So why do ANY welfarisits believe that H$U$ pushes laws for either:

1)  So called “ethical breeders”

2) So called “animal welfare”

H$U$ does nothing of the sort. What H$U$ does, is to run a strategically based, media campaign using photoshop and investigators with cameras and videos.  That is what H$U$ does.  H$U$ focuses on SWAT teams, snitches, buying off animal control in smaller cities, offering to fund campaigns to animal rights groups, giving awards to celebrities that donate to H$U$, and probably using deception with government employees.

Just by looking at the above, what truthful animal welfare group would do those type of things? None.

Animal rights does not believe that deception, lying, tricking, manipulation, misrepresentation or anything akin to these things is wrong.  They believe that the entire basis for animal rights means they can take whatever steps they deem necessary, even if it means killing.  If you don’t believe that, then you have not done enough research.  You are an absolute fool to believe ANYTHING the H$U$ says because they are liars.

The final decision to actually HIRE Michael Vick, the dogfighter, dog killer, dog torturer guy is OK with H$U$ because H$U$ thinks Vick will help make H$U$ money.  And H$U$ doesn’t want to be targeted by Vick getting back at them for helping ruin his career, while H$U$ made Vick the dogfigher poster child. So they offer the guy a job, but claim it was Vick that came to them.  What a bunch of liars.

H$U$ couldn’t tell the truth if they had to do so.  H$U$ lies to the Courts, and to the government.  H$U$ has likely bought off people but eventually the true colors will always show.  They have been shown to us for over 20 years, but some people STILL don’t get it.  If you hated what Hitler did, you should hate what H$U$ does, because there is little difference. It’s called manipulating the masses via propaganda. 

And it works,  judging from the nonsense we see on other blogs which advocate both for H$U$ and the H$U$ alleged “change” they claim to make.  H$U$ will only get worse and worse until it is too late to cut it out, like a cancer.  H$U$ is a cancer to all interstate pet trade businesses and those who own a pet.    Just remember—animal rights attorneys are paid to do the H$U$ work.  Students work for free, believing they are helping animals.  In very few cases they might be helping wild animals, in nearly all of the rest–the companion animals are the target. 

It is no surprise that H$U$ targets kennels, breeders, owners, and owners of intact animals. H$U$ is all about getting rid of animals and stifling the ability to sell animals.  If we were to suddently be able to eliminate all shelter killing, we can guarantee you–H$U$ will come up with more animal rights laws to stop the breeding of animals.  Shelter animals have nothing to do with H$U$ saving them. They are simply a ploy that H$U$ uses to raise funding. And that was shown by the video H$U$ doesn’t want anyone to see, which came out in May 2009.  You can see it by looking for it on the blogroll or posts on Petdefense.


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