Dumb: Spadifori Blog Shows Errant Stupidity re H$U$

Join the Crusade Against H$U$ Anti PET Laws and Pass it Forward!!!

Well, pet connection blog writer G. Spadifori, aka SPAD, again has taken the H$U$ position, and positioned her plus size self somewhere next to H$U$ J. Fearing, allegedly to show her ‘support’ against substandard kennels.  She also admits to having Fearing over her HOUSE to help “socialize” puppies.  Maybe that was done so those puppies wouldn’t be seized. As we know,   SPAD keeps defending the H$U$ allegedly because she CLAIMS that substandard kennels should not be in existence, that everyone needs to adopt or buy from someone out of their home. [You can find the link to the blog, we will not link to it because it is damaging to advocates, AT BEST.] Ha ha ha, wait until you have to obtain a second mortgage to remodel your home. You won’t be selling anything then.

X land

Now that broad swipe of an opinion, where SPAD insists that H$U$ is right,  shows several elements, none of them foreboding any good for pet owners.  The reason?  Because it shows a LACK of intelligence;  it shows a complete LACK of thinking ability and lack of awareness as to the animal rights legal position;  and it tends to indicate that perhaps one might get paid by H$U$ to advocate such a position, in order to get others to believe the non credible H$U$?  That’s why. Animal rights groups  (which is WHAT H$U$ IS–not animal welfare—) all believe, that ANIMALS ARE NOT PROPERTY. That is why most of their funds are spent to tell the public:

  • Animals are NOT Property and should not be sold, bought, owned.  Despite H$U$ attempting to put on the sugar coat, and to make it appear not as “radical” as Peta, there is really NO difference.  They all believe the same thing.  animals are not for humans to own, use, buy, sell, or anything else.  They are not property. What kind of animal group in the world would make cropped ears a prima facie FELONY? H$U$.
  • Animals including all NON native species, should be outlawed; no buying, no selling, no breeding, no owning. In Congress right now.  Better give up that parrot. And that tropical fish, and that turtle.
  • Animals, in particular DOGS— must all be treated like humans, with “rights” which is why there are countless provisions in the Penal Code alluding to everything one could or might or might not do, to be arrested—and now H$U$ is pushing a BILL that says if one is acquitted of any animal charge—that the COURT can AGAIN find probably cause on you and forfeit your animal(s)  WOW—now we have seen it all!!
  • That is AB243 pushed by H$U$—If you have not noticed, H$U$ is all about forfeiture so they can seize animals, file bogus warrants and re sell animals…….
  • Feral cats–they are expendable to H$U$… after all they might kill a bird?
  • Animals, in particular domestic ones, and farm animals, should not be treated as production, even if in fact, THEY ARE ITEMS FOR PRODUCTION, MEANING TO BE SOLD!! 

When “alleged” animal “welfarists” support any element of a very deceptive, animal rights organization, it can only be for either the wrong reasons (stupidity) or the $$$ reasons (greed)  or the selfish reasons (thinking one is too good for the rest of the pet owners.)  When someone has the ability to enlighten others, by telling the truth, but insists on advocating a position which clearly shows that person is lacking intelligence, because he/she either does not want to admit the truth, or is paid to tell people otherwise, by positioning oneself with H$U$—it indicates that person has bought into the deception H$U$ is so adept at PEDDLING.  OR it might indicate the person gets paid to do it.

No one actually LIKES substandard anything—kennels, housing, or education.  BUT there comes a time, LIKE NOW—- when alleged “authors” who supposedly support themselves by writing about animals—keep taking the H$U$ position—from a legal standpoint, that assumes that the author in the H$U$ camp has sold out for him/herself, and not for the rest of the pets or affected innocent owners or animals.  The legal position of Animal Rights, as borne out by not only all of their “professors”, books, and indoctrination schemes at hotels every year, all speak to one core element.  To convert people into their lifestyle beliefs, of which the main one is that animals are NOT property. Because Spadifori completely ignores this, yet attempts to set her “pet pup mill scum” into a completely separate “category”, she completely misses the boat

One cannot say OH,  I like that dog torturer, I don’t like that he tortured 20 dogs, but I like that he could be ethical by working with H$U$.   When you have an group like H$U$ that will outright lie, cheat, and likely steal, to get where they want to go, YOU DO NOT SUPPORT WHAT THEY DO, PERIOD.  You do not invite them to your house to convert them.  You do not keep saying they are doing the right thing when they are not.  You do not keep telling people you think you can convince them to change, or that they “are” changing.  To say such a stupid thing clearly means you have no clue whatsoever about Animal Rights and you are fooking yourself.  To do ANY of these insane things most certainly means you are not only stupid, you are both stupid and insane. Wait until the day comes when you can’t whelp a litter, you cannot sell a dog, or buy one, or maybe not even own one. But of course it will be too late by then. 

H$U$ represents oppression, deception, misrepresentation, ethical breaches, lack of scruples, greed, excessive hatred against specific breeds and even people, Nazi type acts including illegal raids, illegal forfeiture, illegal seizure, and blatant, roughshod but purposeful cunning acts to get away with all of the aforementioned items, in order to better push the H$U$ agenda, of making animals into the NON- PROPERTY STATUS IN THE LAW.  


It’s written right there in plain English in the Animal rights Law casebook, the same book used in every Animal Rights Law class in America.


It’s the same book which tells all readers, animals are NOT property and we need case law to prove it, so let’s file lawsuits and pass laws which do this.  It’s right there in the printed pages.  We have already quoted from it, and will do so again:






WHO in their right mind would support a lifestyle belief—which is to classify animals as non property?  Do we not understand that the Constitution is based upon rules which gave us DUE PROCESS—as an ELEMENT of property ownership RIGHTS?

We think SPAD must have flunked Civil Procedure, or never heard of the Constitution.

That IS what animal rights does, and the doers are H$U$, fund for Animals, and any other groups that CAN AFFORD TO DO IT by fleecing donations from people who THINK they are “helping” stop shelter killing, or 3 legged dogs withwheelchairs.

When we see people like SPAD promoting  H$U$, and claiming she is against substandard kennels, one thing clearly stands out. WHY?????

It is one thing to not like substandard kennels. BUT it is not smart to advocate for, work with, and support a group that is based on greed, a group targeted by the government, a group that hires ex felons, criminals, and dog torturers?  A group that would sell out their own parents in all likelihood, if the price was high enough?  A group that can take millions of dollars in donations from people, by pretending to “HELP” shelter animals, but actually tells shelters to keep killing animals? 

 A group that advocated to keep a shelter director in place where the shelter in question killed over 40,000 animals in one year?   A group that uses hypocritical acts to make money for its agenda to get animals more rights than humans?  A group that will lie, cheat, misrepresent, and bamboozle their way out of anything?  A group that is financed on the backs of deceived members of the public because  the public  doesn’t realize the damage H$U$ has with proposed laws—how the laws are interlinked—how the laws work together to ERODE constitutional RIGHTS?  H$U$ USES substandard facilities to GAIN SUPPORT while in the background, keeps pounding out laws that erode our rights, discards the due process procedure, and tries to fool us into thinking H$U$ isn’t doing IT???!!!

Are we ALL stupid, or are  just the people like SPAD—who want to brag they had their picture taken to ‘protest’ substandard facilities, but in the end, show us their true colors, then call us “haters” when we rightfully point out the very clear thinking that we have, and the very indiotic, non-thinking, over-emotional baseless thought process used by dummy dumb dumb non thinkers —like pet connection G. Spadifori?  H$U$ can only fool some of the people, some of the time.  H$U$ has bamboozled SPAD but she keeps getting worse, and shows no sign of getting any smarter. We hope you are paid well SPAD, because you have sold out your own animals for either greed, money, or something worse. Lack of brain power. And too much food makin’ ya FAT. Like Oprah.  Oprah loves H$U$ as well. Guess ya didn’t listen to H$U$ on the food part eh?


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