Join the Crusade Against H$U$ Anti-PET laws+Pass it Forward!

Have you seen those references all in one paragraph–Black helicopters, truth and being AR-Scammed?  You have now.

It seems that in the dog-animal world, we have a few sets of people. Those that tell the truth, those that think blaming others in a show of oneupmanship will win THEM favor, and those that use misrepresentation and outright deception, to MAKE  laws against animals.

Those telling the truth: This would be those that actually know what is going on, such as illegal search and seizure, attempted murder of canine advocate where ARs either get killed, or go to jail for 7 years on attempted murder;  illegal raids, illegal forfeiture, illegal killing of evidence [dogs], outright lying to the public, purposely spreading misrepresentation to gain MONEY for “charity” and pretty much anyone who understands H$U$——deception for $$dollars$$$ would never support anything H$U$ does in a million years.

Those telling truth to gain favor for themselves, alleging they are BETTER than others: Here is where we have issues, because it is these people and groups that do the MOST damage to dogs and pet owners, to animals and to INNOCENT people.  Gina spadifori of pet connection blog is in this boat. Most of her linked blogs do the same damage.  The reason? Because they actually support what H$U$ does, which is to devise anti pet laws.  Now why would anyone who owns an animal or engages in any animal pursuits, want to support H$U$? [It is a fact that right now in California, H$U$ is pushing at least 4-6 detrimental laws that are all devised to work together to snare pet owners, get abuse convictions, and then obtain either forfeiture or mandated altering of animals.]

Most of  the public doesn’t know better, and others are elitists, who think only they do breeding “correctly.”  They think they are “good” breeders, they think they are “not scum.”  They think OTHER breeders ARE scum. So they keep piling on about “scum” to make it KNOWN that THEY hate commercial kennels or they HATE scum that run “mills” or they hate whatever breeder that isn’t good enough according to their own standards, by claiming that BYBs or online breeders, or whatever are scum.

The truth is that every dog in America need not come from an elitist breeder, or with a high price tag, or with every health testing in the world done to it. If it’s a pet, why would it need all that done? The only reason those things are done by elitist breeders is because normally, those are show dogs which are used to produce particular standards in dogs, which includes medical. Those dogs, if used to breed other dogs for show, should contain as few faults as possible. Most money made from dogs is not in the selling of dog litters, but in the sale of stud fees, or artifical insemination costs. The fees are usually the highest for dogs that have verified DNA and championship wins, with verified health lines.  While temperament is crucial, sometimes the temperament is secondary to the medical health record, since temperament can vary subjectively, but the medical in general cannot.  

Now no one actually likes substandard management of facilities, BUT when we have giant conglomerate corporations that do engage Homeland Security helicopters for SWAT raids, in efforts to gain funding, donations, and to kill dogs and take property via forfeiture, send out teams on warrants, and spend MILLIONS of donated MONEY to MAKE ANTI-PET LAWS—-WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY—- ON EARTH………….. would any animal owner with any intelligence, want to cast BLAME on substandard management of facilities—when H$U$ is leading that very charge against ALL pet owners—by using  substandard as an ‘example’,  and then making THE ENTIRE WORLD BELIEVE, THAT DOG BREEDING, DOG KENNELS, DOG RAISING—–must be done only the WAY that H$U$ claims it should be done?

 And that WAY is:  NO BREEDING OF ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT PROPERTY, which is the cornerstone belief of ALL ANIMAL RIGHTS!  However, H$U$ does not come out forthright, and say that animals are NOT property. 

Instead H$U$+ other ARs will say: production animals are not “products“, buying and selling of animals is only done by greedy people, no one should buy from a pet store, no one should buy online? But the facts are that millions of people buy alleged rescued animals online, where many are actually  technically PURCHASED animals from breeders; almost no pet store purchased animals are killed in shelters (because they can be sold on open market) and contrary to the AR regime, animals are in fact property, and when sold and purchased, are considered to be goods on the market. Tangible goods include animals, despite the AR regime not LIKING that legal fact

To understand how H$U$ works, just consider this example. If I want to make the PUBLIC focus on something and hate it, then I need to devise a strategy. If I want to make the PUBLIC think that breeding animals is wrong (because of AR belief that animals are not property) then I need to create an emotional situation that the public will BUY INTO.

If I can get the emotional situation going, such as a program against  dogfighting, against breeding, against commercial kennels, against making profits, against using animals in zoos, against having fish in aquariums, against eating MEAT………… then I need emotional PLOYS to get people mad.  So I would PUBLICIZE  dogs that are beat up, animal handlers hitting animals, dead dogs in the street, people killed by large snakes, kids killed by dogs, meat production knocking down cattle,  you get the picture?  Stand outside the Petland store and tell people not to buy a dog, cat, or anything inside? No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, but consumers can choose for themselves what they want. If they choose to pay $5.00 or $5,000 it is really none of our business.

 X land

Then it is just a matter of taking those situations, and paring them downward to the point that I can use each situation, or even alleged situations, to make anti-pet laws against owners, breeders, etc.  Below explains how ARs take situations, and turn them into schemes to get donations from the public……….

  So I would take the story of “this dog mauled that kid” and turn that into EVERY ANIMAL MUST BE STERILIZED.   I would take kid killed by large snake and turn that into ALL NON NATIVE SPECIES SHOULD BE OUTLAWED.    I would take a downed cattle example and say ALL MEAT PRODUCTION IS DANGEROUS AND MEAT IS DANGEROUS TO CONSUME.

I would take substandard facilities for dogs and claim ALL BREEDERS ARE GREEDY AND ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE PUBLIC.   I would take example of one arrested for “dogfighting” and claim ANYONE OWNING A PITBULL TYPE DOG MUST BE USING IT FOR FIGHTING BECAUSE ALL SUCH DOGS ARE POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS.

I would take a hoarding case where lady had 150 cats and claim RESCUERS ARE ANIMAL HOARDERS.   I would take example of shelter animals killed in shelter and claim KILLING IN SHELTERS IS NECESSARY BECAUSE OF BAD OWNERS AND BREEDERS.  I would take an example of a surrendered dog to a shelter and claim ALL OWNERS ARE IRRESPONSIBLE IF THEY PUT ANIMALS IN SHELTERS.   I would take a pet from a pet store that owner says is ill, and claim that ALL PET STORES SELL SICK DOGS FROM MILLS THAT ARE SCUM.

Now how easy was that? This is just a technique widely used by H$U$ and many other groups, to influence the THINKING of the public masses.  If one doesn’t have the intelligence to see THROUGH all this nonsense, then honestly, those people shouldn’t even own an animal.

Unfortunately, many members of the public are not thinkers, are not using their brains, and think that black helicopers are made up.  NOPE, they exist. Usually used by the government. Don’t think that the government is after H$U$? They are. But they don’t work on Federal charges until they can ensure a conviction, which often takes them many years. H$U$ is nothing but a shell game, a hypocritical marketing and lobbying team, with animal rights attorneys that basically make a living off of animals.  Maybe that should be illegal.


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