Proof re H$U$ Deception Even vs Rescues

Join the Crusade against  HSUS Anti-pet Laws +Pass It Forward!

If you Still Doubt the Deception/Dishonesty of HSUS, then read the link re the case in Hawaii where the Plaintiff is suing HSUS for defamation after HSUS promoted false light, disparaging video footage under false pretenses re the Rescue run by Plaintiff’s late wife.       HSUS-Hawaii-Suit (click to view PDF)



and this is another article, from, by an attorney from back East (excerpt) as credit at end shows….

III.      Conclusion: Animal Activism Is Nothing But Pernicious Nonsense, And That’s Really All Anyone Needs To Know About The Subject.

          I’ve tried to explain here exactly how and why animal rights is not only inane nonsense but harmful as well to both our legal and political systems, as well as in economic terms, with both factual documentation and case specific analysis, all for the benefit of those who may have an open mind on the subject. 

        ” …[a] large critical mass of Americans to wake up to the enormity of the damage caused by animal activism, to the natural environment, to public health, to the economy, to medical research as well as to our laws and public policies………..

……… and to respond in a unified way by speaking out and by supporting responsible groups, both public and private, interested in promoting both animal and human welfare through rational and balanced public policies based on science rather than mindless emotionalism.”

           So, as Porky might say at this juncture:  “Th-th-th-at’s all folks!”

Reprinted with permission. Richard Latimer is a practicing attorney in Falmouth, MA, doing business as Richard K. Latimer, Attorney at Law, 222 Main Street, Falmouth, MA. His practice centers on litigation with a focus on personal injury and disability law, in addition to contracts, construction disputes and other insurance litigation as well. Telephone (508) 548-7006 and e-mail

He is a 1972 graduate of U.Mass, Amherst and a 1975 graduate of the Columbia University School of Law and a member of the Massachusetts Bar since 1975.
He and his wife of 39 years, Adrienne, and we have a 21 year old son Brian, a 2006 graduate of Falmouth High School, who is presently enrolled at Cape Cod Community and who plans to transfer to U.Mass next fall. Richard has been active in local Falmouth politics, presently as a Town Meeting member and member of the Planning Board. To read more see his Blog.


Copyright © Richard Latimer 2009


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